Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Week- #83 "I ratted him out for ratting me out"

Our District this last change! (evidently Elder Smith likes touching my face in both pictures.)

​The last Zone picture in Republica.

This is a sewage pipe (shortcut) is was fun. It was over a river of poop....

Still a kid.

Snapped this pic because the airport was close to my area here in Ramos Arizpe. It will be fun to fly those bad boys.

Hey momma!
So I got the transfer notice today in the morning. I will be going to Saltillo again! WOO HOO, that actually really excites me because I wont get horribly fried in the northern heat, woof... I feel bad for Elder Miner up there in Acuña, or Elder Wiedmeier up there in Monclova haha. Can you believe that He finishes in 6 weeks! crazy huh!

Anyways I Will be going to Aurora 1 in Saltillo. It is supposedly one of the best wards in the mission. It is in the stake Valle de las Flores. That is where the president spends most of his time because he is from that stake. However I think that the most exciting thing about my transfer is my new companion. Elder Ogden. We are super good friends. It is going to be fun we are going to be opening an area too. I already called him and ratted him out for having ratted me out. He laughed pretty hard. Im super excited for what is coming. 

mom. I promise that im obedient. 😇 We got hungry and he(Elder Ogden)didnt have any food. If we would have left it would have been breaking the ruled thats why it was delivery- haha

I have really come to love it here in Ramos Arizpe and it will be a little sad to leave here. Its going to be sad to leave Elder Hernandez aswell. I have really come to love him a lot and we had a lot of fun working hard this last transfer. The good thing is that he isnt too far away and I get to see him every month. 

Super crazy that you guys will be going to all of those peoples home comings. Its crazy to think that everyone is going home. 

I hope that you enjoyed your 2nd son's favorite holiday, the 4th of July is the best. I really do miss fireworks. 

So I got to meet President Cahoon this week, He is an amazing man and as soon as he first entered the room you could tell that he is a man of God. I know that he was called to preside this mission for a reason. I hope that he can continue to adjust well and his wife too. She is also a really nice person. I feel bad because she is completely lost in Spanish. She will learn though. 

I love you guys and Hope that you have a great week ( lighting off fireworks in memory of me)
-Elder Stockman 

Hey Dad!
So this week I got the transfer notice. I will be going to Saltillo again. WOO HOO! hahaha I will not get fried in the sumer heat in the north!
I will be going to Aurora 1 which is in the stake Valle de las Flores. It is actually the zone where the President usually is and where the APs are and all that stuff. And I have to say the best part of the change will be my companion, Elder Ogden! Im sure mom and his mom are friends but he is seriously one of my best friends here in the mission. Im pretty pumped to get to work with him!

Got to meet President Cahoon this week. When he entered the room you could feel the spirit really strong that was testifying that he is the right man for the job. He is a really great guy, you can really feel that he loves you already. HIs poor wife doesnt speak a lick of Spanish. And actually he is brushing up on his. He also served his mission in Bolivia, However he spent 21 months of his mission speaking a dialect that was up in the Altiplano. I told him that you served there and that you also ate those horrible feet potatoes. His wife overheard and started to bust up a little. You saw the smile on his face turn into a horrible rememberance of that food. hahah he laughed pretty hard. But he was in the altiplano for 21 months can you believe that?

Anyways just here packing up and saying goodbye to all of the awesome people that I had the opporitunity to meet here in Ramos Arizpe. Its sad that I am leaving, However I feel good with what I have done here. I will miss my brother Elder Hernandez as well, he has been an amazing companion that has taught me a lot. The funny thing is that his new companion is Elder Hernandez. another one that you guys have never heard of. We were laughing for a little while about that one and then I was teasing him saying that Mexicans needed to be more creative on names. 

Im praying for You all and I love you 
-Elder Stockman

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