Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Week #48 I got wet.

Happy Birthday Zach,
 It's a good day to turn 12. As you are going to recieve the priesthood it is a great responsability. The Lord trusts you with the same powers that he used to create the entire universe, to create our spirits, and the power he used in his earthly ministry. Healing the sick, raising the dead, and he could even WALK ON WATER...
Anyways I invite you to start preparing NOW to be a missionary. start saving your pennies. I will see you in a year buddy!
love Spencer

I baptized both Women from left to right. me, Rosy, Elder Vasquez, Ramiro, Isabel.
Brother Ramiro and me. 

Hey momma!
Thanks so much for my birthday wishes!
Well they are shipping me back to Monclova! woooo!!!
I'm super pumped I loved Monclova the last time that I was there! The music, the chorizo,the tortillas, the drunk people, the dogs, the garbage, the factory AHMSA, the converts that I can probably visit, the people! ahhh it's like going home! hahaha to my birth place.
My area is called Guadalupe 2, I will be going still as district leader, and I will be finishing the training of Elder Hernandez. I am super excited. My bus leaves at 8:00 am tomorrow. Keep me in your prayers. Its like a 4 hour bus ride. 

Elder Miner my companion from the MTC will be in my district too that's crazy! There are like 6 elders from my generation in the zone. And this time HEB will be in my zone so I can go american grocery shopping, Walmart aswell. (HEB is an American grocery store)

I'm super happy with this last change that I have had. We were able to baptize 3 people this weekend. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life. I got the pleasure to baptize both of the women. Rosy, and Isabel. Elder Vasquez baptized Hermano Ramiro. 

I feel good about the work that I have done here in Lomas and I am sad to be leaving, but I know that the Lord needs me in Monclovita la bella again. I will go where the Lord calls me!

love you!
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad!
First of all I actually started cracking up as I read that little story. I'm sorry for laughing "with" you. 

Well they are shipping me off to Monclova again! I'm super excited to be able to return to my birthplace! The food and the people are better there!

I will still be going as district leader but I will also be finishing the training of Elder Hernandez. I'm super excited. 
I will be going to an area that is touching my old area, but it's the other zone in Monclova, my area is called Guadalupe 2.
If im not mistaken Elder Townsend was there. But I'm super excited because I'm probably going to be able to visit my converts that will be going to the temple in like 10 months.

We were also able to have 3 baptisms here in Lomas my last weekend. It was a good reward for working hard and I'm super animated. I hope that I can Help my new companion learn a lot and also that I can learn a lot. 

love you dad!

La Zone Miravalle.
Sister Murset, Sister Roberts and Elder Stockman. 
(I like the Book of Mormon distance between Elder Stockman and the Sisters he,he)
Elder Lopez and me.
Me and Elder Monroy. 
Me and elder Archuletta. 
Elder Stockman and ?
Elder Gallegos

Me and Elder Hernandez. 
Me and Elder Torres.
Elder Salinas and me. 
Elder Sabastion and me.
Elder Stockman and ?

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