Sunday, August 21, 2016

Week- #88 I'm going to Piedras Negras.

a picture of a lot of my ex companions. I was pretty lucky to snap this pic.
Elder Hernandez, Elder Johnson, Elder Ogden, me, Elder Vaszuez, Elder Villeda, and Elder Miner

Transfer Alert!
Im being shipped off to Piedras Negras Coahuila. I will be serving with Elder Bermudez from Costa Rica. I am finally going to Piedras Negras! I have wanted to go there my whole mission!
Now it will be easier for me to send stuff home so that my luggage can be lighter. That is a great advantage. It is also awesome because I can have Mtn Dew and cool american treats!
but on the other hand I am sad that I will be leaving the Aurora and Elder Ogden. we were both here only one transfer! they are shipping him out to Monclova again haha!
Im so excited to see all of those rascals!(cousins at home) thats hilarious that they actually look up to me that much. Who knew?
So I only have 12 weeks left as a full time missionary. I think that it is insane how fast the time has gone! That means that in a couple of weeks here they will be calling me to ask to which airport I will be returning home and I will have my flight plans. AHHHH!
So Elder Wiedmeyer extended his mission and he is now with Elder Johnson and Elder Domiciano in a trio. haha I thought that was interesting. 
Well Im going to start the long and tedious packing process and I dont know how but I seriouslt have like 50 ties. I dont understand but they actually do take upa quite a lot of space. 
So this week we will be having a Multi zone conference with Elder Valenzuela from the area presidency. Acuña and Piedras Negras will all be getting together in Piedras Negras stake Center.  And then on Saturday we will all be traveling to Monclova to have a leadership conference with Elder Valenzuela. Its going to be a crazy week this week. haha
anyways I hope you have a great week, I love you, and see you later.
-Elder Stockman

Off to Piedras Negras I go... WOO!
I was here such little time, its crazy! I was only here 6 weeks with Elder Ogden. The craziest part is that neither of us are staying. He is going to go to Monclova again! haha
My new companion is Elder Bermudez from Costa Rica. I know him really well. I was actually his first distcirt leader when he was born into the mission life. haha he is a great guy but he talks super funny! like instead of rolling his r's he just says them like an uneducated american would. haha
So its some pretty melty weather up there in Piedras Negras right now. I am super ezcited though to be on the border again. I totally didnt take advantage of all to cool things up there in Acuña last time. But now Im getting the Mtn Dew on again! Woo hoo!
I was also thinking that I will be sending home a package with some heavy stuff in it like all of my books and papers and stuff. 

haha thats pretty funny that you said you would give Milo 9 mm led poisining. that made me chuckle a lot actually. But if he dies you should totally get a new dog. life is boring without a dog. It makes things more intertaining. 
Anyways Im going to get to packing and not enjoy it haha!
love you have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

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