Sunday, October 30, 2016

Week # 98 - They do have Halloween in Mexico it's just a lot different.

Funny pic 
​there is this really big radio tower here in the area. Its a cool pic I guess

Hey Momma!
So this week it has been fun to loose myself in the work. We were able to take a couple of investigators to church this week. That felt good because we were going on sort of a drought! haha
It was really cool because we have been focusing on 2 less active families here aswell and they both came to church. It was really rewarding for them to come to church after so much time from not being there and for them to be excited to come back the next week. I have come to realize that a lot of people really do want to come back to church, they just dont know how. Its a lot harder then it seems. We could just tell them that they know better and that they should come back, but I have learned that that doesn't really do any good. I have come to realize that as they come to realize the blessings of doing it and as we promise them those blessings they really do feel it. Also our testimony is key. 
So not just telling them to do it, but being there for them also. Its cool how it works. Its almost like youve got to motivate them a little. 

So I actually didnt see that one coming that we would be speaking the same day. don't cry haha. Im pretty sure that I will. Have they assigned me a theme aswell, or not yet?

This week I got a phone call from Elder Bermudez. He said that a Lady that Him and I had found and taught was going to be baptized along with her grandson. It was a really rewarding moment to be there and to whitness such a sacred moment. It definately motivated me to keep going. 2 weeks left!
¡Vamos a echar las ganas y seguir hasta el fin!
Nos vemos en dos semanas, Te amo
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad!
So this week its been real "Tranquilo". Not in the working sence, but it seems to me that I ran out of things to write about a long time ago haha!
So I dont know if I ever told you this, but the owner of that burger place that I really like going to down here is a less active member of the church. He hasnt been in years and the sad part is that he is an ex missionary. But This last Sunday we took him to Church. He said he felt good, even though he didnt really know how to come back. He didnt ever enter all the way in but that was a lot of progress. We convinced him to give us a discount. And he said no, for you guys its free! WOOO HOOOO! haha
Today I enjoyed a buffalo chicken sandwich with cheese fries and a coke, on the house...
I Really hope that you guys like the souvenirs that I got you, They are pretty cool. They are a couple of Mexican classics.

So this week we were able to bring some really good investigators to church, Leaving the area prepared really well for whoever comes here with Elder Reber. 
It felt good because we kind of had a drought there for a while. Also this week I got a call from Elder Bermudez and he invited me to the baptism of a Lady that him and I had found, and had been teaching, it was a super rewarding moment to see her and her grandson enter the waters of baptism. That really is the best.

Anyways see you in 2 weeks!
-Elder Stockman

(Letter to Grandma Connie)

Hey there!
So Its kind of wierd, right? Its almost all to wierd to believe. After all I have never finished a mission before. I guess that I really dont know how to feel about it all but overall I feel good!
So yes they do have Halloween here in Mexico but its a lot different. They dont really go around and knock on doors and ask for candy here. I think that bad things would happen here, But I have heard and seen that it is a lot more common here in Piedras Negras because its a border town. I remember that in Monclova it wasn't a big deal at all. Only a couple of people ever mentioned it. But I have seen that there are a few masks for sale and also I think I have seen like 2 houses that are decorated. haha
anways I guess I will see you in 2 weeks! love you
-Elder Stockman

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Week - #97 " You might actually think that Im Mexican when I get home."

Hey momma!
So this week I have been focusing a lot on the area and leaving it prepared for whover else comes. Its a wierd thought to have! haha
Things are going great, I feel like not much has changed. I feel good and we are not going to give up on finding people to teach and to help them change their lives. Missionary work really is something quite special. I had the opporotunity to speak in church for the 300 millionth time in my mission. Its super wierd because the majority of the time they havnt ever told me before hand haha. They just tell us in the last moment when the other speakers dont show up. But this time they had called us in the beggining of the week so we had some pretty great time to prepare something. All four elders in the ward were given the opporotunity to speak and I thought that it was a really great time. We all spoke about missionary work and the importance of being one with the members. 

I had the opporotunity to find some souvenirs today and I think that I will get the rest next week. 

tomorrow we will be doing exchanges with our district leader.
Actually it is pretty interesting because the zone leaders are in a trio this transfer so President wants them to be on exchanges every day. We have had many great learning opporotunities this transfer to be able to work with other Elders ( or in my case to reunite with an old companion) haha

I feel great! We must endure to the end and focus. I know that the Lord lives and I have a testimony that this work is real. I have seen so many miracles in my life thanks to him. There just simply isn't any way that these things aren't true. 
¡Hasta la otra semana!
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad!
So this week, you know just the same old same old working here in the vinyard of the Lord. Its some pretty great times here!
I have been thinking about home less and less and trying to convince my self that it isnt real and that seems to be working. its not an easy thing to finish a mission and I'm sure that you know that. But we just got to power through and be the best that we can be up until the very last day. Im excited for what I have coming. There will be a lot of really great experiences in these last 3 weeks and Im glad that the Lord has given me 3 weeks more to work hard and to focus. 

