Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Week #22 - We made the Guinness book of records for our mission


WOOO HOOO 5 months! hahaha I really can't believe how fast the time has gone it blows my mind.!
I really want to go to the temple I feel like a sinner hahaha because I havn't been in 5 months.
Yeah that is a pretty marvelous temple and a beautiful house of the Lord. Referring to our family trip to the Payson Temple open house)
Super excited to talk to you guys in 2 weeks! that is going to be unforgettable. HAHAHA
Elder Rodriguez and I broke the record for contacts in one week that was pretty cool. 
I pulled out the box of letters this week and I have to say that it really helped to lift my spirit a ton! thanks for all that you do for me and all of the thought and time that you put into that care package. 
I love the Family Velez so much!!!  but sometimes it still make me a little nervous because they were mission presidents and all. hahah and you know as a missionary its a little intimadating. I hope you have a really great week mom. 

PS we are starting to find some really great people in this area and we are finding tons of people to teach. It has been cool to see this dead area totally change!

-Elder Stockman

ps. What the heck man you killed the Mazda. hahaha Abbie ratted you out. That car will always have a special spot in my heart- 
(Lol we didn't kill the Mazda we sold it. It wasn't pulling its weight anymore. Plus Abbie is about as happy as me(mom) because we hated that car. Abbie also gets dads Honda Civic now.)

​Another pic of the monclova sign. I swear that I have been here for every season of the year... oh wait I have! hahhaa

 Picture of some pigs eating trash by the side of the river. hahaha
(Hello major baggy pants!! This kid is dropping the Lbs. Way to go Elder)

Guiness book of world records for the Mexico Saltillo mission. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Amamos la família Vélez!

Happy Sunday to us!! Right as I walked out of Relief Society I got a message from our favorite Madre in Mexico. She said
"Hoy  comio  su  hijo  con  nosotros  y  esta  cumpliendo  hoy  5  meses !!!;)"
(Today your son ate with us and has completed 5 months!!!)

How blessed are we to have a mother and father in Mexico taking such wonderful care of our Missionary. Even more cool we were able to meet them during General Conference this year when they came to town. We have a life long friendship with this family now. Tender mercies from our Heavenly Father are everywhere. 
Elder Rodriguez and Elder Stockman having Sunday dinner at the Vèlez home. 
Elder Stockman is showing off he's shrinking waistline. (his cloths look really baggy in all these pictures too. He is down 20 pounds.)

Lunch at the Vèlez family earlier in the week. This photo was also sent to us in a sweet message. I was able to chat back a forth with Sister Vèlez when the Missionies boys(missionaries where at her house💕) 

Transferred are just 2 weeks away.  When it's time for Elder Stockman to leave for a new area he will greatly miss the Vèlez family. So will we. What a special friendship we have now formed. 

Elder Stockman's momma

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Week #21 The baptism of Arnoldo.

The Baptism of Arnoldo Lopez. 

Hey mom! 
well this week I had a pretty crazy experience That I told Abbie ask her to tell you. 

I'm doing really well an I'm so grateful for the package that I got with all of your letters!
SO proud of Zach and that he wants to be a drummer what a stud!
I can't believe how hot it is here I really hope that I can go to Saltillo in the summer hahahaha

My shoes are still holding up and I havn't had problems with allergies. 

This week was the Baptism of Arnoldo. This was a really special experience because I found him with Elder Garcia. He was baptized on Saturday by the Bishop and Confimed on Sunday by the Bishop as well. He was baptized because we had varoius family home evenings with members and he has friends that are members now. When we work with the members is when we have success. 

Tell Dad I love him and that I will write him first next week because this dumb chafa ciber keeps glitching. I lost like hlf my time. Love you and have a great week!

