Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week #25 Saltillo

Elder Stockman and Elder Johnson

Hey momma!
 I'm Happy! 
I'm with an American Comp and we speak English. I didn't realize how bad my English has gotten. I am in Elder Miner´s old area with his old companion hahaha. Everyone here has good things to say About him he is a good missionary. This area is Awesome!!! the members are the best. I had to speak in church again.... this time I spoke on keep the sabbath day holy. It went really well. I'm having a ton of fun and things are going good! we are going to be having a baptism this saturday of one of the coolest people I have ever met. 
It has been raining this whole last week aswell. 

Super excited to see where Josh is going! Cant wait. 

Elder Johnson only has one change more than me. He is from Delaware Ohio. And he is one of the most obedient misionaries that I have ever met.  He is really great and We work Super hard. I love you and have a great last week of School! 
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad, That's some pretty great news that you are a temple worker now. I feel like that is what I want to do when I get home. On Saturday mornings or something as well.

I absolutely love Saltillo! When I came up to Saltillo 2 weeks ago with President he was telling me all about Barrio Cañada and how it is literally one of the best wards in the whole mission if not the best. When I got here I was shocked to have so many lessons with a member present! The members and the ward are con ganas!
It has rained almost every day here! haha it keeps us nice and cool.
Earlier this week we were up in a colony se llama Nueva teresitas and we heard a bunch of screams and we were like what!? Then all of a sudden looking up the hill it was seriously like a flash flood and a wall of blackness came swooping in before I even realized what was happening! We were in one of the farthest colonies from where we live. It is a pretty good house but I think I was spoiled with the last one. But I have only broken a sweat once and I don't even have to carry my sweat towel around I'ts pretty great! 
I'm doing great and super glad to hear that you guys are doing great!
love you!
-Elder Stockman

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