You might actually think that Im Mexican when I get home. Eating habits such as the fact that its impossible for me to eat without tortillas, chile, and limes. Language; today during a little bit of free time I was reading a Liahona and the next thing I remember it falling out of my hands because I had dozed off. I remeber half asleep talking to Elder Reber in spanish and him just looking at me confused. It was great because I realized that I was speaking spanish to him when he told me. "dude I don't speak spanish" it was pretty funny!

I dont think in English anymore haha!

anyways I love you and Im excited to see you! have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week #96- 30 days to go.

Some of the local wildlife. 

Hey Mom!
So I was looking back on those pictures that you sent me from when I left from the airport. I think everything has changed everyone looks so different. its cool what can happen in 2 years, right?
So now I only have 30 days left, It's a really weird feeling that I don't really know how to explain. I think that If you were to ask me if I was happy then I would say that I was. But if you were to ask me if I was sad then I would also say that I was. It's like every single emotion at once. Who knows?
So I think that my P-days are pretty much the same. But the only difference is now I have to ask permission to leave out of my area, when before I didn't. But since my zone leader is my ex companion he loves me. 
Actually I will be having my second to last interview with President this Thursday. The last one will be a couple of days before I leave. I'm pretty excited to get to see him again. I am going to ask to take a picture with him and his wife because I still havn't got one.

Quinn's mission home is in Florida? that seems weird to me. 
Tell Abbie she is a boob, but that I am not jealous. That probably wasn't the best experience ever. 
So I actually feel really good about finishing here in 4th ward. The members area  lot more supportive than over there in 5th ward. We have been able to find a lot of investigators and they are pretty good ones. 

Thanks for sending that money to be able to buy some more souvenirs. Ask everyone like what types of things they want me to bring them. I already have a surprise for you mom. 

So this week has seemed to fly. I remember last week as if it were yesterday that I was writing you guys. Weird to think that I will be turning 21 here soon. I wonder if I will have problems with my drivers license because it expires on my birthday. 
Love you lots and hope that you have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad. 
So thanks for that souvenir money. But I don't really know what to get. I don't know what would be a good souvenir or not. 
I had the opportunity to go to a store to print off some photos and stuff like that. I then remembered that a while back when I was in Ramos Arizpe I plugged my camera in to the computer and It wiped my entire camera. I was quite irritated. However Elder Domiciano knew a little bit about recovering photos from viruses like that and he was able to get a couple of them back. And from what I understood is that they were all still on the memory card but the virus changed the format and hid the files. He couldn't ever save all of them due to time. I don't know if you know anything about that. Or maybe you could look into that and see if you know anyone who knows how to debug a memory card. If you could look into that it would be awesome. 

I guess that life isn't really pleasant at the end of a Dog's life. Perro Mestizo. 

I have been thinking because I only have 30 days left in the mission, I think that if you were to ask me if I was happy or sad I would say that both. It has been like a rollercoaster of emotions that is a weird experience. I would say that you would have to experiment it yourself to know what I'm going through but I guess that you have haven't you. We have been working hard to find a lot of new investigators. The search continues on! For a minute there the weather was really starting to cool up here for a second and then all of a sudden it was really hot again. So I'm pretty sure that I will be weather shocked when I get home in the middle of November. After All I have been in the north Mexican desert for 2 years. That might have thrown off my cold survival abilities. 

Love you and hope that you have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week #95- "Do me a favor and don't try the chicharrones de res."

Elder Reber and I. 

​This picture of Elder Wiedmeier and I was one day before he went home. Elder Reber actually took this picture. 

Tell CALEB that he better be at my homecoming.
Wow that is a super big reality check. I took a picture with that guy a day before he got home and now you are sending me that!(a picture of you and Elder Wiedmeier) Wow that is super crazy.
So this week I have been working on getting to know all of the members, again... This is the 3rd area in a row with only one transfer there. It is hard to establish any kind of relationship with the members like that but its ok.
Im doing great with Elder Reber. he is really motivated to learn. I dont remember learning spanish being this hard, its definately hard to have to translate everything both ways in every lesson, but We are working hard to find someone to baptize these last 5 weeks. 
Im glad that I get to be with Elder Reber, It is sort of like the motivational push that I needed to finish my mission well. He is a really great guy and he is hilarious. He is the exact opposite from me though. He is always talking about his trucks, and his ranch, and FFA and all that stuff! haha its great.
I really got a lot out of conference. I think that my favorite overall talk was from LeGrand R Curtis Jr.. It was a powerful testimony about the Book of Mormon and about the spiritual power that we can get from it as we read it daily.
Anyways I hope that you guys have a great week!
-Elder Stockman 

