Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week #26 Wait.. I'm living the dream.

What a weird picture to get this week... Lol
Spencer said here's a really weird and random photo. 
We looked it up and here's what we found out. 
(He was a charitable man who had the dream of making sure all the Mexicans were fed, and also that Mexico would be self-sufficient especially in growing corn.  He developed a new strain of corn that was more hearty and helped a lot of people.)

Hey Dad,
How's it going? I think that I'm really starting to miss that thrill of everyone opening their mission calls! but then when I look up from the computer screen I remember where I am and that I'm living it haha! JR didnt write me so i'm in suspence here. And I am so happy for Josh that kid will do so good. But he will be a man when I see him in September of 2017. That's crazy that he will be speaking Spanish as well. HAHA It has been raining every day here as well. And our crazy land lord made us help him move a bunch of stuff out of his storage room (a room in the house that he keeps locked) and when we were helping him it started to rain on us and then it started to flood on us. hahaha when it rains it rains. Anyways I'm doing good and hope you guys are too. I'm glad that you are my dad. Love you!
-Elder Stockman

 I love my new companion we get along super well. I still havn't seen the President since I've been is Saltillo but I actually have an interview with him tomorrow. I've heard that for the zone in Saltillo he just randomly shows up to the Zone conferences. But who knows. 
I can't Believe that Josh will be going to Sacramento! That blows my mind. And JR didn't write me. I'm excited to know where Josh is going the suspence has been killing me! When does Quinn Robbins leave? Give him a hug for me!

I love it here in Saltillo but I have never seen so many dead dogs in my life. Every where I turn there is another dead dog. There is this one in a gully that we always have to cross and it stinks so bad I literally almost threw up the other day. This area has a lot of hills so I get pretty good exercize. Haha! I hope you won't go too crazy with all of your freedom on your summer break. 

President asked me to tell you that I am ok. Evidently there was a tornado in Acuña and a lot of people died. It's probably because its so close to Texas. But I wasn't anywhere near there. That's the exact opposite end of the mission. I love you and Im doing great! I'm super happy and animated and I'm working hard.

Love you momma!
-Elder Stockman

(Spencer's mom)
It cracks me up to read Spencer's letters. His English is hilarious... "I'm super animated" LOL sometimes you can't translate your thoughs from Spanish to English it just doesn't work. 

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