Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week #34 I'm on Gods team !

Home of a less active family that feed us the best food. 

Having fun with wigs. This family is cool they have 5 daughters and the dad just received the Aaronic Priesthood. 

Graffiti in my area.

Hey Momma,
Thanks for your message! Crazy to think that on Sunday I will complete 8 months in the mission. I don't feel like I have that much time but hey what do you know. ever since I finished my training the time has gone by like running water it blows my mind. I still feel like I'm companions with Elder Garcia sometimes but then I realize that I have had 3 other companions since him haha and he has been in his house for like 5 months!

Anyways I don't know Elder Arambaru but I have seen him in person before. I didn't talk to him but he is a zone leader in Monclova and I saw him at the leadership council. 

I don't know why but I keep having the wierdest feeling that for some reason I will be going to Piedras Negras soon. I hope that I can stay here at least one more change because The ward is decent. And because the area is progressing a lot aswell. There is a TON of potencial here. There are 10 or more investigadores here that have been to church more than 5 times and could get baptized tomorrow. 

I have been studying the New Testament more because especially as a leader I want to reflect all of the attributes of Jesus Christ. So I am studying his life with a lot of detail. I was reaing in John chapter 4 and I came across this story that I have heard a bunch of times but had never payed much attention to. The spirit hit me so strong when I read that he is life. if we drink of this water( the gospel) we will never be thirsty again.

It's raining crazy here and the streets are rivers. When I was still in the Cañada I forgot to tell you but it came up to the mid thigh and almost to the knee one time. And Elder Johnson is shorter so he was struggling haha! I love it here in the Mission sooooo much and I never want to come home, but i guess one day I will have to! haha love you mom and have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

Hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY hahahaha in 5 days...
Super sad that Im not there for Regan week but then again im over it. Maybe ill make pancakes on your birthday and eat them in your honor. Man I miss those cookies and Pancakes. UN BUEN. hey I went to the spanish ward this week too what a coincidence haha. the culture shock will be going to the English ward and then have to talk. It's like the first sacrament meeting in the mission all over again haha no!!!!!
I heard that Lagoon has a new epic ride super excited to try that one out. 
The dog whistle does work the truth but the problem is that sometimes they don't like it ( well they never like it ) but that they get mad, more mad then before haha! 
 The truth is that this change has gone by super duper fast I only have 2 weeks left. I hope I stay at least one more change here there is a ton of potencial. But I will accept the will of the Lord. 
Hey what ever happened to the Neighbor's house did anyone buy it?
Anyways thanks for keeping me updated on that Fam, and when I get home I will be more then willing to keep you updated in the Spanish. It is a talent that I never want to lose. I was thinking how nice that would have been to know spanish in High School to get easy A´s. But I will take it when I go to UVU its probably hard aswell but a lot easier because I know the language. 
Love you and have a great Regan Day!
-Elder Stockman

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