Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Week #14 "He's like the eye of Sauron"

     "Look at this sweet hood."

The weather change here is worst than Utah. One day it's like 90°F the next it's 40°F."

Oh mi padre, ¿que anda? (es mas común aqui) haha that phrase reminds me of a story there are always groups of kids just doing nothing and the other day they all came up to me and started to talk to us there is like 15 of them on this occasion. Anyway they wanted me to teach them English so I taught them a phrase that you would be proud of, BAPTISE ME... hahahaha I told them that It means "soy el mejor" hahaha and they totally bought it! Now everytime that we walk by they always yell "hey misioneros baptize me" haha Elder Garcia isn't to happy with me but I think it's pretty funny. This week I had my first interview with President Rodriguez since my first day in the field. I don't know why but he is so intimidating, I'm 100% he knows who I am inside and out, he's like the eye of Sauron. No but for reals It was great he's a really great guy and he is actually quite hilarious! He told me that I have the best spanish by far out of anyone in my generation and that after the next next change when I will have 6 months he said I will speak casi perfecto. haha he also said that there are elders who leave with 2 years that still couldn't speak as good as I was. haha so I guess the spanish isn't really a problem I'm not saying I'm perfect but yeah i've definately improved a ton since 3 months ago! Elder Garcia only has 4 weeks left in his mission and he's starting to get really stressed, poor guy! hahaha I don't feel bad for him at all. 

I love the Zach-isms keep em coming haha thanks for your message Dad have a great week!

wuv Elder Stockman

"Look they changed the sign ahhhhh"

Querido Madre,
This week not much happened, sorry for not being able to send a picture last week it's because I'm in a crappy internet shop where sometimes it's good and most of the time it's horrible! haha My investigators are slow. We had 12 differend people tell us that they would be at Church on Sunday and none of them showed up. We found a couple of Golden people we just got to get them to go to church. We have 2 different people who have read the book of mormon all the way through more times than me(independently) but their parents won't let them be baptized. One of them is 18 and she can be baptized without permission but it's the culture down here she doesn't want to be a rebbel. The other one will most likely be baptized this week when he turns 18 let's hope so. We also found (I should say he found us, stopped us driving by) a kid who studied English in the US and he was living with a Mormon family, he has tons of times in the church so we could baptize him, he just never has time to meet and you have to have all the missionary lessons to be baptized. We are working so hard!
By the way I'm going on divisions this week with Elder Weidmeier, how wierd is that, I'm still not sure if I'm going with him of his companion but we will see. It's because his companion got hit by a car like a month ago so everyone helps him out every now and again. 
I got the Grove`s Christmas Card that they sent to the CCM haha so yeah you could sure say snail mail. But feel free to send stuff hahaha! love you mom!

-Elder Stockman

ps. I want to give you as hug

                 "Look who I found"
Elder Stockman and Elder Weidmeier.
(Highschool friends. First time seeing each other in the mission field)

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