You punk, how dare you eat tacos al pastor and pastrami burgers without me. What has this world come to? Where is the respect? haha
Dont worry, even though I might have eaten tacos de tripa, or menudo I dont think that I will be craving them anytime soon. Do me a favor and dont try the chicharrones de res. Those really are the worst.
I will tell you guys about all of the food adventures here in a little bit. But Im sure if you have heard that they eat it in Mexico, I have probably eaten it. haha
So i am really excited! I feel like its a great opporotunity to be with Elder Reber my last 6 weeks. He is a great guy and he is really progressing fast. Spanish is a hard language to learn for many. Im sure that you remember those days of not understanding absolutely anything at any time. The good part for him is that his trainer is an American. I remember a couple of times wanting to kill somebody because my companion couldnt speak english. haha but I am grateful for that because I think it prepared me to learn spanigh a lot quicker. 
I will work super hard in these last couple of weeks that I have. I love you. 
P.S. send me a picture of when you had 9 days left in the mission. I want to see if I can duplicate it. 
I remember having seen it but I dont remember much. haha
Elder Stockman

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Week #94b Surprise post with new companion and final assignment

Hey Mom!
I am here with Elder Reber. He is from Mesquite Nevada. He is actually bigger than I am! haha
Being here with him reminds me of the good old days when I couldn´t speak any spanish. From what I can see he has a really great desire to love the people and he is super excited to work hard.

I still do have a camera and I have been taking pictures and everything, however I have forgotten to send them. I am sorry. I will try to send all of the most recent pictures to you!
I dont have much time this week I am sorry, But I just want you guys to know that I love you. have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

​this was one week ago...

​This was the last zone in Piedras Negras. One more transfer to go

Monday, September 26, 2016

Week- 94 I'm a father

Mom and Dad,
The long waited time to be a father has finally come. I am going to Saltillo in 1 hour to recieve a new Elder. I have no idea who he is or where he is from. The funny thing is that I will still be here in Piedras Negras but instead of 5th ward I will be in 4th ward. I will let you guys know when I know more. I am so excited, this is actually exactly how I wanted to finish my mission. I think it was the little boost of energy that I need. My time is really limited today but I know that i can make it 6 more weeks!
I love you guys so much!
Elder Stockman 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 93 Its a lot of fun to experience something so horrible.(heat)

Hey Mom!
So this week it has been soooo hot! hahah
just when I thought that it would cool down a lot more it has gotten hotter. Its a lot of fun to experience something so horrible. It helps me to appreciate having been born in a calm climate. 
I think that there is a lot of exciting stuff going on back home. A lot of stuff has changed I think that I will go into a little bit of a shock haha!
I think thats great I get to talk in the other wards. Im grateful for that.  I think that I have learned to appreciate it a whole lot more now that I have been a missionary. I used to really hate giving talks and I sucked at it but now I dont mind. 
So the reason that I am writing so late today is because the Lugos came up from Saltilo. They are a senior couple assigned to be in the mission offices and they were sent to check the houses of the mission. they didnt really know how to get around so we sent the whole day with them, I learned a lot from them. And I think that best part of the day is that we got a lot of free food! haha
Tell everyone that I love them and I am doing great. I feel really good. I have had an amazing transfer with Elder Bermudez. I have learned a lot and had a really great time. We have a lot of funny stories together. 
This is my last week of the transfer and now I guess monday I will find out who my last companion is and where my last area will be. 
I love you and I thak you for everything that you do for me. I feel your prayers for me And I appreciate it more then I can express. Tell Andrew whats up from me. Tell him I want him to write me because it seems like he has forgotten that he has a brother in the misison. 
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad
Tell brother Echols that I am in the 5th ward (barrio cinco)
I think its cool how many people come to know who God is and what the truth is by simply praying in a sincere way. Not being to fancy or eloquent, but sincere, real.
I hope that You and Zach can enjoy your little get away. Where do you plan on going? What do you plan on diong?

So the reason that I am writing so late today is because I was with the Lugo's today. They are a senior couple that works in the mission offices and they were sent here today to check in on the houses and everything in the zone. We had to acompañy them because they really didnt ubicate themselves here. Afterall they have spent the majority of their time in Saltillo. The good thing is that We got a lot of free food. they actually let us come into their Hotel and eat at their breakfast buffett with them. that was AWESOME! after that we checked all of the houses, if they were clean, gave them supplies that they needed like ironing boards or cooking pans. Then they took us to eat some Carne Asada, which is one of the things that I will most miss from México. 

Its been a really great week. We are working really hard here and we still havnt given up on finding someone to baptize. I will endure until the end!
-Elder Stockman

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Week 92 living here is a dang experience

Surprise photo I found on facefook that Elder Stockman was in. 

