Monday, November 30, 2015

Week #52- So glad to hear your cyber voice.

​Eating an elote.

 La familia Murillo.

Oh momma! I'm so glad to hear your cyber voice haha!
It seems like it has been a really long time! I don't know why but this last week went pretty slow. It was a really good week we actually had the baptism of the familia Murillo. They are the most chosen people that I have ever seen in my life. from the first visit the sister was asking how she could get baptised. The Brother actually didn't want anything at first but now he is a member haha! he had to suffer a lot and quit a lot of strong addictions to be able to be baptized but that is the power of his testimony. He is a really cool dude. Also their son Diego is the best he has always wanted to be baptized since the first visit aswell.
It was crazy because in their baptism there wasnt any hot water because the water heater wasnt functioning, And for some reason Diego kept kicking his feet up so he had to be dunked 4 times in ice water. My companion was chosen to baptise them because he had 1 week longer in the teaching with them. What ever all I care about is that thay actually get baptized. haha
My companion is actually a little sick aswell haha because he took an ice bath. 

That's really good to see that you are magnifying your calling, I just with the people here would do that haha!
Thats crazy that they are his new councelors! I actually feel like that was pretty inspired. To call Brother Nielson and Goslin. 

Those cookies look delicious! I love you mom and I hope that you have a great week!
-Elder Stockman 

Hey dad!
What's going on!
Well I feel pretty good this week! We were blessed with a couple of baptisms this last weekend. 
Don't remind me that I have lest then a year now that makes me sad! it crazy! I still feel like I'm never going to be leaving Mexico hahaha
I love it here in Monclova it has been another great experience. Today I ran into a really cool family from Technologico again. They said that they would bring me Mtn Dew so that pretty much made my day!
I love the Lords work it is the best! Counting down the days until we can talk in skype! love you dad
-Elder Stockman

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week #51- I have a new do.

Elder Hernandez and Elder Stockman. Lol

No explanation.. 

Bowling last week with my District. 

New hairdo. Whistle, whistle.. 

Birthday cupcake.. 

Came home tired, I think I fell asleep praying that night.

Only in Mexico would there be a tree in the middle of the street. Lol

Hey Momma!
 I'm doing super good here too!
The weather outside is freightful here in Monclova, it's randomly super cold and super hot, hopefully I don't end up getting sick. 
Yeah I can't believe that it is the middle of November either, It's super crazy that soon I will get to hear your voices on the Christmas call. I'm counting down the days until that can happen. That is going to be super cool!
I got a birthday card from Grandma, and Josh sent me something from the CCM like a month ago. It was pretty cool to get those letters. 

ahahaha gun safety and MAN FOOD NIGHT! oh how I miss that! that was always the best.(Zach first Young men's activities)

That's really good to hear that Grandma is doing a lot better! that makes me happy!

That was really generous of Andrew that he would do that for me It actually means a lot. I'm going to keep working hard! tell him that I appreciate it a lot!

So on Sunday we were in the house getting ready to go to church and he heard someone knocking on the gate outside. So I shot up and ran outside and it was the Jehovas Whitnesses hahahaha! they were super scared when the saw a 6 foot 4 white mormon they pooped their pants a little. They were trying to tell me that God doesn't like Wars and rumors of wars and a bunch of stuff. They gave me a pamphlet about war hahah super funny experience. 

Also we are having a really great time together Elder Hernandez and I. He is the best and he is super willing to learn. We get along super well and he speaks super great English. We are already making plans to hang out after the mission. 
I'm happy and Healthy!
have a great week Mom!
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad! I get along with my companion super well! He is super willing to learn and we are doing super great together. He always takes funny pictures of me like when I'm not paying attention. He also always pulls crazy pranks on me and I love it haha. He also knows a lot of jokes haha! And actually we are already making plans for how we will meet up after the mission and do some crazy things together, like go to the movies, listen to wordly music, and stay up past 10:30. haha

That's always a great experience to give a talk. When I was in Lomas de Lourdes, they didn't give me any time to prepare I had like 2 minutes and so I just had time to pray, but it was actually like one of the best talks that I have ever given. I felt really fgood about it! I couldn't believe that I did it but I remember that it was a really spiritual experience. TO see that the Lord provided for me in that moment. Zach is a character tell Him I love him!

I can't believe that Andrew did that for me! tell him thanks you so much and that it really does mean a lot to me! I am going to work super hard. 

I am doing really well this week I have learned a lot from my companion he is the best! this experience has been a really good one. We already have 3 weeks together can you believe that!
The other day I saw Presidente Velez again. He is such a good man! I gave him a hug and he told me that he missed me. He gave me buenas noticias about my converts from that ward so that really lifted up my spirits. 

Hey guess what? I remembered the other day that I will see you on Christmas, That is going to be a really cool day. I am really looking foward to that day when I can hear your voices again. 

Oh and I still havn't had time to get a haircut gosh dangit, so I had to change the hairstyle a little bit haha!
anyways have a great week!

-Elder Stockman

Monday, November 9, 2015

Week-#50 See Ya in 365.

