Thursday, November 5, 2015

Week#49- Mole and Spencer = No bueno.

Pictures of me and Elder Hernandez. 
Mi Hijastro.


My converts from Saltillo. 
Me with a swim cap. 

A church in Monclova.

Hey Momma!
Well we had a really good week. My companion is the best! He is Mexican but he speaks perfect English. He came to Utah and lived there for like 9 months. We are already making plans to help him cross the border again so that we can hand out together after the mission. 
So I was told that I would be a training District leader and that scared me because that is a lot of responsability, But it's not that bad with him, he is really mature and has a lot of life experience. 

I had a pretty interesting birthday. The hermana that gave us the food brought it in a bag to church and then we had to go home and heat it up, I was eating it and realized that it was Mole. The peanut stuff. So I had a small allergic reaction. haha happy birthday. But I also saw President Velez. My church building in Guadalupe here is a stake center and he was at a stake meeting. I also saw the Bishop from Tecnologico. It was a pretty good day, I was talking to them about my converts and they said that they are doing really good. I think that was the best birthday gift I could have asked for. 

We just had to change houses here and it was a really rushed thing because there were like 4 college girls that moved in under us. So we moved because it could have been a problem. Not for us but there are a lot of missionaries with girl problems. And we had to move into a house with like 100 cockroaches. I have become an expert cockroach killer. We super deep cleaned today and now we feel better, I dont know how people can live in such flith. 

Anyways that's pretty much what happened this week. There is also a part of my area that is so far away that you have to ride the bus for like 20 minutes to get there. We are going to focus on that part of the area because the rest of it is super rich and stingy haha. It's one of the richest colines in the mission. Colonia Guadalupe. I actually had a part of it in my last area. Anyways I hope that you have a good week! love you so much!

-Elder Stockman

Ahhh that's really wierd to see pictures from your Ordination day Zach! I love you Zach! I was there in spirit.

Hey Dad!
Thanks for the Birthday wishes. 
I got to Monclova safe and sound. I feel good to be able to come back. My church building is a stake center, and there was a double stake leaders metting with Elder Treviño. I saw Presidente Velez and the Bishop from Tecnologico. I gave them a hug and he told me that my converts are doing really good. I feel like that was the best birthday present that I could have gotten, just to know that they are doing good. 

Thanks for all that you do and for being the best dad in the World!
love you!
-Elder Stockman

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