Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week #17 Last week with Elder Garcia.

This is Elder Stockman's last week serving with Elder Garcia, he returns home April 1st. Brother and Sister Valez are in Spencer's Ward and take wonderful care of our missionaries. They just had them over Sunday for dinner. We are so excited to meet the Valez family during General Conference. They are former mission Presidents and are coming up for a mission reunion. It's so wonderful to hear that your Missionary has a sweet spirit about them. We are excited to send a package home with them to our Elder. 

Elder Stockman, Elder Garcia, brother and sister Valez. 
 SPENCER- "Woo hoo!!!! haha here they are. if you couldnt tell your son is the giant one."
Hey dad I love you and thanks for your story! it proves to me that the priesthood is real. I dont have any time because they are starting to restrict us mre but I love you and I pray for you every day. Have a great semana and dont worry about me im doing great. 
-Elder Stockman

Hey mom!!!! 
guess who is having a baptism this saturday!
Me hahaha
Por fin we are finally having a baptism, it has a been a long hard journey with Elder Garcia and what a great way to finish his last week. He will be in his house on april 1st. SO next week I will have a new companion for sure and who knows if i will be here again. I sure hope so because things are really starting to change for the better. Well they are restricting us more and I have no time so im telling you im happy, im alive, and that I love you more than I can tell you. I will take more time to write you next week there was a lot of stuff i had to do today for the mission. But I love you and have a great week momma! You are always  in my prayers. 
-Elder Stockman

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week #16 - The Selfie King

Self proclaimed "Selfie King"

"I'm on the right track baby I was born that way, I'm still me." (what every he is trying to say. LOL)

Thanks mom for sharing that awesome story of prayer with me. I have been praying for him that he will have the courage to pray as well. I also have a testimony of prayer that it works. God is there and he listenes. We have been having a really rough time this last couple of weeks basically begging and pleading our investigators to come to church. We havn't had an investigator in the church for like a month and they can't be baptized unless they assist 5 times. That's the way it is in Mexico a ton of stuff is different here then other missions. Every single mission is different, Every single Zone is different, Every single area is different, and every single person is different. But yet that's why the Holy Ghost is so crucial. God knows us perfectly, every thought, sin, burden, skill, talent, or personality trait. I know that President Rodriguez recieves revelation for this mission and I know that President Thomas S. Monson is Gods chosen servant today to recieve revelation for the whole world. We have to teach people not lessons and that is the hardest thing is being able to listen and ask inspired questions as the spirit directs. I love the Holy Ghost, when we are baptized by fire, our baptism by water beomes valid. I havnt really ever thought of it that way. But the baptism by water is just a preperation to recieve the oh so important gift of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is what helps us stay on the path and endure to the end. 

Inviting People to come unto Christ every day has changed me. I feel more of the Savior´s love becuase I'm helping others feel it. I have had tons of experience when I just open my mouth having faith that the Lord will fill it. This week we were talking to a lady and I didn't really understand how to help her with quite a severe problem. But I just listened. I then shared a scriptere that I didn't quite know why I should share and testified to her in her native tounge of spanish. Honestly I dont even have a clue what the heck I said to her is was the wierdest thing but I know that she understood me and after Elder Garcia asked me where the heck that kind of spanish came from all of a sudden. 

It's the absolutely wierdest thing to be able to understand a foreign language and then be able to communicate. hahahaha Im actually having to translate phrases from spanish to english in my head. 

Anyways I'm doing great and like I said I'm finally starting to get the hang of Spanish but I still have such a long ways to go! love you sooo much

-Elder Stockman
Happy happy aniversiary! hahaha you guys are old. 

That's crazy that Zach Batty is the new bishop but I have to say I saw that one coming eventually haha. Tell bishop Taylor that I love him and that really I am eternally gratefull for him and his help. 

haha I can't wait to hear about the play tell Zach to break a leg.

Dad I just wanted to take the time to thank you for who you are and what you have always done for me. It's the hardest thing I have ever done is being away from you guys and it's only just begun.

Pues, yo se que vive mi Señor, yo se también que Dios existe y que realmente el es nuestro amoroso Padre Celestial. Su plan es perfecto, y nos brinda la paz y tranquilidad que todos necesitamos para vivir un día mas. Yo se que Dios siempre nos contestara. Tenemos que estudiar las santas escrituras cada día para poder a superar Satanás y sus esfuerzos. Nuestro bienestar espiritual depende totalmente en los mandamientos. Se que este obra es muy especial, es un mandamiento también. Presidente Heber J. Grant básicamente dijo que no debemos estar en la presencia de nuestro Padre Celestial si no hacemos este obra. yo como wow cada miembro es un misionero. Gracias por todos y te quiero mucho 

Love- Elder Stockman 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Week #15 I would love to have letters from everyone.

Hello family and Friends,

Everyone please write me letters the snail mail kind. I would love to hear from home. If I have letters sent then I can take my time to read them and really enjoy them. I only get a very short time onthe computer each p-day. 