-Elder Stockman

Hey dad just a quick message I love you and I hope you have a great week. I'm keeping you in my prayers and I hope that Grandpa is ok. By the way don't freak out about the story I told abbie. I'm ok! hahaha

(To all that have ready this post thus far.. The big scary story Spencer wrote to Abbie is an experience he had administering a blessing to someone who is dying suffering from cancer of the face. It was a very hard site to see and to see him suffer so much. The spirit was so strong it physically drained him(Spencer). He expressed how much he listened to the spirit and said what the Lord wanted him to say, not what he would like to say. He had to share with the man that he would be passing and leaving the cancer and other fears behind. The description of the man was quite graphic and he asked us to not share all those details. He did express that he had a testimony of the power of a priesthood blessing before this experience, but this was an experience he will never forget. His testimony and witness grew beyond his comprehension. The power of the priesthood that he was able to share drained him physically and emotionally. What a beautiful gift he could give this man before he went to our Heavenly Father.) Our Missionary is growing so much. If you are writing to our Missionary please don't ask about this sacred experience. We have share all the details he wants to. Thanks. 😊

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Week #20 Oh dad and his dam tee shirt.


Conference Selfie with Elder Evans. There was an english broadcast phew.

Hey momma! 
first of all thank you soooo much for the package. I am gratefull that I can be part of the best family in the world! thank you so much for all the love and time that you put in to the package mom it really means a lot. Im pretty sure that the shark tie is the coolest thing that I have ever seen in my entire life! hahahahha
I hope that Dad had a good trip and that everything went well. I saw that you guys sure had fun in the sand dunes that looks like so much fun! 
I dont understand Zach caught a lizzard or he didnt... either way its hilarious
I will pray and fast for Elder Taylor Davis! I hope that everything will be ok!

Elder Rodriguez is one of the funniest people that I have ever met! haha we get along so well! I just cant believe that we are already almost half way done with this change. I have learned that you can work hard and be obedient but you can also have fun. We sit and laugh and play pranks on each other, good times.SO all of a sudden everysingle kid has this thing called a "trompo". Its like a spinning top and a yo-yo mixed and Elder Rodriguez is teaching me how to "dance" or to do tricks with the trompo. He also has like 4 nerf guns and we play war. I also taught him how to flick playing cards like Abbies friend taught me so we play skeet shooting with nerf guns and playing cards. Its a blast!

This Saturday is the Baptism of Arnoldo Lopez. He is super cool. He is a carpenter and he has a business in the back of his house. He makes really beautiful pieces. He is 53 years old and is a grandpa. I actually found him with Elder Garcia and he loves going to the church. He even loved the conference. He has changed since we started talking to him and I have been able to se the gospel change a person. Also his wife is starting to want to listen to us because she has seen this change in her husband and she went to church yesterday. 
I'll probably leave technolopgico in 3 week which makes me sad but I feel like this area has changed a lot for the better. 

Elder Rodriguez is helping me to prepare to be a senor companion next change or a trainor of a new missionary. We´ll see how that goes. But if I can improve my lessons I got it! haha

Oh and the Familia Velez says hi hahaha love you and have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

Hey dad! first of all I have to say that you are one lucky dude that the iphone is ok. But im happier that your ok. Im doing really great and Im so happy!
I got the package and loved everything thank you so much for all of your time and effort to send stuff to me! haha
I have to say the highlight of the family picture is your dam t shirt. I cant believe you would wear that dam tee shirt again! haha
thanks for including humor in my package!
Also I have to tell you that Brian GIbby sent me a letter that said " hey maybe by the time you get back your dad will have the deck done" hahahahahhaa i seriously laughed for like 2 hours on that one. 

Elder Rodriguez is the best ! hahaha we get along so well and we are still obedient and working hard. 
He is from the estado de mexico like 40 minutes away from the CCM and he has a ton of funny stories. Most of them from the mission haha the things that missionaries do... 

I wish you could come and hang out with me in Monclova but its starting to get hot so you should probably stay inside your nice air conditioned house ( haha i miss AC) 

I also Love the book of Mormon and the Prophet Joseph Smith is definately on of my heroes. I love this church and Im actually really starting to miss the temple I havent gone for like  months now. Man its like im going inactive or something. But hey promise me that you and mom will go for me ok. I want to challenge you guys to go once a week I know you can do it. 
Love you so much and have a great week!
poof no eyebrows
-Elder Stockman

( the tee shirt Spencer is a shirt bought at the Dallies Dam in Oregon)

​This is the Big stadium that is close to our house.

Elder Rodrigues is mad because he put on sunscreen and then this happened. hahaha sucker.(rain)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Week #19 I am happy because I have Mountian Dew

I am happy because I have Mountian Dew. 

