Monday, November 16, 2015

Week #51- I have a new do.

Elder Hernandez and Elder Stockman. Lol

No explanation.. 

Bowling last week with my District. 

New hairdo. Whistle, whistle.. 

Birthday cupcake.. 

Came home tired, I think I fell asleep praying that night.

Only in Mexico would there be a tree in the middle of the street. Lol

Hey Momma!
 I'm doing super good here too!
The weather outside is freightful here in Monclova, it's randomly super cold and super hot, hopefully I don't end up getting sick. 
Yeah I can't believe that it is the middle of November either, It's super crazy that soon I will get to hear your voices on the Christmas call. I'm counting down the days until that can happen. That is going to be super cool!
I got a birthday card from Grandma, and Josh sent me something from the CCM like a month ago. It was pretty cool to get those letters. 

ahahaha gun safety and MAN FOOD NIGHT! oh how I miss that! that was always the best.(Zach first Young men's activities)

That's really good to hear that Grandma is doing a lot better! that makes me happy!

That was really generous of Andrew that he would do that for me It actually means a lot. I'm going to keep working hard! tell him that I appreciate it a lot!

So on Sunday we were in the house getting ready to go to church and he heard someone knocking on the gate outside. So I shot up and ran outside and it was the Jehovas Whitnesses hahahaha! they were super scared when the saw a 6 foot 4 white mormon they pooped their pants a little. They were trying to tell me that God doesn't like Wars and rumors of wars and a bunch of stuff. They gave me a pamphlet about war hahah super funny experience. 

Also we are having a really great time together Elder Hernandez and I. He is the best and he is super willing to learn. We get along super well and he speaks super great English. We are already making plans to hang out after the mission. 
I'm happy and Healthy!
have a great week Mom!
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad! I get along with my companion super well! He is super willing to learn and we are doing super great together. He always takes funny pictures of me like when I'm not paying attention. He also always pulls crazy pranks on me and I love it haha. He also knows a lot of jokes haha! And actually we are already making plans for how we will meet up after the mission and do some crazy things together, like go to the movies, listen to wordly music, and stay up past 10:30. haha

That's always a great experience to give a talk. When I was in Lomas de Lourdes, they didn't give me any time to prepare I had like 2 minutes and so I just had time to pray, but it was actually like one of the best talks that I have ever given. I felt really fgood about it! I couldn't believe that I did it but I remember that it was a really spiritual experience. TO see that the Lord provided for me in that moment. Zach is a character tell Him I love him!

I can't believe that Andrew did that for me! tell him thanks you so much and that it really does mean a lot to me! I am going to work super hard. 

I am doing really well this week I have learned a lot from my companion he is the best! this experience has been a really good one. We already have 3 weeks together can you believe that!
The other day I saw Presidente Velez again. He is such a good man! I gave him a hug and he told me that he missed me. He gave me buenas noticias about my converts from that ward so that really lifted up my spirits. 

Hey guess what? I remembered the other day that I will see you on Christmas, That is going to be a really cool day. I am really looking foward to that day when I can hear your voices again. 

Oh and I still havn't had time to get a haircut gosh dangit, so I had to change the hairstyle a little bit haha!
anyways have a great week!

-Elder Stockman

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