Sunday, August 2, 2015

Week #35- "We had to cross the street, the shoes got a little wet."

​It rained and we had to cross the street. haha the shoes got a little wet. The pictures suck because I'm still not very good with a camera and I guess that my companion isn't either hahaha.
I almost got attacked by a man selling icecream 

Walking, walking, walking..

The other elders washing a dog. Goofs!

Well this week has been good! This time has gone by so fast its crazy! I feel like I wrote home yesterday. I have been really good lately even though my companion hates me I have been feeling super alone but then I just keep remembering Jesus Christ and how his mission wasn't all pleasant. 
I also remember a talk by Jeffrey R Holland that said if we didn't suffer in our mission then we couldn't even become anything close to a deciple of Jesus Christ. I know that this is to help me grow and that I have grown so much from this situation. 

Looks like you guys had a fun time on your vacation! Happy Regan day to dad I sure he spoiled himself haha! 

Can't believe that Abbie is a senior I have no idea where that time went. I remember when she came to Westlake and was a freshman. That was crazy mindblowing for me aswell! Yesterday I comleted 8 months in the mission, I don't know what to do... the time is going by so fast.

Anyways thanks so much for being my mom! I´m happy I really am. I just am sad that my companion doesn't want to be obedient, the worst part is that he gets mad about it. Please pray that he will be able to have a change of attitude. He knows why he needs to be obedient and he knows that we will be blessed but he doesn't do it. It's just frustrating to see him practically wasting his time here because he is not happy. Oh well one week left if its the Lord's will. 

-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad,
Happy Birthday this week I hope you felt my birthday spankings haha just kidding. 
Glad to see that you are having a fun summer! Can you believe that your daughter is a Senior? nuts huh? even weirder for me is that I am a third of the way done with my mission I didn't think of that until you said that haha! or the fact that it has been more than a year since I graduated High School. 
That's cool that you are going to Puerto Rico haha I cant believe that they are having you go for a whole week!
Thanks for putting my name in the temple I'm glad that you are doing that it really means a lot to me. 
I can't believe how fast this last week has gone by but I only have one week left of this transfer that is nuts. I hope that your doing ok and i'm glad that you are my dad. have a good Week!
-Elder Stockman

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