Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Week #69- "I'm over that whole taxi fantasy"

Elder Stockman(nice tight floods. These surly can't be the pants we sent with him??), Sister Gloria, and Elder Ninatype. 

Elder Stockman and Tacos.  (Picture taken from Elder Hoppers blog.)

Hey momma!
Dont worry about it haha! I heard that you and Abbie went to New York this week. Thats super cool. I have always wanted to go there and eat a new york style hot dog, also get some new york pizza, Im over the whole taxi fantasy the mission ruined that for me haha. Just kidding around. 

So this week We had a pretty cool experience with Sister Gloria. 
We had originally with her a baptisimal goal date for the 26th of march. She has been keeping all of her committments and reading the book of mormon a lot, going to church and praying. This week when we brought up her goal date again she said that she wasnt going to be able to do it. We had a little heart attack inside, She said that she would be leaving on spring break vaations for the semana santa. So we talked to her a little bit and helped her to realize that she was ready whenever she wanted to do it. We told her that if she wanted to she could even do it this weekend. She kind of lit up when we told her that, Then she said that she would let us know that next day. When we went she said that she would do it. I had the opporotunity to baptize her and my companion confirmed her. It was  a cool weekend. 

This next week should be a little bit more relax and we can work harder in our area, because we wont need to go anywhere and do interviews, divisions or anything. We have a lot of really good people that are progressing really well here in Our area,

So how was your trip to New York tell me all about it, you better send some pictures too.
love you momma! have a good week!
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad!
Thats really cool to see that you and Zach helped finish up the remodeling. I see the picture of the house that you sent and It honestly doesnt seem to me that that is really the house. It looks a lot different. I remember how we put in hard wood flooring but It just seems different. Maybe you painted or something.

So this week we had a pretty great surprise. One of our investigators had been to church like 4 times and she had a baptismal goal date to be baptized on the 26th of march. The other day we were in a lesson with her and we reminded her about the goal and she was saying that she wasnt going to be able to do it. When we asked her why she said that it was because she was going to be going on spring break vacation for the semana santa. Then we talked to her and said, look you meet all the Lords requirements to be baptised and she said that she had the desire. Then we said that she really could be baptised whichever day that she wanted, even this weekend. Then her face kind of lit up a little, she told us that she would let us know the next day, Then when we visited her the next day she told us that she would do it. Long story short, Sister Gloria was baptized this weekend and it was really cool to see that she made the decision to be baptized and follow the example of Jesus Christ. 

This week we did divisions with the district leaders. My companion went to Allende and I stayed here and went with Elder Vasquez and Elder Jones. Really cool dudes. I already knew Elder Vasquez pretty well haha. 

I think that its crazy that we are already halfway through the transfer with Elder Ninataype. It is going pretty good for us up here in Acuña. Its a really cool place with a lot of potencial. 

My companion says that the missionaries here always leave one day after the day of transfer. The transfer date is November the 8th so he says that I will be home on the 9th. 

Talk to you next week!
-Elder Stockman

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Week #68- "I have a way of Jinxing things lol. "

At the cibar doing out e-mail. 

Hey momma!
Happy 25th anniversary. Thats awesome that you guys have been together for such a long time, and the years to come. 

So I got home on Friday super early in the morning from my trip to Saltillo. Everything is good here. It has been raining here a lot in Coahuila in general. We actually got home and we were super tired. We opened the front door and I told my companion that it was a good thing that the House didnt flood. and then he walked into the bedroom and started to freak out. Turns out that I have a certian talent for jinxing it. haha. The bedroom was flooded, but we think we found the problem and everything should in theory be ready for the next time that it rains. we were to tired to clean it up so we just went to bed. haha. Next morning we got a little dust pan, a bucket, and a mop and cleaned it up. haha thought that I had gotten away with it. 

We have been having a lot of success here in the area, my companion is super cool and I have been able to learn a lot from him. he is also super funny, we get along pretty well. 

