Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week-#85 Who's hugging my sister...

a cool adddress sign that we found haha most of them here in Mexico are like this.
This one was especially funny because there were two trucks with a big ol' St. Jude in the middle of it. haha what the heck?

Hey Mom!
Yeah Elder Ogden and I are pretty great friends. 
I can not believe that Andrew Trainor is home. That is the wierdest thing that I have ever seen...I think that reality has hit me. because that will be me in 4 months.

Haha that picture with Abbie and Zach is a classic. Zach is a huge dude. And he can get a pretty good tan. Better than Abbie at least.
I am going to kill Ninataype. He seriously put his arm around Abbie? 

haha I think that it is really funny that he told you guys all of my dirty little secrets. I will be sure to tell his parents some of his as well... Pay back.

By the way I think that it was just something in the food or in the water in Ramos Arizpe. Because as soon as I have been here I have been fine. I dont think that it is anything to worry about. 
What is that second to last question even supposed to mean? I dont think that I suprise myself that often

I think that the favorite part of the daily routine aside to going to bed, is when we get to study the scriptures every day. That is a pretty amazing thing. I wasnt as good about that whole thing until now. I think that It wasnt even that hard to get used to either. It takes just a little bit if getting used to but I reall enjoy the fact that I can learn something new every single day. and come closer to Jesus Christ every day.

So this week we are having some short changes in the zone. An Elder in the zone has to go home to work some things out and so now we will be getting a new Elder in the Zone. I have really been adjusting myself well here in this area. It is a fun place. This week we went out to a small little town that is like a 30 minute bus ride out and it is part of our area. There is a Recent Convert out there. The place is called Arteaga. it really is a beautiful place. It is the most cool (temperature) in the whole mission. Actually last year there was snow there. We have been having some pretty good luck with people coming to church. We will actually be baptizing this week on friday. This lady has a pretty dark past she was actually a witch. As in she was participating in witchcraft. She has some pretty scary stories but she is totally repented of that. Actually that was something that all of the members knew about thats why she hasnt got baptized until now. But her daughters all have like 3 months as members. She is a solid convert. She has a pretty stong testimony of the atonement. I think that that has been ont of the most satisfying things about being here in the mission, is being able to help people convert themselves to the Lord and to be able to recieve the blessings of the Atonement in their lives. It really does bring me true happiness. 

Something that is interesting about this ward and kind of unique is that there are a lot of people that speak English. I would say that half of them or more do. It is also one of the biggest areas in the whole mission. I still sont know it all and Elder Johnson was here of 6 months and he never knew it all either. haha
anyways I love you and I hope that you have a great Week!
-Elder Stockman 

hahaha I dont understand why you guys think that I am disobedient. I think that its hilaroius. Im pretty sure that I wouldnt be happy if I was disobedient. Tell mom that at least I didnt drive a car into a river (Trent)

Im glad that you are still your innovative self. Thats interesting that they convinced you to watch their dog for them. 

We have had a really great week. We will actually be baptizing an ex witch. haha thats a long story but there are some pretty crazy things that she has done. I will have to tell you some stories when I get home. I have been getting along great with Elder Ogden. Its kind of funn because we have service competitions. Like ironing each others shirt, making breakfast, polishing shoes.etc.... We actually have another family that is progressing really well. We think that they should be baptized next week but we will see what happens.

So I have a question, did you ever make that missionary plaque, if not let me know. If so I guess you could let me know as well. haha

And what do you mean by all of my stuff is gone, I didnt really understand that. Like what is gone that was there before? haha honestly i dont really remember all of that stuff. All I know is that I left that room Spotless. It was the cleanest that it had ever been. It was actually pretty impressive.

I love you and hope that you have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

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