Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week #37- My new best friend in the mission

Elder Stockman and Elder Vasquez.
Studying hard. 

My first zone leaders, and Elder Macias´s dad who came to pick him up because he finished his mission. Super great missionary. Sad to see him go.

Hey momma!
This week Was a huge change for me. I went from super low to super high because I absolutely love my companion. He is a stud. He is super funny and he loves staying obedient and working hard. Actually since Elder martinez left I have seen a huge change happen in the area. I have seen that all of a sudden the people are going to church and that We will be baptizing shortly. It is an absolute miracle. I love Elder vasquez so much I think that he is definately one of my best friends in the mission. 

Glad to hear that everyone got back home safe and sound. I can't believe that my birthday is coming up that fast! that blows my mind that Zach will be passing the sacrament. How cool to see that everyone is all of a sudden grown up. I will be 20 years old soon, sorry to remind you but you and dad are old hahaha.

I love you and I have been thinking a lot about you guys this week. Recently I have been listening to a lot of mo-tab and it really helps me to calm me down.

I just feel a lot of peace right now knowing that the lord is always on my side. 

Yeah I know Elder Hopper he is in my zone. He is a character. hahaha he is Elder Rose´s son. That means that Elder Rose was his trainer. haha he is a really great guy. 

That's cool to see how small the church is but how big it is aswell. I love you so much mom and have a really great week! 
-Elder Stockman

Glad to hear that you are back from Puerto Rico safe and sound. I cant believe that they still give you the discount there at Panda. I miss good american chinese food. They suggest to not eat the chinese food here and I found out why the hard way. Hahaha

I am absolutely lovin glife right now with my new companion. He is a character. But sometimes he just impresses me with his knowledge of the gospel. We joke around in the house and stuff but I love him because when it is time to work he works. And when it is time to be obedient he is obedient. 

I also really liked that analogy that you gave me about Heavenly Father. That really put it into perspective didnt it. 

Well we should be seeing a couple of baptisms here shortly. That is definately a blessing of when both the companions are obedient and both of us know why we came here. 

I have been really impressed with him. We have found a couple of new people this week and we were super surprised with a miracle on unday with 6 different investigators in church. It was cool because this week all of the youth in coahuila went to EFY and one of them is an eternal investigator. He and his mom were going to get baptized the same day but at the last minute he didnt get baptized. That was in pril and he said it was because he felt like he needed more of a testimony. Well he came back this week from EFY and bore his testimony and it was actually pretty simple but powerful. fter church the Bishop talked to us and said that iego had talked to him and that he now would like to be baptized. Its really cool to have been able to see the lord's hand in the lifes of these people and the coolest thing is that I get to see it every day. 
anyways Im doing pretty greaty and I hope you have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

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