Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 39- Things are going great

It started to rain a lot this week. 

Things are going great!

Hey momma!
I'm doing really well. I have been happy and working hard. I was thinking a lot about how before I left on my mission that we were talking about how Abbie would be graduating when I am here in the mission and I can't believe that it has started. When she graduates I will be home in no time at all.  haha
I can't believe that Zach will be a Deacon and that he will have the Priesthood, That absolutely blows my mind. 
We also had stake conference this week end and President Rodriguez spoke with his wife. They are the coolest people ever. I couldn't even imaging other mission presidents but that is an unfortunate reality that I will one day have to face. One of the ex-assistants to the president is in my district because he is finishing his mission soon. He is finishing training a new missionary and He has told me so many cool stories about how President truly recieves revelation. I know that He is a man of God and I sustain him. 

Anyways I'm doing super good down here in Mexico and I feel great with my companion still. Keep us in your prayers that the investigadores will progress to the waters of baptism. We are almost there! 

Tell Da that I love him and appreciate him so much. 
That's cool that the Neffs are having a baby again! How many kids do they have now? and tell Scott that I love getting his primary class packages. They are fun! How is Christian Lee doing? tell him that I say hi!
Love you and have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

Dad(Regan was telling our visiting authority at Stake Confrence President of BYU Elder Worthen that our son is serving in the same mission he served in and he said is it still the Detroit of Mexico and we said yes.) Just so you all know it's a steel town. 

Well that's pretty much the way that I would describe Monclova aswell. It's funny because that dog whistle was a life or death situation up there in Monclova but down here in Saltillo there aren't nearly as many dogs or as much garbage. The investigator pool is filling slow and steady. Each area is different, but we have 5 baptismal goals right now. Let's hope that they all follow through with this decision. I can't believe that I have been is Saltillo like 4 months. I remember being in Monclova yesterday haha.
I had a very similar spiritual experience when Elder Pieper visited the mission. He is in the area presidency and he also started his mission in Monterrey but started here in Saltillo. He just knew the scriptures and knew how to use them. I feel similar about my mission president. We had an opporotunity to listen to him again this week because he spoke in a stake conference and just so knowledgeable. 
Thanks for writing me this week and I hope that you guys have a great week!
Tell Andrew that I extrañar his ciber voice. haha
-Elder Stockman

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week #38 - I pretty much have 9 months mom

Hey momma!
This week I have been really good. I can't believe that they are going back to school this week and that means that you will be going back aswell. I wish you all the best of luck. Please keep us in your prayers specifically so that we can find new investigators. I can't believe that I pretty much have 9 months mom. It blows my mind it seems like every time I come to the internet cafe I am telling you the same thing, and it seems like I am coming here every day but it's every 7. 

I am super happy with my companion he is a super funny dude. He makes me want to stay with him more time but the zone leaders have been asking me a bunch of questions about him like he will be having a leadership position aswell so that means that we most likely won't be companions next change. 

It has been really hot these last couple of days and I am just glad that I am still here in saltillo. But I don't know why I feel like I will going to Piedras Negras really soon. Well who knows I will go where ever the lord calles me to go. 

I just got news a couple of weeks ago that one of my converts from Monclova, his wife just got baptized. That means that in a year from now if they work really hard they can go to the Temple and I would be able to go with them to Monterrey. That would be a once in a lifetime experience and I'm hoping that they work hard. I know that This gospel is true and that the Lord has blessed me a ton. I know that I will never be able to pay him back for all that he has done for me and all that he continues doing. love you and have a really great week!
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad!
Well that's cool that you guys had a fun week. That is absolutely crazy that Christian Lee comes home this week!
Tell him hi from Spencer.
I'm doing really good. The mission is an experience that I could not possibly ever describe in human words. Good thing that you have experienced the same so you kind of know what I am talking about. The time is flying by dad it freaks me out I don't like to think about it but when I stop thinking about it it seems to go even faster. Did you ever have leadership in your mission I remember that you told me you were a secretary in the offices. But I don't really know how to explain that either. Its difficult, but it's been one of the greatest lessons that I have learned in my life. Giving capacitations isn't all that fun. last week I assigned my companion to help me so now I owe him a pizza hahaha. He was glad and willing to help me. Super glad that he is my companion. I really get along well with him hes great, We are always joking around but we are working really well as well. 

