Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week #26 Wait.. I'm living the dream.

What a weird picture to get this week... Lol
Spencer said here's a really weird and random photo. 
We looked it up and here's what we found out. 
(He was a charitable man who had the dream of making sure all the Mexicans were fed, and also that Mexico would be self-sufficient especially in growing corn.  He developed a new strain of corn that was more hearty and helped a lot of people.)

Hey Dad,
How's it going? I think that I'm really starting to miss that thrill of everyone opening their mission calls! but then when I look up from the computer screen I remember where I am and that I'm living it haha! JR didnt write me so i'm in suspence here. And I am so happy for Josh that kid will do so good. But he will be a man when I see him in September of 2017. That's crazy that he will be speaking Spanish as well. HAHA It has been raining every day here as well. And our crazy land lord made us help him move a bunch of stuff out of his storage room (a room in the house that he keeps locked) and when we were helping him it started to rain on us and then it started to flood on us. hahaha when it rains it rains. Anyways I'm doing good and hope you guys are too. I'm glad that you are my dad. Love you!
-Elder Stockman

 I love my new companion we get along super well. I still havn't seen the President since I've been is Saltillo but I actually have an interview with him tomorrow. I've heard that for the zone in Saltillo he just randomly shows up to the Zone conferences. But who knows. 
I can't Believe that Josh will be going to Sacramento! That blows my mind. And JR didn't write me. I'm excited to know where Josh is going the suspence has been killing me! When does Quinn Robbins leave? Give him a hug for me!

I love it here in Saltillo but I have never seen so many dead dogs in my life. Every where I turn there is another dead dog. There is this one in a gully that we always have to cross and it stinks so bad I literally almost threw up the other day. This area has a lot of hills so I get pretty good exercize. Haha! I hope you won't go too crazy with all of your freedom on your summer break. 

President asked me to tell you that I am ok. Evidently there was a tornado in Acuña and a lot of people died. It's probably because its so close to Texas. But I wasn't anywhere near there. That's the exact opposite end of the mission. I love you and Im doing great! I'm super happy and animated and I'm working hard.

Love you momma!
-Elder Stockman

(Spencer's mom)
It cracks me up to read Spencer's letters. His English is hilarious... "I'm super animated" LOL sometimes you can't translate your thoughs from Spanish to English it just doesn't work. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week #25 Saltillo

Elder Stockman and Elder Johnson

Hey momma!
 I'm Happy! 
I'm with an American Comp and we speak English. I didn't realize how bad my English has gotten. I am in Elder Miner´s old area with his old companion hahaha. Everyone here has good things to say About him he is a good missionary. This area is Awesome!!! the members are the best. I had to speak in church again.... this time I spoke on keep the sabbath day holy. It went really well. I'm having a ton of fun and things are going good! we are going to be having a baptism this saturday of one of the coolest people I have ever met. 
It has been raining this whole last week aswell. 

Super excited to see where Josh is going! Cant wait. 

Elder Johnson only has one change more than me. He is from Delaware Ohio. And he is one of the most obedient misionaries that I have ever met.  He is really great and We work Super hard. I love you and have a great last week of School! 
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad, That's some pretty great news that you are a temple worker now. I feel like that is what I want to do when I get home. On Saturday mornings or something as well.

I absolutely love Saltillo! When I came up to Saltillo 2 weeks ago with President he was telling me all about Barrio Cañada and how it is literally one of the best wards in the whole mission if not the best. When I got here I was shocked to have so many lessons with a member present! The members and the ward are con ganas!
It has rained almost every day here! haha it keeps us nice and cool.
Earlier this week we were up in a colony se llama Nueva teresitas and we heard a bunch of screams and we were like what!? Then all of a sudden looking up the hill it was seriously like a flash flood and a wall of blackness came swooping in before I even realized what was happening! We were in one of the farthest colonies from where we live. It is a pretty good house but I think I was spoiled with the last one. But I have only broken a sweat once and I don't even have to carry my sweat towel around I'ts pretty great! 
I'm doing great and super glad to hear that you guys are doing great!
love you!
-Elder Stockman

Monday, May 11, 2015

Week #24- My prayers have been heard. I won't have to die of heat... As much.

I learned how to be Obedient and still have fun with Elder Rodriguez. Nerf guns anyone!!     

