Monday, November 30, 2015

Week #52- So glad to hear your cyber voice.

​Eating an elote.

 La familia Murillo.

Oh momma! I'm so glad to hear your cyber voice haha!
It seems like it has been a really long time! I don't know why but this last week went pretty slow. It was a really good week we actually had the baptism of the familia Murillo. They are the most chosen people that I have ever seen in my life. from the first visit the sister was asking how she could get baptised. The Brother actually didn't want anything at first but now he is a member haha! he had to suffer a lot and quit a lot of strong addictions to be able to be baptized but that is the power of his testimony. He is a really cool dude. Also their son Diego is the best he has always wanted to be baptized since the first visit aswell.
It was crazy because in their baptism there wasnt any hot water because the water heater wasnt functioning, And for some reason Diego kept kicking his feet up so he had to be dunked 4 times in ice water. My companion was chosen to baptise them because he had 1 week longer in the teaching with them. What ever all I care about is that thay actually get baptized. haha
My companion is actually a little sick aswell haha because he took an ice bath. 

That's really good to see that you are magnifying your calling, I just with the people here would do that haha!
Thats crazy that they are his new councelors! I actually feel like that was pretty inspired. To call Brother Nielson and Goslin. 

Those cookies look delicious! I love you mom and I hope that you have a great week!
-Elder Stockman 

Hey dad!
What's going on!
Well I feel pretty good this week! We were blessed with a couple of baptisms this last weekend. 
Don't remind me that I have lest then a year now that makes me sad! it crazy! I still feel like I'm never going to be leaving Mexico hahaha
I love it here in Monclova it has been another great experience. Today I ran into a really cool family from Technologico again. They said that they would bring me Mtn Dew so that pretty much made my day!
I love the Lords work it is the best! Counting down the days until we can talk in skype! love you dad
-Elder Stockman

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