Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 46- My new watch. It was only 180 pesos.

My new watch. 

The Cathedral of Saltillo. 

I'ts super big and old. and the bells were ringing when we went.
​Me with a random horse that was eating garbage...

All your de-junking reminds me of when I cleaned out my room before I left. There was a ton of stuff in there. What ever happened with the guest room I remember there being a ton of books or papers and stuff like that. I actually ended up buying a new watch that I like a lot. It's a touch screen and it was only 180 pesos in Centro de Saltillo. 
This week we have been working with 4 investigators en especial. They are all going to get baptized the same day on the 23rd of october this month. that would be an absolute miracle. 
I hope that this will really happen because I have a lot of time here and I think that I might be leaving but who knows!

This week I went to the ¨Pulga¨ which is a flea market. They set it up on Saturdays here in my area. I bought 3 really cool ties for the equilivent of 2 dollars. I love Mexico hahaha I have been making a lot of pancakes lately because it seems like there is really nothing else for me to eat haha.I know that I can be more creative but its just that we have no time so I just make quick stuff. But its just a powder mix and I was thinking I cant wait to eat dads pancakes again. Those suckers are so dang good. 

We had a change in my district. Elder Gomez was shipped out and sent with my old companion Elder Johnson in Frontera Coahuila and someone who was sent home got sent back to the mission. I talked to him today on the phone and he seems like he has really changed and he really wants to change, and finish his remaining 9 months well. This experience actually helped to strengthen my testimony of the atonement and that we can all change! they will actually be baptizing this week aswell-

I hope that You guys have a really great week and that you can be happy!
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad thanks for writing me!
I decided that I will start a Jehovas Whitness tie collection. I have collected some pretty sweet ties in this last year I think you would be impressed. I can't believe that last week I completed 11 months!
Hey if you save money like that and you arent driving a prius, I think that I accept. haha
MyCompanionship is going really well! we are getting along really well andworking super hard, It has been a really quick transfer we are in the 5th week that means will have transfers again in 2 weeks.  We recently got a really good ward mission leader who is a returned missionary of 3 years. He like to work and he accompanies us to the lessons. He is really worried about the people and he knows the importance of the members in the work. 

We were recently informed that we will get to witness the dedication of the Tijuana temple in a couple of weeks that will be super cool to be a part of that aswell, even though I cant go to Tijuana, I'm impressed with the technology that there is right now that makes the work of the Lord so much easier. 

I can't believe that Zach will be 12 and that he will be a deacon, and also that I will be 20. Remember that the last time that you saw me i was 19, and when I get home I will be 21. Thats wierd-

Anyways thanks for the love and the support. I know that you guys are prayingfor me because I have seen so many miracles that I can't explain. I know that the power of prayer is real. Have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

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