Hey Mom!
So I think its super crazy that you know, I only have like 8 weeks left. I think that It has gone by way fast but I feel like it wasnt really hitting me at all until I see that email with my flight plans in there... wierd...
Its cool to see pictures of all of my friends that have come home now. But wierd at the same time. Its just a lot of mixed emotiones right now as well. 
I got some suveniers as I was thinking that the best way to get them home is to just take them with me, the thing is that when I came to the mission they told me that I could arrive with 3 suit cases, now there are only 2 allowed. So pretty much all of my clothes are destroyed and I will honestly be getting rid of all of it here. I feel like most of the weight is in clothes and books. I also have to decide which books I would like to keep. I have quite the collection here haha!
I will be organizing all of the stuf that I will keep and stuff but I have to say that most of the stuff that I came with is completely ruined. Haha for example I dont think that I have a single pair of pants that I havn't had to sow. Haha I while ago there was a flood in my house and luckily all of my stuff was organized and cleaned. It only happened in the study room anyways, but I had kicked off my tennis shoes that morning and left them there. That was the same day as transfers so I had to put them in a plastic bag and put them in my suitcase. The problem is that when I got here I totally forgot about those shoes until we wanted to go play some basketball in the church like a week later and there was an enormous ammount of mold. (didnt damage anything else, It was self contained in the bag). But yeah there is no hope for those shoes. So I mean there are just a lot of things like that, where I honestly dont see a purpose in hauling that around. 
A while back there was an elder that I sold one of my suites to. But for example I have still been hauling around that other one And I honestly dont know what to do with it. There is honestly nobody in the mission that is the size that I used to be. And there arent any members or anything that are my height of build so Who knows? what do you think I should do about that one?
And Im so sorry about the money mom. Living here is DANG expensive, taxis are a lot of money and for example in Saltillo where they sell a box of cereal for 35 pesos, here its 60. Its like double the expense. And where its super hot weather here all of the money also goes into buying water to stay alive. I have never had to buy so much water! In fact the money runs away like water and I have even made a budget plan. Who knows!
These next 2 weeks will be the end of the transfer and We dont have any journeys planned, But If I stay here next transfer or they keep me in the same assignment then I will be traveling to Saltillo at least 2 more times. Nobody really knows what is going to happen to me my last transfer! haha So travel is something that I couldnt really tell you. But it was a lot this last transfer that is for sure. 
I love you and you are always in my prayers! Work hard until the end!
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad!
First of all I would love to have him there in the airport. I think he is a brother to me too. Tell him that he needs to be writing me and stuff!
So yeah its starting to get real but you know I am really trying to tune out like you say and focus on what I have to do here. I think that It got offocial when I got that phone call from the secretary on Wednesday asking to which airport I would arrive. But now that I see that my plane has been purchased and everything really does hit ya hard! haha 😞
But I think that its just kind of a natural thing that everyone has to pass through. 

I think that its offocially hard for me to not wake up at 6:30. I think that 8:00 is actually pretty late but you know I dont see any problems adjusting myself to getting up at 8 or 9 again. Im not going to say I love getting up at 6:30 in the morning but I do it because I know that its important.

thank you for that news that in-n-ot will be open I think that is the light at the end  of the tunnel. (just kiding)
Well you know I dont really have anything else to say but I love you !
-Elder Stockman

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Week #91- I have Mountain Dew coming my way

My apartment. 

Hey Mom!
I get Quinn's letters and Abbie's aswell.
I knew that I would get a picture of Cody this week! Tell him and Andrew that they are just a bunch of Hosers. They will understand why.
I cant believe that its already September! I think that the time is literally just melting out of my hands. But that might be due to the heat here that everyone and everything is literally melting!
Was that picture at the baby blessing of Myriah and Nates Baby?
I wrote sister De la Cruz last week but she didnt write me back this week. She told me that this week she would send me the list of people that she wants me to visit. 
Did Andrew learn Spanish well being in the States? I wonder if he knows all of the Mexican slang that I do. 
I definately understand the situation that Cody is in. I find it easy to speak english with other American Elders because its spanglish. They understand it as it comes out. But its hard to talk to President Cahoon or his wife because they dont understand spanglish. 

This week we went all the way to Saltillo and back. It was great. I got to see a lot of good friends. We will having a zone conference this week with the President and the Assistants on Wednesday. The assistants will actually be staying the night with us tonight when they get here from Saltillo. Then in the Morning they are off to Acuña. They will then come back to stay with us tomorrow night. Then we have the Zone conference on Wednesday. Fun stuff.

Other then that I don´t think that anything really eventful will be happening. Please keep the investigators in your prayers. Especially Maria Luisa, Gabriela, Jose, and Alejandra. I would appreciate it if you could also put their names in the temple. Love you!
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad!
look up this adress, my apartment is the one on the top left.
Address omitted.. 

it is behind the house that shows up. It is the group of apartments with the red steps and the white hand rail.
I am doing really great, I think that I can 100% relate to Cody. Poor guy. I also agree that I have no idea where August went. All of the sudden its the 5th of September. sometimes I dont even keep track of that I just ask my companion and sometimes im surprised that its a certian date. for example right now its September 5th!