So this week it was funny because I wanted some Mtn Dew and so I told Elder Wiedmeier to hook me up, he said that it would be ok if I brought him a Gringa from Gingas Davi's. haha because he was here in Acuña and he missed it. Good news is that I got some more mtn dew.
Anyways Im here in Acuña loving life still. Its a really good area and I love it here.

have a great week!
love you
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad, 
Still here in Acuña haha, loving life here its probably the best part of the mission. 
So this week we came back from Saltillo to see that our house was flooded, haha, We had to clean it up with a dustpan, a bucket, and a broom.
So we got lucky because the house that we are in has a washing machine, however we have to hang the cloths to dry, but the funny thing is that the cloths lines run straight throught the middle of the house, its always super humid in the house, haha actually my companion just had to get rid of some cloths because he forgot about them being wadded up wet and there was a bunch of mold haha. 

The members give us food everyday, and when they bail we just go to Gringas Davi's. Its a less active member that owns the gringa shop and he tells us to come all the time. Its super good food too. I feel like Im spoiled here because of that. But at the same time, there is absolutely nothing here in Acuña haha. But I love it. Part of our zone is a little town called Zaragoza. The Elders there baptise in a river or a pond usually. They say that they go grocery shopping in a corner store because there is no grocery store there. That pueblo is 2 hours away by bus. 

I feel wierd here sometimes besause I feel like im out in the Boonies, but there are a lot of modern people with a realy modern attitude. Probably because we are so close to the USA. 

Anyways I hope that you have a good week!
-Elder Stockman

Monday, March 7, 2016

Week #67- Dang future has arrived. LOL

Hey mom!
So I really love my new companion! He is hilariuos, we get along super well. Haha
I feel like I have already been able to learn a lot from him in our little time together, Its really cool to still be able to be here in Acuña. I feel like its the Chosen Land here. 

So Im super jealuos that I couldnt go shooting with you guys, I will have to do that when I get home. 
We have recently been having a lot of success here in the area and in the zone, actually this week I get to go to Saltillo again, thats an 18 hour bus ride. haha

So why was it that you guys got to go up there to the potium, thats super cool by the way, I didnt really undersrtand what you told me about the whole young womens thing. Also I hate to be rude but i dont know who Abbies friend is in that picture haha. I feel like I have been here forever. Today a member told me to take a picture with their smart phone for them and I felt like I was holding a futuristic weapon or something, and evedently you can share videos through the facebook chat haha that crazy, Dang future has arrived.

We are actually leaving at 9:30 on Wednesday morning to be there for the meeting on Thursday. We will get back Friday early in the morning, Yeah Im not prepared to come back to the real world. 
I remember when Abbie sent me a picture of her on like a futuristic segway thing, yeah that blew my mind, I hate real life haha.

The climate is super wierd here in Acuña,its super foggy and cloudy and sometimes cold in the morning, but then it is hot during the day without a single cloud. 
Anyways I hope that you have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad,
So this week we have been working pretty hard. We were able to see the results of our work because we took a couple of investigators to church. I really like being here with Elder Ninataype, he is a super cool guy and we get along super well. Haha it helps that we have already been friends for a while now! haha

So this week I will be going to Saltillo. Yay 18 hours of bus travel. My companion gave me a good idea, that When I get to Saltillo to start to complain about the leg room and that my knees hurt and that maybe they will buy us a first class bus! haha. But really that leg room is what you would call ''chafa'' haha
thats super cool that you guys went shooting for FHE, I hope that we could do something like that when I get home. Maybe I will have to buy a gun or more.

Anyways right now I have decided that I am sick of the free gringas, I have eaten them so much that I have become tired of eating them. 

So I also realized that this transfer I will get to watch general conference. That should be reallly cool to be able to listen to the living profets and apostles again.

And dont speed dad, I have also learned my lesson the hard way, the rules are there to protect us. 

no speeding click the link

love you
-Elder Stockman