Monday, August 29, 2016

Week #89- I've never felt so much heat in my entire life.

My new Zone in Piedras Negras.
I tried to do a burger challenge here and I totally failed! it was so hard!

I am here in super hot city of Piedras Negras. Wow, I have never felt so much heat in my entire life. I think that I am literally melting haha!
So Everything is good with the new companion. We basically didnt do anything this whole last week because Elder Valenzuela from the 70 came and we were the ones in charge of getting it all set up. I also had the opporotunity to go to Monclova to a leadership Council and he taught us how to have better leadership councils. Elder Bermudez is currently on the bus on his way back from Saltillo. He had to ship out yesterday at 10:30 and he got to Saltillo at like 6:00 am. He has to go sign some stuff and get his fingerprints and actually now he is back on his way. 

So there isnt really much else that is happening. I cant believe that Zach is now a grown man and he is in Middle School. That blows my mind!
We should be having a baptism this weekend of a Sister and her Daughter. The sister has to wait on a divorce to finish so that she can get married to the man that she lives with to be able to get baptized. Its a complicated situation but its also unfortunate how common it is here. But we keep our heads up high. 

So I actually still dont have a picture of me with my companion because he suddenly left but next week I will get one. 
love you have great week!
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad! 
So I actually do know Hermana Aragon. She was a sister training leader and I would see her in the leadership councils. I have never been in the same zone as her but she is pretty cool!
Its a small world right?

You say that at least you dont live in California, and I say at least you dont live in Coahuila! haha Its is a blaze of heat over here. I have never felt so much heat in my life time. 45 degrees celcius with like 100% humidity. Its life threatening. haha
So Elder Bermudez doesn't speak a lick of English. haha. But we are working him on that one. I am teaching him some phrases and so on. We get along great. He really is a great guy. 
I actually still dont have a picture with him though. last nigjt he got shipped out to Saltillo to fix his visa. It was another Elder in our zone from Bolivia also had to go with him. So the whole day I have been with Elder Hall. We went to this place called Gula Burger. It is a really good burger place. I got prideful and thought that I could eat their challenge and not have to pay. There are a couple of Elders that are on their "pared de pecadores" haha. I totally lost. Elder Smith tried it with me but we failed. I have been having a great time this week!
We should baptize two people this weekend. She has to wait on a divorce process to finish and then she can get married to her husband. Its ufortunately a pretty big colture problem here. But Anyways that is pretty much what has been going on with me. I went to Monclova for a leadership council with the area 70 Elder Valenzuela. It was some pretty great revelation recieved. He also came up on Friday and talked to both the Piedras Negras and Acuña zones. 
I love you, have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

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