So I have really liked Piedras Negras. Its is super similar to the rest of the mission in a lot of ways but the people are a little different. By the way I have Mtn Dew coming my way this week. Dont worry about me. When there is a will there is a way.
I think that the food here is normal. I rember having told you guys about that burger that I ate, The other night an investigator invited us to dinner and when we showed up they were baking an entire lamb. It was actually pretty delicious, they gave me some shoulder meat and a chopped off part of the neck. That was interesting. My companion got the thigh. 

Elder Bermúdez is a great guy. We really do get along great. The President put me with his this transfer so that I could teach his the ropes of being zone leader I guess you could say. I guess I completely forgot to mentiont that. They put me back as L/Z 2 to help him as L/Z 1. They actually did that with almost all of the zone leaders in the whole mission.

I kind of understood that my assignment wouldnt last for that long so I hope that I can finish training a new Elder. That would be really awesome. the dream come true. Haha. Afterall I do need someone to Pass on all of the Stockman Legacy. 

I really want to eat the Horchata flavored ice cream. That sounds rediculiously good. I drink Horchata everytime that the opporotunity presents its self. I love it. I would say that its probably like once a week or somewhere around there. 

I hope that you have a great trip!
-Elder Stockman

Monday, August 29, 2016

Week #90- I feel like the witch on the wizard of Oz.

​Elder Bermúdez and I.

God bless the USA! That is a golf course in Eagle Pass Texas. And I'm standing over here in Mexico. 

Hey momma!
SO this week it has been really hot in Piedras Negras! one day it got up to 110 degrees farenheit. which is about 44 celcius. I feel like the witch on the wizard of oz- 
Hey you gotta tell all my friends hi and that I expect them there at my homecoming!
A lot of things have changed back home right?
I was thinking that the time really has been going quite fast. I got an email this last week from my first companion in the field Elder Garcia. Can you believe how much time it has been since we were together! I told him to be in the airport in Mexico City we'll see if he goes. Right now we are actually preparing to go to Saltillo again. We will be leaving Wednesday morning, the assistants have planned an epic basketball match for thursday morning. Then we will have the leadership council and I will be back to Piedras Negras Friday in the early morning. 
RIght now we have been looking for a lot of new people to teach. I can kind of see what sister de la cruz was talking about. There are a lot of problems with the law of chastity here. also we have been finding people here and then they just randomly disappear. Then out of The blue they come back and say that they went and tried to cross the river "de mojado" into the united states. Its kind of funny. But its crazy how many immigrants there are here. Always asking for money. always!
I love you and hope that you have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad!
so remember when I had that sweat rag the first time that we spoke in Monclova. Yeah I have to take 2 sweat rags with me here. It is so hot man I am literally melting. I have already lost another 3 or 4 pounds just being here! haha
Today we went and played basketball in the morning with 4 other Elders in the church ( here we live 4 blocks away) and we actually got to the point that we stopped sweating! haha when we went inside to get a drink the sweat came pouring in again! haha
Last week it got up to 110 farenheit about 44 celcius. 🌋
But Im loving it!
My new companion is a really funny guy. we get along great! And the funny thing is that we will be going to Saltillo again this week! can you believe that! We leave Wednesday morning and then we leave from Saltillo Thursday evening, We get back to Piedras Negras Friday at like 2 in the morning! 
Right now there is a lady that we are teaching. Her name is Maria Luisa and her daughter is 9. Her name is Gabriela. Maria Luisa got together with a really less active man and they were living in free union. He was previously married and never bothered to get diviorsed. So that was a really long process that we finally finished was his divorce. Now we are in the final stepps to get them legally married and then Maria Luisa and Gabriela will get baptized. They are really great people! they understand sacrifice... They come to church every week without fail. I have learned a lot from the people that I teach. 
Anyways that all for now
have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

Week #89- I've never felt so much heat in my entire life.

My new Zone in Piedras Negras.
I tried to do a burger challenge here and I totally failed! it was so hard!

I am here in super hot city of Piedras Negras. Wow, I have never felt so much heat in my entire life. I think that I am literally melting haha!
So Everything is good with the new companion. We basically didnt do anything this whole last week because Elder Valenzuela from the 70 came and we were the ones in charge of getting it all set up. I also had the opporotunity to go to Monclova to a leadership Council and he taught us how to have better leadership councils. Elder Bermudez is currently on the bus on his way back from Saltillo. He had to ship out yesterday at 10:30 and he got to Saltillo at like 6:00 am. He has to go sign some stuff and get his fingerprints and actually now he is back on his way. 

So there isnt really much else that is happening. I cant believe that Zach is now a grown man and he is in Middle School. That blows my mind!
We should be having a baptism this weekend of a Sister and her Daughter. The sister has to wait on a divorce to finish so that she can get married to the man that she lives with to be able to get baptized. Its a complicated situation but its also unfortunate how common it is here. But we keep our heads up high. 