Misión Mexico Saltillo es un poco duro. Pero es porque no hay muchos bautismos y poca retención. Vamos a tener un bautismo en como 1 semana. La dificultad que tenemos es que las personas dicen que van a acompañarnos pero no vienen. Es un poco difícil eso pero es la cultura. Como sabes muy bien cada area es muy diferente que el otro, todos tenemos desafíos y beneficios. Pero vamos a perseverar y cosechar. 

I don't know why I started talking in Spanish but that's just how my mind works. I guess I will be speaking to you guys for Christmas before we know it. Have a good week Dad
-Elder Stockman

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week #37- My new best friend in the mission

Elder Stockman and Elder Vasquez.
Studying hard. 

My first zone leaders, and Elder Macias´s dad who came to pick him up because he finished his mission. Super great missionary. Sad to see him go.

Hey momma!
This week Was a huge change for me. I went from super low to super high because I absolutely love my companion. He is a stud. He is super funny and he loves staying obedient and working hard. Actually since Elder martinez left I have seen a huge change happen in the area. I have seen that all of a sudden the people are going to church and that We will be baptizing shortly. It is an absolute miracle. I love Elder vasquez so much I think that he is definately one of my best friends in the mission. 

Glad to hear that everyone got back home safe and sound. I can't believe that my birthday is coming up that fast! that blows my mind that Zach will be passing the sacrament. How cool to see that everyone is all of a sudden grown up. I will be 20 years old soon, sorry to remind you but you and dad are old hahaha.

I love you and I have been thinking a lot about you guys this week. Recently I have been listening to a lot of mo-tab and it really helps me to calm me down.

I just feel a lot of peace right now knowing that the lord is always on my side. 

Yeah I know Elder Hopper he is in my zone. He is a character. hahaha he is Elder Rose´s son. That means that Elder Rose was his trainer. haha he is a really great guy. 

That's cool to see how small the church is but how big it is aswell. I love you so much mom and have a really great week! 
-Elder Stockman

Glad to hear that you are back from Puerto Rico safe and sound. I cant believe that they still give you the discount there at Panda. I miss good american chinese food. They suggest to not eat the chinese food here and I found out why the hard way. Hahaha

I am absolutely lovin glife right now with my new companion. He is a character. But sometimes he just impresses me with his knowledge of the gospel. We joke around in the house and stuff but I love him because when it is time to work he works. And when it is time to be obedient he is obedient. 

I also really liked that analogy that you gave me about Heavenly Father. That really put it into perspective didnt it. 

Well we should be seeing a couple of baptisms here shortly. That is definately a blessing of when both the companions are obedient and both of us know why we came here. 

I have been really impressed with him. We have found a couple of new people this week and we were super surprised with a miracle on unday with 6 different investigators in church. It was cool because this week all of the youth in coahuila went to EFY and one of them is an eternal investigator. He and his mom were going to get baptized the same day but at the last minute he didnt get baptized. That was in pril and he said it was because he felt like he needed more of a testimony. Well he came back this week from EFY and bore his testimony and it was actually pretty simple but powerful. fter church the Bishop talked to us and said that iego had talked to him and that he now would like to be baptized. Its really cool to have been able to see the lord's hand in the lifes of these people and the coolest thing is that I get to see it every day. 
anyways Im doing pretty greaty and I hope you have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

Week #36 I'm the only one in my district that speaks English ha,ha.

My first district as district leader. I'm the only one who speaks English haha.

La Zona de Miravalle. 

The monthly money of 2 missionaries. haha inculding the rent.

Old comp Elder Johnson! Miss that guy he was such a great companion.

I am changing companions! phew...
I will be staying here in Lomas de Lourdes 1 and I will be companions with Elder Vasquez. I was with him in the MTC. he is a pretty cool guy.
of corse I don't know him that well because I didn't speak spanish back then but I remember he was cracking jokes with all of the Americans haha.
I am super excited and I feel a burden lifted off of my shoulders. One of my favorite people in the mission is Elder Monterroso who was assistant to the President these last 3 transfers. He is only going to be here 6 more weeks before he goes home. he is from LA Cali. But he will be coming into my district this transfer training a new missionary. I'm happy that I get to work with him this transfer. 
We have been working hard this last week and he taught a ton of people. We have a couple of baptisimal dates set up for this transfer and I'm actually pretty excited. I hope that I could learn what the Lord had prepared for me this last transfer with Elder Martinez. He is changing areas within the same zone. I will still see him on tuesday mornings in the district meetings. I also saw that Elder Loren will be coming to Miravalle ( the zone ) I was with him in the MTC. I hope that he is still as funny as he was back then. HAHA

I am doing really good and glad that I won't be changing areas because I actually really like this area. 