Cd Deportiva at night

​One day its 100 degrees, the next day I get pelted in the head with one of these bad boys... Gracias Monclova

Mom, I cant Believe that you met someone that I know! this is the craziest thing ever! I had a struggle today finding a ciber that was open so that I could write you I want to let you all know how much I love you! Everyone is on vacations for the semana santa. I literally have 0 time but I know how important it is that you can hear my ciber voice. Well I hope you have a great week! and wish my love to everyone!
By the way if there is ever a week that I dont write you ( I really dont plan on it) but it is for that reason because they randomly decide to close down everything. I want you to know that if that day ever comes that you hae absolutely no reason to worry and I will try my hardest to send you a message if I can. But I am really trying my hardest to be obedient and there have already been miracles where I have seen the Lord's hand in my life protecting me from as bunch of crazy stuff. But you have 100 confidence that I am ok because I am being obedient. I love you and hae a great week! 
PS happy birthday to you and abbie}
-Elder Stockman 

Dad,I have 0 time this week But ask mom to explain. I just wanted to say that I love you and that I am thinking about you! have sa great week and a safe trip to puerto rico! I am always praying for all of you guys!
-Elder Stockman

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week #18- Can't wait for you to meet the family Valez.

Lessle was baptized and confirmed by her boyfriend Gabriel.
And that Clown Elder Garcia isnt looking, Chiflado.

Hey Dad hows it going!
That is a pretty great story with the girl scout cookies. Now I know where I get that Habbit from. Remindes me of my self. and When I would go to Wendy`s and stash the wrappers under the seats in the car. haha yeah I miss Wendy`s a lot. So I am super excited for you guys to meet the Familia Velez they are super duper cool. She makes the best Chile Rellenos that I have ever had. I think that Chile Relleno is my new favorite type of food! ugggggg it is so good. 
Dad, I know why im here in this mission. Just looking back at like the first day of the CCM and now I feel like a different person. I have grown so much! The thing is that I am not focusing on Baptisms and all the suden we are going to have a ton! I have never felt the Spirit so strong in my entire life then at that Baptism. It was definately a really great experience. I think of the Scripture in DYC 18:15-16 and I cant even explain this amount of Joy that I have. Its a whole different experience. Lessle told me that She would never forget my face. But I feel like that Is the wierdest thing that anybody has ever told me but I know its true. Its super wierd I dont know how to describe it. Anyways Im going to be staying here in Tecnologico otra vez. Obvio que Elder Garcia se va. Mi nuevo compañero se llama Elder Rodriguez Y es todo lo que se concerniente El. Pero probablemente no habla Ingles entonces tendré mas oportunidades para aprender Español.   
Te doy gracias padre por todo lo que aprendí gracias a ti, y mama también. Muchísimas gracias porque tu eres mi padre terrenal. Adiós y que tengas muy buena semana.   
-Elder Stockman
Hey Momma,
Thanks for the message. Yep it is super duper hot here! I have to start carrying a sweat rag with me I know that it is disgusting but its that or be blinded by the sweat. 

Well everything went well for the Baptism on Saturday. Lessle is a really sweet person and Its so cool that she was baptized and confirmed this week. It is prwetty cool because she has been doing family history work and now that she is baptized she can go and do the Temple work for her ancestors. She is a really strong person. It cool because she has been going to Church for 2 years and is basically a member. But up until know she didnt have her mothers pewrmission to be baptized. now that she is 18 she decided that it was something that she needed to do so she got baptized. 

I had a pretty great week this last week with Elder Garcia. We worked hard and had some more people in the church this past week. We have another Baptism scheduled for the 11th and then another for the 18th. My new companion is Elder Rodriguez and I know nothing about him. He will come to technologico tomorrow and I will stay here with him. Super excited for this area to change. Have a great week mom and I love you. 

Oh yeah the foot is good. Hurts a little bit but it doesnt bother me. I literally ran out of the first tube of hair gel today. I still have 2 full ones! crazy! and I just had to buy my first replacement shampoo from the one that I bought at home. Crazy haha. Im good on stuff like that for now. And this lady came and brought toothpaste for us so yeah we are set up. But thanks!

P.S dont give dad to hard of a time for all of his cookies. They are good-.
-Elder Stockman 

PPS. Have a very Happy Birthday Momma I Love You.