Monday, May 11, 2015

Week #23 Jesus plays Coldplay and I screamed like a fan girl.

Elder Jesus Rodriguez playing "Cold Play" on the guitar. I forgot how much I missed it. 

Hey mom! great to hear from you this week!
I was reminded of home alot this week because Elder Rodriguez was jammin on his guitar and all of a sudden he started pulling out coldplay songs. I was freaking out like a fan girl and had him teach me a few of them.  He is one of the coolest people that I have ever met and we get along super well. Well I have 4 and a half months in Tecnologico and usually President RDZ doesnt like to keep us in the same area for more than 3 changes. So I think I'm going to be leaving. I fasted this weekend so that I could go to Saltillo the next area becuase I don't want to have any sun burn problems but where ever the Lord sends me I will go with a smile on my face. It is litterally an oven here and the people are saying that we havn't even started the heat.... ahhhh hahaha Monclova!

Super excited to talk to you guys too! this weekend will be great! looking foward to hearing your voices and seeing your faces. Love you and have a great week!
-Elder Stockman 

Thanks for those stories that you shared with 

This week We had our zone conference and after all of it when Pres. was wrapping up he asked if there were any of us who wanted to accompany him to Saltillo to bring a movie (meet the mormons) back to Pres. Velez. HAHA our hands shot up first. We got to drive down to Saltillo about 3 hours with the Pres and I got to know him so much better. He is a really funny guy. But he has some pretty crazy stories of some pretty rough missionaries. I'm glad that I'm not the President. HAHa

I told mom haha, it's funny but I actually fasted that my next area could be in Saltillo because I don't want be here when it gets even hotter which still blows my mind that thats even possible. Es que no quiero quemar. 

But i'm super excited and i'm super animated! and I'm having the having the time of my life. la verdad!
Decidimos que vamos a hacer la llamada a las 4:00 el Domingo. im going to call at 4:00 but I don't have a skype or I don't remember it. 
haha and yeah I totally forgot moms number the only one that I remembered was the home phone haha. I don't even remember what my own number was. AHhh yeah. 

Have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

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