I forgot to mention that Elder Muñiz came with us this last week. He was assigned to come with us from President. He is such a good missionary and he taught us a bunch of stuff! 

I'm sorry that everyone ditched you this week. Just remember to pray because God is always there and ready to listen. 
But say hi to Seth Thomas for me tell him !take off eh! tell him he is a hoser haha
How are you liking your new calling? Is it hard being in young womens?
Oh PS I got brother Neff's Package. Thank his primary class for sending those letters to me. And also thank him for the M&Ms they were delicious. There is an Hermana in our ward that will be coming back from Texas this week and She will be bringing us MTN Dew I'm super excited you have no idea! haha! love you and have a great week!
-Elder Stockman
love you momma pray for you every day.
 Just remember only 5 months untli we talk on skype haha!
Elder Muñiz came with us for 2 days. He is an assistant but he doesnt have an assigned companion. He will be finishing his mission tomorrow. But he came with like 13 companionships that president assigned him to. He is the best missionary that I have Ever meet! 

Hey Dad,
 Thanks for taking the time to write me this week!
I'm glad to hear that you are having fun there in Puerto Rico. Say hi to Sadie for me. 
I'm glad that you want to go home mom told me that everyone ditched her this week. Except the mutt haha. 
I will be staying here in Lomas de Lourdes 1 with a new companion!!! Elder Vasquez form Oaxaca will be my new companion. I was actually with him in the MTC kinda funny. He was always pulling jokes on the American Elders. I actually don't know him that well because I didn't speak spanish back then hahaha but I guess I will get to know him pretty good. 
I have actually been able to strengthen my testimony Of the Lord a lot this last transfer. Because I felt so alone I decided to get closer to God. I know he lives. I know it. It's my pure testimony thats all that I got right now but I know it. I know he loves us and that the church is true. I know that Christ Lives and that he is the savior and redeemer of the world. Have you ever read the Bible? if not do it there is so much interesting stuff in there. Honestly I had never read it before but It's full of such great stuff. 
I love you Dad and get home safe. Have a good week 
-Elder Stockman

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Week #35- "We had to cross the street, the shoes got a little wet."

​It rained and we had to cross the street. haha the shoes got a little wet. The pictures suck because I'm still not very good with a camera and I guess that my companion isn't either hahaha.
I almost got attacked by a man selling icecream 

Walking, walking, walking..

The other elders washing a dog. Goofs!

Well this week has been good! This time has gone by so fast its crazy! I feel like I wrote home yesterday. I have been really good lately even though my companion hates me I have been feeling super alone but then I just keep remembering Jesus Christ and how his mission wasn't all pleasant. 
I also remember a talk by Jeffrey R Holland that said if we didn't suffer in our mission then we couldn't even become anything close to a deciple of Jesus Christ. I know that this is to help me grow and that I have grown so much from this situation. 

Looks like you guys had a fun time on your vacation! Happy Regan day to dad I sure he spoiled himself haha! 

Can't believe that Abbie is a senior I have no idea where that time went. I remember when she came to Westlake and was a freshman. That was crazy mindblowing for me aswell! Yesterday I comleted 8 months in the mission, I don't know what to do... the time is going by so fast.

Anyways thanks so much for being my mom! I´m happy I really am. I just am sad that my companion doesn't want to be obedient, the worst part is that he gets mad about it. Please pray that he will be able to have a change of attitude. He knows why he needs to be obedient and he knows that we will be blessed but he doesn't do it. It's just frustrating to see him practically wasting his time here because he is not happy. Oh well one week left if its the Lord's will. 

-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad,
Happy Birthday this week I hope you felt my birthday spankings haha just kidding. 
Glad to see that you are having a fun summer! Can you believe that your daughter is a Senior? nuts huh? even weirder for me is that I am a third of the way done with my mission I didn't think of that until you said that haha! or the fact that it has been more than a year since I graduated High School. 
That's cool that you are going to Puerto Rico haha I cant believe that they are having you go for a whole week!
Thanks for putting my name in the temple I'm glad that you are doing that it really means a lot to me. 
I can't believe how fast this last week has gone by but I only have one week left of this transfer that is nuts. I hope that your doing ok and i'm glad that you are my dad. have a good Week!
-Elder Stockman