Monday, August 1, 2016

Week- #86 "one of the coolest baptismal services that I have ever been in."

The familia Baeza Figueroa on their baptism day. This picture is missing the father and Sister Cahoon(thePresidents wife) they were had gone inside for some reason.  

Last week hike overlooking Saltillo. 

Hey mom,
its great to hear from you this week,
I am going to have to keep my message really short. 
First of all this week we had the baptism of the Baeza Figueroa Family. They are an awesome family that only the dad was a member before. The rest of them were just in their prime moment to hear the gospel. It was a really neat experience to participate in their baptism and what was even crazier is that all of the sudden President Cahoon shows up haha. He came to their confirmation the next day as well. I dont know why but sister Cahoon was inside when we took this picture. Its too bad that she wasnt in the photo. But President introduced himself to the ward and he said later that he really only came to see the confirmation of the family. He's a pretty cool guy. It was probably one of the coolest baptismal services that I have ever been in. And it's pretty gratifying when they open the font doors and there is your mission president who then winks at you and gives you a thumbs up. haha
So this week Elder Ogden got his ingrown toenail cut out, He got it cut out from the root and will actually have to rest for 12 days. It's going to be awesome because a member got us a wheelchair so I will be pushing him around. It's pretty awesome. Today we also did a steak grill out with the Elders from Fundadores. (Elder Bauer and Elder Lee) We actually have a little grill on our roof. 
anyways I love you and hope that you have a great week!
-Elder Stockman 

Hey Dad, 
Speaking about surgery, I decided I definately never want to become a doctor. After watching them cut open my companions toe and rip his nail bed out I'm not to excited about following that career path. It's not that I cant do that whole blood thing. i just looked at the doctor like he was inhumain the way that he was digging around in there. haha I was talking it out with Ogden so that he wouldnt focus on what they were doing to him. Evidently i pulled a face that worried him. He still hasnt taken the bandage off of his toe. I dont know if he wants to any time soon haha.
So this week we were blessed with the baptism of the Baeza Figueroa family. They are an awesome family that the Dad has been a member since he was 9. Now all of the family is super activated and the rest of them baptized. He was actually ordained to being a Priest this last weekend. It was a suprise when the morning of the baptism I get a phone call from President Cahoon, saying "Elder Stockman, when and where for that baptism?" then he came and was actually the only person that showed up on time. Haha, He then came to the confirmation the next day. He is a really cool guy. I have been seeing him actually a lot recently. His wife is an amazing lady haha!
anyways, I love you and hope that you have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

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