Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 10: I'm going for it.

Hey there mom! 
I love you so much! And yeah, this is definately the hardest thing that I have ever done but I'm going for it! It's soo worth it!

Our area is probably one of the hardest in the mission is what people tell me. It's because the people here are worked like dogs and so they never have time. They don't ever assist church meetings because if they have work off they are most likely going to be sleeping. 
Haha funny story. There are always people who want nothing to do with us. We knock on their door ( I say knock but really its banging on their gate with whatever you have, I use a Dolphin keychain it seems to work really well.) anyways... People have the funniest excuses. We had this lady tell us that we could come back when it isnt cold anymore. We also had this other lady that told us Oh sorry im occupied, ok well we can come back another day. And then she said that tomorrow she would be taking a shower so that wouldnt work... wait what? you need a whole day for that? ah they really have no excuse its just funny. 
Its really sad because we had to Drop a couple of investigators this week. That is the hardest thing because literally we could keep visiting them but its just a waste of our time. This one guy has been recieving the lessons for like 6-7 months and still hasnt been to church. Adios... But it is so hard.

Then again we do have 2 progressing investigators right now! woooo!!! we are going to set a goal this week for their baptism dates. Juan Pablo lives on a really busy street corner and his wife wont let us tech him inside, it gets really hard to teach him because he can never hear. It doesnt help that he is over 70 years old! haha he also never reads the assigned stuff because he forgot his glasses in Monterrey. ah what a character...
Marlen is our other progressing investigator she is 17 and owns a tienda that sells junk food, Her dad also won't let us pass by so we have to teach her in the middle of the store so whenever someone comes in she has to take care of them. 

Mom I'm so happy that you guys are hanging in there it is super hard but it is so worth it! I love you more then I can tell you!  Your going to get a pretty big hug in 21 months.
love you love you love you............ 
-Elder Stockman
Hey dad,
que pasa 
I'm glad to hear that you guys are hanging in there. Tell Andrew that I love him!, Happy Birthday, and that he needs to write me because I don't know which is his email. 
That's funny that that dog from hell wanted you dead. haha I can definately relate dad... hahahaha
The ones that want me dead are usually behind some sort of gate.

So we were in church this week and this guy comes walking in with only a couple of minutes left. We could kind of tell that something was up with him. We went over to talk to him after to welcome him and stuff and he told us that he was guided here becuase he needs to change his life. We took him into another room and we were talking to him, we sang him a hymn and he said that he felt better. But man was this guy a borracho. He said that he needed to leavve to go buy more alcohol because here they dont sell slcohol on sundays after 12:00. So he had to go. it was so sad. But something that he said was wierd he told Elder Garcia that he has the word and then he kissed my cheek and told me that i have the appearance and the glow of an angel. Haha ok?

Anyways thats the crazyest that happened to me this week. 

I'm having the best time of my my life Dad I really am. This language is killer hard to learn. but I'm getting there. I think It's probably at like 60 percent. Woo hoo. Only got 6 weeks left of training!
Love you Dad
-Elder Stockman

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