Sunday, May 29, 2016

Week# 78- "I received my transfer to stay"

Zone meeting.

Hey momma!
So this week I recieved my transfer to stay! haha
I will be staying and both of my companions will be going to Piedras Negras. HOT!!
Actually Elder Villeda Will be going to be with Elder Wiedmeyer! haha
I will be staying but this time as a senior companion. Now all of the weight of the whole zone is on me!
i will be with a dear friend, He is Elder Hernandez. It is not the same one as before but he was in my district before. He actually arrived to the field with me and we have always gotten along super well. 
There isnt much more exciting stuff about me but thats crazy to hear about the graduations and all of that stuff that is happening right now. (by the way I dont blame Zach because dancing sucks)

We have a lot of people that will be ready to get wet here soon! im excited and the zone looks really good! there is a lot of potential. 

I invite you all to keep reading the scriptures daily, and to be faithful in your prayers.
Con CariƱo
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad!
So ive got some exciting news, I recieverd my transfer and I will be staying here! I will be with a good friend of mine Elder Hernandez. He isnt the same one as before and this time he doesnt speak English! haha
Actually they told me that my assignment has changes to Zone Leader 1. Which means that all of the weight of the zone is over my shoulders now. Im excited it will be fun!
We finally confirmed this weekend. The kid who got baptized a month ago his parents finally brought him. We thought that there wouldnt be any problem because thay are members and all that but you never now. That was a huge trial for us but it is over and I have learned from it. Ready fro what comes next.

I have come to love my companions and it is sad to see them go! They have both been shoipped out toi Piedras Negras and Elder Villeda is going to be with Elder Weidmeier. Super small world. 

Its crazy to think that the world keeps on moving back at home. Now that everyone and their dog is graduating from onew thing or another. Its cool but it makes me sad! haha

I dont want to grow up and I dont have to haha!
anyways I love you a lot, have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week- #77 "Great news I found the camera"

The Elders of the Ramon Arizpe area. 

Hey Momma!
Good news I found the camera, The secretaries called me and told me that I had left it in the offices. But I will have it in my hands tomorrow.
Pretty excited because we are going to be doing a book of mormon proselyting activity this week in a huge public park. We are going to have 108 Books of Mormon to hand out and we are going to get a couple of baptisms out of this i am sure.

Thats so crazy that you ran into Devan there. Its been so long that we have seen or heard from them. Im glad that you can spoil the missionaries with Donuts. Dang I miss those.  

Its been a really good week. This is the last week of the transfers and im excited to see what is going to happen. I think that I will stay and recieve a new companion and that my other companions are going to be leaving. Elder Rose told me yesterday that there wont be a need for trios next transfer because there is an Elder that is coming from Chile. I sure hope that that happens. I have loved the trio and all but its a lot better to just be with one companion.

I cant believe that it is the end of the school year for you guys. Thats crazy because I was thinking about it and I only have 4 transfers left in the mission.
I hope that everything goes well with the graduation of Abbie.

Tell Jeff that Im proud of him for wanting to go on the mission and that he is a good example for all of us. He will learn and grow a lot. 

The members here are really good hard workers. They used to not be until they put an ex assistent and the zone leaders here. Somehow that rumor got around and now they have a ton of trust in us. 

I have been healthy. I have been enjoying the vegetables here in the south of Coahuila and less tortillas de Harina and less meat and grease. Sure its still there but its a lot less common that the members give us stuff like that here. The further south you go the more healthy the food gets.

 Elder Rose comes home the same day as ninataype. In 7 weeks! They are brothers in the mission. 

I love you and have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

Ps. About my list camera cord....
I made a deal with Ninataype that I forgot to tell you about. I traded him my black laundry hamper for his camera cord because he left his backpack in a taxi in Saltillo a while back and his camera was in there. So he really didnt have a need for the cable. 

Hey Dad!
So good news about the camera, the secretaries called me this week and told me that I had left in in the offices. i will have it in my hands tomorrow. PHEW!

Thats really cool to see that Dom won a gold medal. Im so proud of that guy!

haha I liked that rant that you had and then decided to stop it before you got "worked up" haha. I sure love you guys a lot. Its really strange to me to think that Andrew no longer lives in Utah, and that Abbie is going to be done with School. I really hope that Zach can keep on magnifying his callings and that he can do his chores.
Its kind of wierd to think that we already have transfers. This transfer is going by really fast. Its sad that I only have 4 transfers left. And that the day to when President Rodriguez leaves is quickly coming aswell. He says hi by the way haha

I love you guys and Say hi to all from me.
-Elder Stockman

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week-#76- Happy Mother's Day.. "2016"

Mother's Day call home. Last call. 
Elder Villeda, Elder Domiciano, and Elder Stockman. 
Sams club rolls. Wahoo!