Bad haircut ja,ja,ja..
"Horrible haircut"  He must have thought it was pretty funny knowing Spencer if it had made him made he wouldn't have shared it. Lol

"Who is that stud"(Spencer's title with the picture)  He must have fixed the haircute from above. Lol

This week was pretty cool Mom I got to go on divisions with Elder Wiedmier! what are the chances of that! It's because his companion got hit by a car 2 months ago and he is still healing so Caleb has to be with him all day. But there is this wierd guy named Mike who lives in their ward and he hangs out with Elder Gallardo every Day and the other Elders take turns and go out and teach with Elder Wiedmeir. 

Things are going good but tough! there are always hard times that we need to get through. I almost cried when I read this letter Mom. It's hard I miss you guys so much and my Dang older brother never writes me. I miss him and hanging out with him. I miss Abbie and her jokes that we have together. And I miss Zach and his hugs, and watching cartoons with him or just hanging out and talking. I miss you and Dad and being able to talk to you guys up it that chair in your room. And I just want to hug everyone right now. Please make sure that EVERYONE writes me a letter and sends it to me with the family Velez.

Yo se que vive mi señor. con todo mi corazón yo se que el vive. Es muy difícil cuando las personas nos rechazan pero luego pienso cuando las personas le rechazaron, uno de sus mejores amigos le rechazo. I love you and Im so happy!


-Elder Stockman

"Weekly bus ride to zone meetings."

"Ahhhhh the closest thing to home".

Haha keep the Zachisms coming Dad! hahah thats a classic one! I cant believe that Quinn will be going to the Dominican Republic thats loco! he will be challenged for sure! But he will return a man that will be cool to be home when he comes home speaking Spanish too!
I can't believe how fast the time is going it really seems like that I left yesterday. I remember the first day almost perfect it is freaky like literally it was yesterday. Especially the Airport when we said goodbye that kinda sucked. But yeah wow haha I'm doing great and I'm soo happy! 

We walk around the world twice every day. Haha once a week we ride a bus to the zone meetings and yeah the busses are a thrill. The bus drivers usually don't have a concern for speed bumps, there are tons of strange looks and crazy people. It's usually the highlight of my week hahah no es cierto... pero si me gusta a tener experiencias como así. porque en el futuro me gustaría poder decir, cuando era niño. jajaja no se porque pero algunas veces es mas fácil a escribir en español pero mucho del tiempo es mejor que no trato. I'm so proud of all of my friends and that's cool to hear that Trent is doing good. Tell his family that I love them and that I'm proud of Gavin.  

So I have some news! there is a really awesome Family in my ward who are ex-mission presidents. They are having a reunion in West Jordan and they are also going to be attending general conference. He is also in the stake presidency right now and works for the church seminary. They mentioned to me that they would like to meet up with you guys. I also mentioned that this would be a great experience for my dad to practice his spanish because they don't speak English. This is a pretty cool opporotunity to meet some pretty cool people who have been in contact with me for the past 3 months and they are really cool. 

If you could please send me a dog whistle that would be absolutely excelent. And please I'm serious haha it's life or death down here. Not to crappy of quality but one that isn't too pricy either. Also a thing like I have to be able to hold more pictures mom should know like a picture holder thingy one that is maybe a little bigger. Also I would love to have letters from everyone! it takes forever to send stuff and still we don't know if it will arrive, So yeah letters from everyone hahaha. also a thing to hold consecrated oil preferably with a keychain. I could have sworn that I packed the one that Grandma gave me but it seems to be no. And you know a missionariy´s favorite thing is ties. I wouldn't mind adding a couple to my collection.

 I love you guys sooo much and thanks for the love and prayers that you keep sending my way. Tell Quinn and Madi that I love that im proud of them and they are in my prayers. 

con mucho amor y un fuerte abrazo 
-Elder Stockman

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Week #14 "He's like the eye of Sauron"

     "Look at this sweet hood."

The weather change here is worst than Utah. One day it's like 90°F the next it's 40°F."

Oh mi padre, ¿que anda? (es mas común aqui) haha that phrase reminds me of a story there are always groups of kids just doing nothing and the other day they all came up to me and started to talk to us there is like 15 of them on this occasion. Anyway they wanted me to teach them English so I taught them a phrase that you would be proud of, BAPTISE ME... hahahaha I told them that It means "soy el mejor" hahaha and they totally bought it! Now everytime that we walk by they always yell "hey misioneros baptize me" haha Elder Garcia isn't to happy with me but I think it's pretty funny. This week I had my first interview with President Rodriguez since my first day in the field. I don't know why but he is so intimidating, I'm 100% he knows who I am inside and out, he's like the eye of Sauron. No but for reals It was great he's a really great guy and he is actually quite hilarious! He told me that I have the best spanish by far out of anyone in my generation and that after the next next change when I will have 6 months he said I will speak casi perfecto. haha he also said that there are elders who leave with 2 years that still couldn't speak as good as I was. haha so I guess the spanish isn't really a problem I'm not saying I'm perfect but yeah i've definately improved a ton since 3 months ago! Elder Garcia only has 4 weeks left in his mission and he's starting to get really stressed, poor guy! hahaha I don't feel bad for him at all. 