So I actually still dont have a picture of me with my companion because he suddenly left but next week I will get one. 
love you have great week!
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad! 
So I actually do know Hermana Aragon. She was a sister training leader and I would see her in the leadership councils. I have never been in the same zone as her but she is pretty cool!
Its a small world right?

You say that at least you dont live in California, and I say at least you dont live in Coahuila! haha Its is a blaze of heat over here. I have never felt so much heat in my life time. 45 degrees celcius with like 100% humidity. Its life threatening. haha
So Elder Bermudez doesn't speak a lick of English. haha. But we are working him on that one. I am teaching him some phrases and so on. We get along great. He really is a great guy. 
I actually still dont have a picture with him though. last nigjt he got shipped out to Saltillo to fix his visa. It was another Elder in our zone from Bolivia also had to go with him. So the whole day I have been with Elder Hall. We went to this place called Gula Burger. It is a really good burger place. I got prideful and thought that I could eat their challenge and not have to pay. There are a couple of Elders that are on their "pared de pecadores" haha. I totally lost. Elder Smith tried it with me but we failed. I have been having a great time this week!
We should baptize two people this weekend. She has to wait on a divorce process to finish and then she can get married to her husband. Its ufortunately a pretty big colture problem here. But Anyways that is pretty much what has been going on with me. I went to Monclova for a leadership council with the area 70 Elder Valenzuela. It was some pretty great revelation recieved. He also came up on Friday and talked to both the Piedras Negras and Acuña zones. 
I love you, have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Week- #88 I'm going to Piedras Negras.

a picture of a lot of my ex companions. I was pretty lucky to snap this pic.
Elder Hernandez, Elder Johnson, Elder Ogden, me, Elder Vaszuez, Elder Villeda, and Elder Miner

Transfer Alert!
Im being shipped off to Piedras Negras Coahuila. I will be serving with Elder Bermudez from Costa Rica. I am finally going to Piedras Negras! I have wanted to go there my whole mission!
Now it will be easier for me to send stuff home so that my luggage can be lighter. That is a great advantage. It is also awesome because I can have Mtn Dew and cool american treats!
but on the other hand I am sad that I will be leaving the Aurora and Elder Ogden. we were both here only one transfer! they are shipping him out to Monclova again haha!
Im so excited to see all of those rascals!(cousins at home) thats hilarious that they actually look up to me that much. Who knew?
So I only have 12 weeks left as a full time missionary. I think that it is insane how fast the time has gone! That means that in a couple of weeks here they will be calling me to ask to which airport I will be returning home and I will have my flight plans. AHHHH!
So Elder Wiedmeyer extended his mission and he is now with Elder Johnson and Elder Domiciano in a trio. haha I thought that was interesting. 
Well Im going to start the long and tedious packing process and I dont know how but I seriouslt have like 50 ties. I dont understand but they actually do take upa quite a lot of space. 
So this week we will be having a Multi zone conference with Elder Valenzuela from the area presidency. Acuña and Piedras Negras will all be getting together in Piedras Negras stake Center.  And then on Saturday we will all be traveling to Monclova to have a leadership conference with Elder Valenzuela. Its going to be a crazy week this week. haha
anyways I hope you have a great week, I love you, and see you later.
-Elder Stockman

Off to Piedras Negras I go... WOO!
I was here such little time, its crazy! I was only here 6 weeks with Elder Ogden. The craziest part is that neither of us are staying. He is going to go to Monclova again! haha
My new companion is Elder Bermudez from Costa Rica. I know him really well. I was actually his first distcirt leader when he was born into the mission life. haha he is a great guy but he talks super funny! like instead of rolling his r's he just says them like an uneducated american would. haha
So its some pretty melty weather up there in Piedras Negras right now. I am super ezcited though to be on the border again. I totally didnt take advantage of all to cool things up there in Acuña last time. But now Im getting the Mtn Dew on again! Woo hoo!
I was also thinking that I will be sending home a package with some heavy stuff in it like all of my books and papers and stuff. 

haha thats pretty funny that you said you would give Milo 9 mm led poisining. that made me chuckle a lot actually. But if he dies you should totally get a new dog. life is boring without a dog. It makes things more intertaining. 
Anyways Im going to get to packing and not enjoy it haha!
love you have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

Monday, August 8, 2016

Week- #87 The Elders got new wheels.

Elder Stockman pushing Elder Ogden. 