Photo sent from Elder Domiciano and Elder Stockman is Yacking in the background on the phone. LOL

Hey momma,
It was super super great to be able to hear your voice yesterday. I think that when I was in the CCM I was worried because I thought that the time between the next calls would seem like forever but it really did go by really fast.
Its crazy to think that the last call home is over. I cant believe that I have 6 months left. however Im not trunky and Im going to keep on going strong and finish well.
I think that When my time comes it will accept it and I wont be sad.
I love you and honestly I dont have much to say today because I kind of talked to you yesterday. However I love you and I really hope that you have an excelent week.

You did ask me if I had become close to any other families like I had with the Valez family. Here in Ramos I dont think that I have suficient time here to have a good relationship like the Velez Family. I honestly dont think I will either because the Velez family is the best! 

Oh yeah I think that my camera is lost. Oh well I will just get pics from my companions. I will have to see what I am going to do.
love you!
-Elder Stockman

So I was just thinking a lot about the call yesterday. It was really nice to be able to talk to you guys and to see your faces and to hear your voices.
Its super wierd to think that that was the last call home for the mission. The next time I hear your voice I will be home.... Scary!
So I dont really have much to say because I expressed it all yesterday But I really do love you and thank you for being the best Dad in the world. Im going to finish strong and sprint to the end. Love you and talk to you next week.
-PS if you want to send me a list of questions to answer for the next week that would be awesome because I really do run out of things to say a lot of the time. 
-Elder Stockman

Monday, May 2, 2016

Week #75- and 3/4 of the way into my mission.

Look mom.. You wanted a picture with my face in it, here I am. ;)

My companion in the font. Ha,ha.
Baptism of Kevin and his sister who is 8.

Whoa! the family is so different!
I think that will be the hardest thing is to get used to all of the immediate differences. I kind of thought that a lot of things would be different but I never thought to this degree. Everybody is so dang tall.

Sorry that I didnt send pictures its because a dang virus entered my camera, but luckily Elder Domiciano is good with computers and he helped me recover the pictures that had been lost. 

The Mothers Day skype will be this Sunday at 6:00 my time. 
Im super excited to talk to you guys for the last time... ahhh im going to cry. I cant believe that people I know are starting to go home that means that my time is getting closer. 

I love Mexico so much. This last week We were walking in this ocasion Elder Domiciano was on Divisions and so it was just me and Elder Villeda. We were walking down the street and this guy talks to us in english. he was a really tattood guy and he had his shirt off. His chest is all tattooed up, but he looked like he was just trying to annoy us. We were kind of trying to get away from him when he started to ask us a bunch of questions about where we were from and stuff like that. So then we got closer and ended up giving him a book of mormon and he said that he would read it. We invited him to pray and he said a really great prayer that totally came from his heart. In the prayer I specifically remember him asking God to help him find a job. I then told him that if he would make the sacrifice to come to church on Sunday he would recieve an answer to his prayer. He went to church, and said he really liked it. After the services the bishop came up and was talking to him and he offered him a job out of the blue. You could literally see it in his face the moment that he realized that God had heard him. It was one of the coolest moments in my mission because he still has a lot to change but he is ready and willing. His name is Alexis and he is actually going to be joining us in playing some basketball today. haha

I love you and I will see you on Sunday
-Elder Stockman

Hey So the mothers day call will be this Sunday at 6:00 my time here in Coahuila. who knows what time in Utah i lost track of that, however i trust that you can figure that out.

Yeah there are a lot of places like that here in Mexico in the more touristy parts its really nice but right behind it its super bad. 

I can definatly say that I have met some pretty interesting characters here in the mission.
So what happened is that A dang virus entered my camera and wiped the memory of my entire mission, luckily Elder Domiciano is good with computers and he helped me recover the images. They are just hidden. So I switched memories and now I have some pictures to send. Sorry about that. 

We are doing really well here in the Trio. I love it here in Ramos. Right now its pretty moderate outside and its actually kind of brisky. 

We had a baptism this week of Kevin. His parents are less active members and havnt really been on the ball. So what happened is that his  dad didnt bring him to church on Sunday and so he didnt get confirmed. he will get confirmed this weekend I am going to make sure that it happens. The work is pressing on. We have a lot of people in teaching but the hard part is as always getting them to keep their word and actually go to church on Sunday.

But im super excited to speak with you guys on Sunday. I hope that everyone can be there, love you and see you this weekend.
-Elder Stockman