I love the Zach-isms keep em coming haha thanks for your message Dad have a great week!

wuv Elder Stockman

"Look they changed the sign ahhhhh"

Querido Madre,
This week not much happened, sorry for not being able to send a picture last week it's because I'm in a crappy internet shop where sometimes it's good and most of the time it's horrible! haha My investigators are slow. We had 12 differend people tell us that they would be at Church on Sunday and none of them showed up. We found a couple of Golden people we just got to get them to go to church. We have 2 different people who have read the book of mormon all the way through more times than me(independently) but their parents won't let them be baptized. One of them is 18 and she can be baptized without permission but it's the culture down here she doesn't want to be a rebbel. The other one will most likely be baptized this week when he turns 18 let's hope so. We also found (I should say he found us, stopped us driving by) a kid who studied English in the US and he was living with a Mormon family, he has tons of times in the church so we could baptize him, he just never has time to meet and you have to have all the missionary lessons to be baptized. We are working so hard!
By the way I'm going on divisions this week with Elder Weidmeier, how wierd is that, I'm still not sure if I'm going with him of his companion but we will see. It's because his companion got hit by a car like a month ago so everyone helps him out every now and again. 
I got the Grove`s Christmas Card that they sent to the CCM haha so yeah you could sure say snail mail. But feel free to send stuff hahaha! love you mom!

-Elder Stockman

ps. I want to give you as hug

                 "Look who I found"
Elder Stockman and Elder Weidmeier.
(Highschool friends. First time seeing each other in the mission field)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week #13 Importance of Member missionaries.

(We asked Spencer lots of questions this week... So if things don't make sense that's why the letter might seem random. Also no picture this week it's didn't come throug clearly. I'll post it if he sends it again.)

Hey there Mom! 

This week has been a little different, bit challenging but also had a couple of miracles. I can not even express the importance of members in this work. I don't want to complain but when the members don't do their part then really the missionaries are just visiting people for fun. This area is tough mom. We have been visiting with all the members and planching (planch= to iron) them with scriptures and talks about missionary work trying to get them to be involed. We have had a couple of good responses and a couple of tears but I feel like most people feel like it's our job as the missionaries to be the ¨missionaries¨. but actually it's a commandment to preach the gospel and president George Albert Smith said that you can't expect to reach the highest degree of the celestial kingdom without missionary work. Yeah that sounds a little bit rough but I promise we are being a lot nicer to the members it is the spirit that's beating them up. I know that every mission is different and in this area specifically. we have started to get some superinactive members to return so that's great! With the family of the BIshop things are really slowing down. But we found an incerdible family they are chosen. They also accepted the baptims invitation the first lesson and the wife actually reads and prays. We taught them right fom the beginning that if they want to know that this is true they need to read the book of mormon. Really when a person knows that the Book of Mormon is true they know that all we are teaching is true. That Joseph Smith really did see God the Father and Jesus Christ in the flesh. That he is a prophet of God and that Thomas S Monson is the Lord´s Chosen Servant for these the latter days. 

On a lighter note I finally saw the baptizing king Elder Weidmeier! he's in my zone. He is a really strong missionary. He looks different, like literaly he glows and his voice is so much deeper than I remember. haha Tell his mom I gave him a big hug for her. 

The Hermanas in the ward feed us lunch every day. They feed us every day except Monday because it's our Pday. For dinner we eat in the house unless someone feeds us for dinner which doesn't happen often but that's because usually everyone here eats at like 9 or 10
I usually eat spaghetti, cereal, eggs, soup, there is a butchers shop by our house and they have really good pollo, french toast, or sandwiches. 

haha I have made some pretty good friends in the ward specifically the Family Sandoval Valladares. Every time I go there I leave with a smile on my face. They are a pretty young couple with 2 little children.

And I can't leave the house without getting stared at. Everyone here stares it's just a cultural thing. If I stare when I get home you´ll have to help me with that one. But it was really hard to adjust to I dont really think about it much anymore. But the people stare at the missionaries regardless they can sence that something is different. We had a couple more drunk guys approach us this week and they are so sad. They really want help to change their lives but addictions are really hard to kick.

My fav Scripture changes all the time. But right now its D&C 130 verse 22 because for some reason ( catholic church ) everyone here especially the menos activos who havn't been to church in years think that God doesn't have a Body. But I will get back to you on that one mom I have to think about it. 

anyways I hope you have a great week! 
love your missionary
-Elder Stockman

hahahahahaha dad I need good humor like this! ha I want you to know that I'm totally printing this email so that I can read this again later. 
Things are really changing back home! we´re going to have 4 missionaries from our ward! I'm so proud of Madi she is such a great example! and you need to give Quinn a huge hug for me! that guy is such a stud! tell him my guess is he will go to ranchacuchamanga Cali. Random I know but he´s totally going state side. 

I don't remember that talk I'm going to have to look it up. And I dont remember bearing my testimony at Christmas for that matter. haha that's why it's important to keep a journal. Speaking of which did you keep a journal of your mission? I havn't exactly been stellar but I'm trying. 

Dad thanks for your prayers and all that you do for the Fam. God be with you till we meet again! (still bummed they didn't sing that hymn at my farewell) 

Love you

-Elder Stockman