Monday, July 6, 2015

Week #32- "Doing wheelies like the old days."

The Zone Leaders have a wheel chair in their house and I started doing wheelies like old times.

Hey momma!
Happy to hear that you have a new calling even though I bet you loved being in activity days!
Can't believe that Quinn Robbins is leaving on his mission!!!!! that literally blows my mind mom. Lucky that you could go to the temple I'm jealous of that haha definately miss the temple!
Jake is a great guy ask him how he felt about the whole process going home and the flight and all of that. Sense you asked about what to send. 
I would like some hair gel the kind that I like if you don't mind. Just started using the 3rd and final one. And a tie if you would like. And letters from everyone. but I think thats it thanks mom. 
AHHHHH I miss Tecnologico so much I want to go back and do divisions in that area that would make my life! haha
Love you tons mom! this week I was invited to a leadership meeting with all of the leaders in the whole mission. It was intense. President is pretty good at putting on the spiritual heat. I wish you could hear this man when he speaks mom its amazing. Speaking of inspired men we will be recieving a visit from Elder Peiper from the 70 next week. We will be joining the 3 zones of Saltillo to go and hear him it will be pretty cool. I heard that Elder Packer passed away that makes me sad, but I'm super curious who will be in the new quorum...
I have been doing divisions with Elders and the Zone leaders and having a fun time!
Nothing new to report but I love you and have a great week!
-Elder Stockman
I sincerely thought that capacitations was an english word. Oh well. That Oven mit cracks me up haha I miss that dang kid sooo much all of you!
I didn't really understand the tooth fairy thing I have to be honest. if you coul dumb it down a little that would help me out. haha (explanation from dad: "The tooth fairy thing was him asking for an exam and a picture of a cavity if he had one. Then his insistence that flossing caused his tooth to fall out.")
When you were in the mission was it a rule to speak in Usted to everyone? This has definately been the hardest change of the mission. I have grown a ton in patience and understanding. I remember a talk from last conference that talked about a companion trying to do the work in his own way and that we should change our attitude. 
Wish I would have been there to set off fireworks with you guys but there is always in 2 years right! haha
love you have a great week!
-Elder Stockman
It's been raining a lot here. 

Found snakes on divisions... Moms going to love this!! 

View from the top.. In Saltillo.

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