Hey Momma!
So this week I have pretty much been bed ridden with my companion, It has been extremely boring. I have made a lot of progress on my Book of Mormon study. Actually in Heleman right now. 
I have been doing as many divisions with Elders from the zone or with members as I can to be able to keep the area strong, but in the morning and in the evening I am with my companion with his foot elevated. I never realized how much it sucks to have an ingrown toenail. God has really blessed me to not have that problem. I really do feel bad for the guy. 
August is really hot down here in Mexico. It is even more hot when you are pushing around your companion in the blazing heat in a wheelchair that weighs like 40 lbs. 
But its a really great experience to serve. I think that It was a necessary challenge to be able to learn and grow. he still has until Saturday when he gets the stitches out of his nail. haha
We area really hoping to have a baptism of Brisa this weekend. Her sister is a recent convert in the ward. If it doesnt happen this week then it will happen the next. We also have the leadership counsil on thursday and next week Elder Valenzuela from the area presidency will be coming on a mision tour here to meet us and to teach us. 
I love you and hope that you have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad!
So this week was pretty much uneventful, I was with my companion a lot of the time in the house, I had no idea how serious of a deal the whole ingrown toenail thing was, but he has been out for a week, and will be out until Saturday
I have pretty much been doing divisions with Elders from the zone or with members to have the most working time that I can. It has been quite the learning experience. I just gets really boring when you are in the house with nothing to do especially as a missionary. Because we can do even less. haha
I will be having an interview with President this week or the next to get my temple recommend up to date. It expires at the end of this month. Dont want that to expire. even though I cant go to the temple, its always important to have the recommend up to date and active. 
We are really hoping to have a baptism this weekend, it would really be a huge blessing from the Lord. If it doesnt happen this week it will happen the next. So this is the last week of the transfer and we are going to work hard up until the very last day. 
love you
-Elder Stockman

Monday, August 1, 2016

Week- #86 "one of the coolest baptismal services that I have ever been in."

The familia Baeza Figueroa on their baptism day. This picture is missing the father and Sister Cahoon(thePresidents wife) they were had gone inside for some reason.  

Last week hike overlooking Saltillo. 

Hey mom,
its great to hear from you this week,
I am going to have to keep my message really short. 
First of all this week we had the baptism of the Baeza Figueroa Family. They are an awesome family that only the dad was a member before. The rest of them were just in their prime moment to hear the gospel. It was a really neat experience to participate in their baptism and what was even crazier is that all of the sudden President Cahoon shows up haha. He came to their confirmation the next day as well. I dont know why but sister Cahoon was inside when we took this picture. Its too bad that she wasnt in the photo. But President introduced himself to the ward and he said later that he really only came to see the confirmation of the family. He's a pretty cool guy. It was probably one of the coolest baptismal services that I have ever been in. And it's pretty gratifying when they open the font doors and there is your mission president who then winks at you and gives you a thumbs up. haha
So this week Elder Ogden got his ingrown toenail cut out, He got it cut out from the root and will actually have to rest for 12 days. It's going to be awesome because a member got us a wheelchair so I will be pushing him around. It's pretty awesome. Today we also did a steak grill out with the Elders from Fundadores. (Elder Bauer and Elder Lee) We actually have a little grill on our roof. 
anyways I love you and hope that you have a great week!
-Elder Stockman 

Hey Dad, 
Speaking about surgery, I decided I definately never want to become a doctor. After watching them cut open my companions toe and rip his nail bed out I'm not to excited about following that career path. It's not that I cant do that whole blood thing. i just looked at the doctor like he was inhumain the way that he was digging around in there. haha I was talking it out with Ogden so that he wouldnt focus on what they were doing to him. Evidently i pulled a face that worried him. He still hasnt taken the bandage off of his toe. I dont know if he wants to any time soon haha.
So this week we were blessed with the baptism of the Baeza Figueroa family. They are an awesome family that the Dad has been a member since he was 9. Now all of the family is super activated and the rest of them baptized. He was actually ordained to being a Priest this last weekend. It was a suprise when the morning of the baptism I get a phone call from President Cahoon, saying "Elder Stockman, when and where for that baptism?" then he came and was actually the only person that showed up on time. Haha, He then came to the confirmation the next day. He is a really cool guy. I have been seeing him actually a lot recently. His wife is an amazing lady haha!
anyways, I love you and hope that you have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week-#85 Who's hugging my sister...

a cool adddress sign that we found haha most of them here in Mexico are like this.
This one was especially funny because there were two trucks with a big ol' St. Jude in the middle of it. haha what the heck?

Hey Mom!
Yeah Elder Ogden and I are pretty great friends. 
I can not believe that Andrew Trainor is home. That is the wierdest thing that I have ever seen...I think that reality has hit me. because that will be me in 4 months.

Haha that picture with Abbie and Zach is a classic. Zach is a huge dude. And he can get a pretty good tan. Better than Abbie at least.
I am going to kill Ninataype. He seriously put his arm around Abbie? 

haha I think that it is really funny that he told you guys all of my dirty little secrets. I will be sure to tell his parents some of his as well... Pay back.