Thanks mom!
 Really that was one of the greatest experiences of my life when I got to talk to you!
I hope that you had a great mothers day!
I will be going to Saltillo!!!!! That means I  won't be going to be dying of heat! (as much) it's still hot but not as bad!
I am leaving tomorrow and Elder Rodriguez is leaving today because he is going to be training a new missionary. I am going to be companions with Elder Johnson. In the area La Cañada 2. I'm super excited for this change but also super sad to be leaving because it is basically my home. But I know this is where I need to be. I'm still hating the whole packing thing it stresses me out so much! just hoping I can make everything fit again! I will keep you updated momma have a great week!
love you 
Elder Stockman

Thanks Dad!
 That really was super cool that I got to talk to you guys yesterday! I will always remember that moment that we shared as a family again from across the world. I am getting transfered to Saltillo!!!!!! woooo i'm not going to die of heat I will be going with Elder Johnson so that means that he's American!!!! wooo hahaha I will be in the area of la Cañada 2. I'm super excited for this change!ª and packing still sucks as usual. I hate it! haha 
love you and have a good week!
-Elder Stockman

Best Mother's Day ever!!

Hola me familia. ❤️

This is a top that's like a Yo-Yo that is super popular down here. I have like 6 of them. Elder Rodriguez is teaching me how to do tricks a little dances that you do while playing with them. 

P.S. mom only cried a tiny bit. He was just so happy it was hard not to feel happy too. 
I could not be more proud of Elder Spencer Joshua Stockman. He has always been an amazing young man. Talking to him was such a joy. He has grown so much. He has experienced amazing miracles and seen things that are so scary that he was asked to to share them with him mom. He did tell us with true conviction and testimony that the missionaries are protected beyond ways he can even explain. He has felt the hand of the Lord many time as he has been spared from danger. He said I will be obedient. I want to be a "Consecrated Missionary". 

We had so much fun time catching up with him, he was dying to know what has changed at home and in the community. He loved hearing about his friends on their missions(Trent, Andrew, Cody, and Kimball) and his best friends that haven't left yet like Josh and Quinn. We shared jokes and inside jokes. He laughed and giggles just like the Spencer we know and love. He spoke to us like a native Mexican with a Spanish accent. It was hilarious and we give him a hard time about it. He is forgetting how to speak English. Lol we had to correct him tons. He,he. His dad just laughed. Been there done that he says. 

Right now the temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit and higher and 100% humidity. He is sweating up a storm and wearing long sleeves. We said "are you crazy"??? He said "I don't want to die of skin cancer". We couldn't help but give him a hard time... Every other second he was wiping his face from sweat with a hand towel. We have pictures. Lol

We asked if he is sick of wearing a tie everyday... He said "not at all. But my suit coat, I hate that thing! Probably because it so stinkin HOT!"
Chatting with some of his favorite guys. Josh is hugging Spencer good-by. See you in 3 years my friend. 
At the end of our conversation we were able to have Spencer bear his testimony in Spanish. 

Week #23 Jesus plays Coldplay and I screamed like a fan girl.

Elder Jesus Rodriguez playing "Cold Play" on the guitar. I forgot how much I missed it. 

Hey mom! great to hear from you this week!
I was reminded of home alot this week because Elder Rodriguez was jammin on his guitar and all of a sudden he started pulling out coldplay songs. I was freaking out like a fan girl and had him teach me a few of them.  He is one of the coolest people that I have ever met and we get along super well. Well I have 4 and a half months in Tecnologico and usually President RDZ doesnt like to keep us in the same area for more than 3 changes. So I think I'm going to be leaving. I fasted this weekend so that I could go to Saltillo the next area becuase I don't want to have any sun burn problems but where ever the Lord sends me I will go with a smile on my face. It is litterally an oven here and the people are saying that we havn't even started the heat.... ahhhh hahaha Monclova!

Super excited to talk to you guys too! this weekend will be great! looking foward to hearing your voices and seeing your faces. Love you and have a great week!
-Elder Stockman 

Thanks for those stories that you shared with 

This week We had our zone conference and after all of it when Pres. was wrapping up he asked if there were any of us who wanted to accompany him to Saltillo to bring a movie (meet the mormons) back to Pres. Velez. HAHA our hands shot up first. We got to drive down to Saltillo about 3 hours with the Pres and I got to know him so much better. He is a really funny guy. But he has some pretty crazy stories of some pretty rough missionaries. I'm glad that I'm not the President. HAHa

I told mom haha, it's funny but I actually fasted that my next area could be in Saltillo because I don't want be here when it gets even hotter which still blows my mind that thats even possible. Es que no quiero quemar. 

But i'm super excited and i'm super animated! and I'm having the having the time of my life. la verdad!
Decidimos que vamos a hacer la llamada a las 4:00 el Domingo. im going to call at 4:00 but I don't have a skype or I don't remember it. 
haha and yeah I totally forgot moms number the only one that I remembered was the home phone haha. I don't even remember what my own number was. AHhh yeah. 

Have a great week!
-Elder Stockman