Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week #36 I'm the only one in my district that speaks English ha,ha.

My first district as district leader. I'm the only one who speaks English haha.

La Zona de Miravalle. 

The monthly money of 2 missionaries. haha inculding the rent.

Old comp Elder Johnson! Miss that guy he was such a great companion.

I am changing companions! phew...
I will be staying here in Lomas de Lourdes 1 and I will be companions with Elder Vasquez. I was with him in the MTC. he is a pretty cool guy.
of corse I don't know him that well because I didn't speak spanish back then but I remember he was cracking jokes with all of the Americans haha.
I am super excited and I feel a burden lifted off of my shoulders. One of my favorite people in the mission is Elder Monterroso who was assistant to the President these last 3 transfers. He is only going to be here 6 more weeks before he goes home. he is from LA Cali. But he will be coming into my district this transfer training a new missionary. I'm happy that I get to work with him this transfer. 
We have been working hard this last week and he taught a ton of people. We have a couple of baptisimal dates set up for this transfer and I'm actually pretty excited. I hope that I could learn what the Lord had prepared for me this last transfer with Elder Martinez. He is changing areas within the same zone. I will still see him on tuesday mornings in the district meetings. I also saw that Elder Loren will be coming to Miravalle ( the zone ) I was with him in the MTC. I hope that he is still as funny as he was back then. HAHA

I am doing really good and glad that I won't be changing areas because I actually really like this area. 

I forgot to mention that Elder Muñiz came with us this last week. He was assigned to come with us from President. He is such a good missionary and he taught us a bunch of stuff! 

I'm sorry that everyone ditched you this week. Just remember to pray because God is always there and ready to listen. 
But say hi to Seth Thomas for me tell him !take off eh! tell him he is a hoser haha
How are you liking your new calling? Is it hard being in young womens?
Oh PS I got brother Neff's Package. Thank his primary class for sending those letters to me. And also thank him for the M&Ms they were delicious. There is an Hermana in our ward that will be coming back from Texas this week and She will be bringing us MTN Dew I'm super excited you have no idea! haha! love you and have a great week!
-Elder Stockman
love you momma pray for you every day.
 Just remember only 5 months untli we talk on skype haha!
Elder Muñiz came with us for 2 days. He is an assistant but he doesnt have an assigned companion. He will be finishing his mission tomorrow. But he came with like 13 companionships that president assigned him to. He is the best missionary that I have Ever meet! 

Hey Dad,
 Thanks for taking the time to write me this week!
I'm glad to hear that you are having fun there in Puerto Rico. Say hi to Sadie for me. 
I'm glad that you want to go home mom told me that everyone ditched her this week. Except the mutt haha. 
I will be staying here in Lomas de Lourdes 1 with a new companion!!! Elder Vasquez form Oaxaca will be my new companion. I was actually with him in the MTC kinda funny. He was always pulling jokes on the American Elders. I actually don't know him that well because I didn't speak spanish back then hahaha but I guess I will get to know him pretty good. 
I have actually been able to strengthen my testimony Of the Lord a lot this last transfer. Because I felt so alone I decided to get closer to God. I know he lives. I know it. It's my pure testimony thats all that I got right now but I know it. I know he loves us and that the church is true. I know that Christ Lives and that he is the savior and redeemer of the world. Have you ever read the Bible? if not do it there is so much interesting stuff in there. Honestly I had never read it before but It's full of such great stuff. 
I love you Dad and get home safe. Have a good week 
-Elder Stockman

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