Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week #13 Importance of Member missionaries.

(We asked Spencer lots of questions this week... So if things don't make sense that's why the letter might seem random. Also no picture this week it's didn't come throug clearly. I'll post it if he sends it again.)

Hey there Mom! 

This week has been a little different, bit challenging but also had a couple of miracles. I can not even express the importance of members in this work. I don't want to complain but when the members don't do their part then really the missionaries are just visiting people for fun. This area is tough mom. We have been visiting with all the members and planching (planch= to iron) them with scriptures and talks about missionary work trying to get them to be involed. We have had a couple of good responses and a couple of tears but I feel like most people feel like it's our job as the missionaries to be the ¨missionaries¨. but actually it's a commandment to preach the gospel and president George Albert Smith said that you can't expect to reach the highest degree of the celestial kingdom without missionary work. Yeah that sounds a little bit rough but I promise we are being a lot nicer to the members it is the spirit that's beating them up. I know that every mission is different and in this area specifically. we have started to get some superinactive members to return so that's great! With the family of the BIshop things are really slowing down. But we found an incerdible family they are chosen. They also accepted the baptims invitation the first lesson and the wife actually reads and prays. We taught them right fom the beginning that if they want to know that this is true they need to read the book of mormon. Really when a person knows that the Book of Mormon is true they know that all we are teaching is true. That Joseph Smith really did see God the Father and Jesus Christ in the flesh. That he is a prophet of God and that Thomas S Monson is the Lord´s Chosen Servant for these the latter days. 

On a lighter note I finally saw the baptizing king Elder Weidmeier! he's in my zone. He is a really strong missionary. He looks different, like literaly he glows and his voice is so much deeper than I remember. haha Tell his mom I gave him a big hug for her. 

The Hermanas in the ward feed us lunch every day. They feed us every day except Monday because it's our Pday. For dinner we eat in the house unless someone feeds us for dinner which doesn't happen often but that's because usually everyone here eats at like 9 or 10
I usually eat spaghetti, cereal, eggs, soup, there is a butchers shop by our house and they have really good pollo, french toast, or sandwiches. 

haha I have made some pretty good friends in the ward specifically the Family Sandoval Valladares. Every time I go there I leave with a smile on my face. They are a pretty young couple with 2 little children.

And I can't leave the house without getting stared at. Everyone here stares it's just a cultural thing. If I stare when I get home you´ll have to help me with that one. But it was really hard to adjust to I dont really think about it much anymore. But the people stare at the missionaries regardless they can sence that something is different. We had a couple more drunk guys approach us this week and they are so sad. They really want help to change their lives but addictions are really hard to kick.

My fav Scripture changes all the time. But right now its D&C 130 verse 22 because for some reason ( catholic church ) everyone here especially the menos activos who havn't been to church in years think that God doesn't have a Body. But I will get back to you on that one mom I have to think about it. 

anyways I hope you have a great week! 
love your missionary
-Elder Stockman

hahahahahaha dad I need good humor like this! ha I want you to know that I'm totally printing this email so that I can read this again later. 
Things are really changing back home! we´re going to have 4 missionaries from our ward! I'm so proud of Madi she is such a great example! and you need to give Quinn a huge hug for me! that guy is such a stud! tell him my guess is he will go to ranchacuchamanga Cali. Random I know but he´s totally going state side. 

I don't remember that talk I'm going to have to look it up. And I dont remember bearing my testimony at Christmas for that matter. haha that's why it's important to keep a journal. Speaking of which did you keep a journal of your mission? I havn't exactly been stellar but I'm trying. 

Dad thanks for your prayers and all that you do for the Fam. God be with you till we meet again! (still bummed they didn't sing that hymn at my farewell) 

Love you

-Elder Stockman

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