Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week-#76- Happy Mother's Day.. "2016"

Mother's Day call home. Last call. 
Elder Villeda, Elder Domiciano, and Elder Stockman. 
Sams club rolls. Wahoo!

Photo sent from Elder Domiciano and Elder Stockman is Yacking in the background on the phone. LOL

Hey momma,
It was super super great to be able to hear your voice yesterday. I think that when I was in the CCM I was worried because I thought that the time between the next calls would seem like forever but it really did go by really fast.
Its crazy to think that the last call home is over. I cant believe that I have 6 months left. however Im not trunky and Im going to keep on going strong and finish well.
I think that When my time comes it will accept it and I wont be sad.
I love you and honestly I dont have much to say today because I kind of talked to you yesterday. However I love you and I really hope that you have an excelent week.

You did ask me if I had become close to any other families like I had with the Valez family. Here in Ramos I dont think that I have suficient time here to have a good relationship like the Velez Family. I honestly dont think I will either because the Velez family is the best! 

Oh yeah I think that my camera is lost. Oh well I will just get pics from my companions. I will have to see what I am going to do.
love you!
-Elder Stockman

So I was just thinking a lot about the call yesterday. It was really nice to be able to talk to you guys and to see your faces and to hear your voices.
Its super wierd to think that that was the last call home for the mission. The next time I hear your voice I will be home.... Scary!
So I dont really have much to say because I expressed it all yesterday But I really do love you and thank you for being the best Dad in the world. Im going to finish strong and sprint to the end. Love you and talk to you next week.
-PS if you want to send me a list of questions to answer for the next week that would be awesome because I really do run out of things to say a lot of the time. 
-Elder Stockman

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