Monday, August 29, 2016

Week #90- I feel like the witch on the wizard of Oz.

​Elder Bermúdez and I.

God bless the USA! That is a golf course in Eagle Pass Texas. And I'm standing over here in Mexico. 

Hey momma!
SO this week it has been really hot in Piedras Negras! one day it got up to 110 degrees farenheit. which is about 44 celcius. I feel like the witch on the wizard of oz- 
Hey you gotta tell all my friends hi and that I expect them there at my homecoming!
A lot of things have changed back home right?
I was thinking that the time really has been going quite fast. I got an email this last week from my first companion in the field Elder Garcia. Can you believe how much time it has been since we were together! I told him to be in the airport in Mexico City we'll see if he goes. Right now we are actually preparing to go to Saltillo again. We will be leaving Wednesday morning, the assistants have planned an epic basketball match for thursday morning. Then we will have the leadership council and I will be back to Piedras Negras Friday in the early morning. 
RIght now we have been looking for a lot of new people to teach. I can kind of see what sister de la cruz was talking about. There are a lot of problems with the law of chastity here. also we have been finding people here and then they just randomly disappear. Then out of The blue they come back and say that they went and tried to cross the river "de mojado" into the united states. Its kind of funny. But its crazy how many immigrants there are here. Always asking for money. always!
I love you and hope that you have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad!
so remember when I had that sweat rag the first time that we spoke in Monclova. Yeah I have to take 2 sweat rags with me here. It is so hot man I am literally melting. I have already lost another 3 or 4 pounds just being here! haha
Today we went and played basketball in the morning with 4 other Elders in the church ( here we live 4 blocks away) and we actually got to the point that we stopped sweating! haha when we went inside to get a drink the sweat came pouring in again! haha
Last week it got up to 110 farenheit about 44 celcius. 🌋
But Im loving it!
My new companion is a really funny guy. we get along great! And the funny thing is that we will be going to Saltillo again this week! can you believe that! We leave Wednesday morning and then we leave from Saltillo Thursday evening, We get back to Piedras Negras Friday at like 2 in the morning! 
Right now there is a lady that we are teaching. Her name is Maria Luisa and her daughter is 9. Her name is Gabriela. Maria Luisa got together with a really less active man and they were living in free union. He was previously married and never bothered to get diviorsed. So that was a really long process that we finally finished was his divorce. Now we are in the final stepps to get them legally married and then Maria Luisa and Gabriela will get baptized. They are really great people! they understand sacrifice... They come to church every week without fail. I have learned a lot from the people that I teach. 
Anyways that all for now
have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

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