​Pics for the week! We have been having fun.
This was when I was stretching after a power nap.

My Companion Elder Hernandez.

Hey Momma!Ssee you in a year! haha
Well this week I feel really weird because I'm 20 years old and I have a year left of my mission. I really hope that I will be able to focus and finish strong. It's gone by so fast and everyone tells me that the Down hill is always faster. Which makes me nervous but I know that I shouldn't think about it too much. 

That's super crazy that Zach passed the sacrament this week! That make me sad that I couldn't be there, But I know he will be an expert at passing the sacrament when I get home. Tell him I'm proud of him.

The mole wasn't too bad, I wasn't really affected at all. I still feel good. 
Of corse I still have my christmas stocking haha. I love that thing. I actually just put it above my bed and my companion looked at me like,,, really. hahah

I'm glad to hear that Grandma is recovering well from her surgery. I hope that the Process is quick and painless. 

Can't believe that Abbie is looking at going to college. That makes me freak out. hahaha they are'nt allowed to grow up!

Anyways this week I have felt really good, kinda wierd to be back in Monclova again but I feel good. its been an adjustment precess again but I will shortly get used to it. 
I have been studying the book of mormon a lot. I realized that I had never read it from start to finish in Spanish so now I am in alma 17. Im making pretty good progress! I plan to finish it and then read it at least another time through in my year that I have left. Its going to be a lot faster because I understand spanish a lot more and I dont have to look for so many words in the dictionary. 

I love My companion he is the best! haha we get along super well and we are always playing pranks on each other, he is one of the smartest dudes I have ever met. Today in the morning I went into the study room and He had somehow placed a trip wire that when I walked into it it popped a balloon. Scared me a lot haha. I will get him back. 

Anyways I love you so much and I hope that you have a good week! Love 
-Elder Stockman
Ps. your my favorite momma!

Hey Dad! 
Well this week I have been doing pretty good!
I realized that I come home in 365 days from today. See you in a year! haha
How have you been? how is work doing? 
I was thinking the other day that I really miss American food. Iv'e decided that I want IN-N-Out and then maybe we could go to that philly cheese stake place in Salt Lake where we went with Bennett that one time. I was a fan. 

I am really getting along with my new companion he is the best. We are always joking around and having a blast. He is super new so I have a lot to do to help him but he is willing to learn so it makes it a lot easier. 

Anyways I just wanted to send a quick message to you to tell you that I am happy and that I love you!
have a great week!

-Elder Stockman
sorry I got this message after I had already sent one to you. Elder miner is in the Zone. ELder Weidmeyer went to Saltillo. It's cool to see Elder Miner after a whole year. 
Anyways have a good weeklove  you!
-Elder Stockman

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Week#49- Mole and Spencer = No bueno.

Pictures of me and Elder Hernandez. 
Mi Hijastro.


My converts from Saltillo. 
Me with a swim cap. 

A church in Monclova.

Hey Momma!
Well we had a really good week. My companion is the best! He is Mexican but he speaks perfect English. He came to Utah and lived there for like 9 months. We are already making plans to help him cross the border again so that we can hand out together after the mission. 
So I was told that I would be a training District leader and that scared me because that is a lot of responsability, But it's not that bad with him, he is really mature and has a lot of life experience. 

I had a pretty interesting birthday. The hermana that gave us the food brought it in a bag to church and then we had to go home and heat it up, I was eating it and realized that it was Mole. The peanut stuff. So I had a small allergic reaction. haha happy birthday. But I also saw President Velez. My church building in Guadalupe here is a stake center and he was at a stake meeting. I also saw the Bishop from Tecnologico. It was a pretty good day, I was talking to them about my converts and they said that they are doing really good. I think that was the best birthday gift I could have asked for. 

We just had to change houses here and it was a really rushed thing because there were like 4 college girls that moved in under us. So we moved because it could have been a problem. Not for us but there are a lot of missionaries with girl problems. And we had to move into a house with like 100 cockroaches. I have become an expert cockroach killer. We super deep cleaned today and now we feel better, I dont know how people can live in such flith. 

Anyways that's pretty much what happened this week. There is also a part of my area that is so far away that you have to ride the bus for like 20 minutes to get there. We are going to focus on that part of the area because the rest of it is super rich and stingy haha. It's one of the richest colines in the mission. Colonia Guadalupe. I actually had a part of it in my last area. Anyways I hope that you have a good week! love you so much!

-Elder Stockman

Ahhh that's really wierd to see pictures from your Ordination day Zach! I love you Zach! I was there in spirit.

Hey Dad!
Thanks for the Birthday wishes. 
I got to Monclova safe and sound. I feel good to be able to come back. My church building is a stake center, and there was a double stake leaders metting with Elder TreviƱo. I saw Presidente Velez and the Bishop from Tecnologico. I gave them a hug and he told me that my converts are doing really good. I feel like that was the best birthday present that I could have gotten, just to know that they are doing good. 

Thanks for all that you do and for being the best dad in the World!
love you!
-Elder Stockman