Monday, November 9, 2015

Week-#50 See Ya in 365.

​Pics for the week! We have been having fun.
This was when I was stretching after a power nap.

My Companion Elder Hernandez.

Hey Momma!Ssee you in a year! haha
Well this week I feel really weird because I'm 20 years old and I have a year left of my mission. I really hope that I will be able to focus and finish strong. It's gone by so fast and everyone tells me that the Down hill is always faster. Which makes me nervous but I know that I shouldn't think about it too much. 

That's super crazy that Zach passed the sacrament this week! That make me sad that I couldn't be there, But I know he will be an expert at passing the sacrament when I get home. Tell him I'm proud of him.

The mole wasn't too bad, I wasn't really affected at all. I still feel good. 
Of corse I still have my christmas stocking haha. I love that thing. I actually just put it above my bed and my companion looked at me like,,, really. hahah

I'm glad to hear that Grandma is recovering well from her surgery. I hope that the Process is quick and painless. 

Can't believe that Abbie is looking at going to college. That makes me freak out. hahaha they are'nt allowed to grow up!

Anyways this week I have felt really good, kinda wierd to be back in Monclova again but I feel good. its been an adjustment precess again but I will shortly get used to it. 
I have been studying the book of mormon a lot. I realized that I had never read it from start to finish in Spanish so now I am in alma 17. Im making pretty good progress! I plan to finish it and then read it at least another time through in my year that I have left. Its going to be a lot faster because I understand spanish a lot more and I dont have to look for so many words in the dictionary. 

I love My companion he is the best! haha we get along super well and we are always playing pranks on each other, he is one of the smartest dudes I have ever met. Today in the morning I went into the study room and He had somehow placed a trip wire that when I walked into it it popped a balloon. Scared me a lot haha. I will get him back. 

Anyways I love you so much and I hope that you have a good week! Love 
-Elder Stockman
Ps. your my favorite momma!

Hey Dad! 
Well this week I have been doing pretty good!
I realized that I come home in 365 days from today. See you in a year! haha
How have you been? how is work doing? 
I was thinking the other day that I really miss American food. Iv'e decided that I want IN-N-Out and then maybe we could go to that philly cheese stake place in Salt Lake where we went with Bennett that one time. I was a fan. 

I am really getting along with my new companion he is the best. We are always joking around and having a blast. He is super new so I have a lot to do to help him but he is willing to learn so it makes it a lot easier. 

Anyways I just wanted to send a quick message to you to tell you that I am happy and that I love you!
have a great week!

-Elder Stockman
sorry I got this message after I had already sent one to you. Elder miner is in the Zone. ELder Weidmeyer went to Saltillo. It's cool to see Elder Miner after a whole year. 
Anyways have a good weeklove  you!
-Elder Stockman

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