By the way I think that it was just something in the food or in the water in Ramos Arizpe. Because as soon as I have been here I have been fine. I dont think that it is anything to worry about. 
What is that second to last question even supposed to mean? I dont think that I suprise myself that often

I think that the favorite part of the daily routine aside to going to bed, is when we get to study the scriptures every day. That is a pretty amazing thing. I wasnt as good about that whole thing until now. I think that It wasnt even that hard to get used to either. It takes just a little bit if getting used to but I reall enjoy the fact that I can learn something new every single day. and come closer to Jesus Christ every day.

So this week we are having some short changes in the zone. An Elder in the zone has to go home to work some things out and so now we will be getting a new Elder in the Zone. I have really been adjusting myself well here in this area. It is a fun place. This week we went out to a small little town that is like a 30 minute bus ride out and it is part of our area. There is a Recent Convert out there. The place is called Arteaga. it really is a beautiful place. It is the most cool (temperature) in the whole mission. Actually last year there was snow there. We have been having some pretty good luck with people coming to church. We will actually be baptizing this week on friday. This lady has a pretty dark past she was actually a witch. As in she was participating in witchcraft. She has some pretty scary stories but she is totally repented of that. Actually that was something that all of the members knew about thats why she hasnt got baptized until now. But her daughters all have like 3 months as members. She is a solid convert. She has a pretty stong testimony of the atonement. I think that that has been ont of the most satisfying things about being here in the mission, is being able to help people convert themselves to the Lord and to be able to recieve the blessings of the Atonement in their lives. It really does bring me true happiness. 

Something that is interesting about this ward and kind of unique is that there are a lot of people that speak English. I would say that half of them or more do. It is also one of the biggest areas in the whole mission. I still sont know it all and Elder Johnson was here of 6 months and he never knew it all either. haha
anyways I love you and I hope that you have a great Week!
-Elder Stockman 

hahaha I dont understand why you guys think that I am disobedient. I think that its hilaroius. Im pretty sure that I wouldnt be happy if I was disobedient. Tell mom that at least I didnt drive a car into a river (Trent)

Im glad that you are still your innovative self. Thats interesting that they convinced you to watch their dog for them. 

We have had a really great week. We will actually be baptizing an ex witch. haha thats a long story but there are some pretty crazy things that she has done. I will have to tell you some stories when I get home. I have been getting along great with Elder Ogden. Its kind of funn because we have service competitions. Like ironing each others shirt, making breakfast, polishing shoes.etc.... We actually have another family that is progressing really well. We think that they should be baptized next week but we will see what happens.

So I have a question, did you ever make that missionary plaque, if not let me know. If so I guess you could let me know as well. haha

And what do you mean by all of my stuff is gone, I didnt really understand that. Like what is gone that was there before? haha honestly i dont really remember all of that stuff. All I know is that I left that room Spotless. It was the cleanest that it had ever been. It was actually pretty impressive.

I love you and hope that you have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Week #84- "I promise I've been good...I just really love fire."

New companion Elder Ogden and the serious Elder Stockman. Elder Odgen is from Draper, Utah. 

Im super glad that you guys could go and meet those guys that I was with here in the mission. Its funny to remember all of those funny stories of things that happened and I didnt even remember. I promise that I have been good, i just really like fire. hahaha

So this week I have been feeling really good here in my new area with Elder Ogden. He is a great companion and we get along really great! Its always fun to open area because you are usually completely lost the first week. But I can asure you that we can at least find the house now! haha
When 2 companios get to an area together it definately has its advantages, You really dont know anybody so the members show a lot more intrest in you. It has been great to get to know the members here too. I thought that Ramos Arizpe was a strong ward but this is supposedly the best area in the whole entire mission. Of course any area is the best area, it all just depends on your mindset. 

I got to have my first interview this week with President Cahoon. It was a great experience to get to know him and to be able to speak with him face to face. 

Anyways I sure love you a lot and hope that you have an excelent week!
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad. So I dont think that it is fair that everyone is telling Elder Stockman stories while I am not there! haha
I got busted...
Im glad that you like those guys. They are some of the greatest people that I have ever met. I know that I can work hard and still have fun. Thats what I hope to do. 
( by the way I probably wouldnt have called the mission offices for that question, had I known that Ninataype was there.)
Yeah it is super wierd to see all of those pictures of you guys with them because I was just with them on Tuesday.

Anyways it is going really great here this week with Elder Ogden. We are having a blast! We are opening area so we basically dont know anybody. And we were pretty lost this whole week. But those are experiences that I wouldnt have traded away. Im really gald that I have been sent here, It was kind of a shock at first, But I am really liking it here. The ward is full of really powerful families. We have a family that is progressing. They are a family of 5 that should be getting baptized in 2 weeks. The dad is a member from a long time ago, but his wife and 3 daughters aren't. However they are a super powerful family. I am sure that they already have their testimonies, its just the question of getting wet now.

But we are doing super good, dont worry about me!
love you have a great week!
-Elder Stockman