Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Week #91- I have Mountain Dew coming my way

My apartment. 

Hey Mom!
I get Quinn's letters and Abbie's aswell.
I knew that I would get a picture of Cody this week! Tell him and Andrew that they are just a bunch of Hosers. They will understand why.
I cant believe that its already September! I think that the time is literally just melting out of my hands. But that might be due to the heat here that everyone and everything is literally melting!
Was that picture at the baby blessing of Myriah and Nates Baby?
I wrote sister De la Cruz last week but she didnt write me back this week. She told me that this week she would send me the list of people that she wants me to visit. 
Did Andrew learn Spanish well being in the States? I wonder if he knows all of the Mexican slang that I do. 
I definately understand the situation that Cody is in. I find it easy to speak english with other American Elders because its spanglish. They understand it as it comes out. But its hard to talk to President Cahoon or his wife because they dont understand spanglish. 

This week we went all the way to Saltillo and back. It was great. I got to see a lot of good friends. We will having a zone conference this week with the President and the Assistants on Wednesday. The assistants will actually be staying the night with us tonight when they get here from Saltillo. Then in the Morning they are off to Acuña. They will then come back to stay with us tomorrow night. Then we have the Zone conference on Wednesday. Fun stuff.

Other then that I don´t think that anything really eventful will be happening. Please keep the investigators in your prayers. Especially Maria Luisa, Gabriela, Jose, and Alejandra. I would appreciate it if you could also put their names in the temple. Love you!
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad!
look up this adress, my apartment is the one on the top left.
Address omitted.. 

it is behind the house that shows up. It is the group of apartments with the red steps and the white hand rail.
I am doing really great, I think that I can 100% relate to Cody. Poor guy. I also agree that I have no idea where August went. All of the sudden its the 5th of September. sometimes I dont even keep track of that I just ask my companion and sometimes im surprised that its a certian date. for example right now its September 5th!

So I have really liked Piedras Negras. Its is super similar to the rest of the mission in a lot of ways but the people are a little different. By the way I have Mtn Dew coming my way this week. Dont worry about me. When there is a will there is a way.
I think that the food here is normal. I rember having told you guys about that burger that I ate, The other night an investigator invited us to dinner and when we showed up they were baking an entire lamb. It was actually pretty delicious, they gave me some shoulder meat and a chopped off part of the neck. That was interesting. My companion got the thigh. 

Elder Bermúdez is a great guy. We really do get along great. The President put me with his this transfer so that I could teach his the ropes of being zone leader I guess you could say. I guess I completely forgot to mentiont that. They put me back as L/Z 2 to help him as L/Z 1. They actually did that with almost all of the zone leaders in the whole mission.

I kind of understood that my assignment wouldnt last for that long so I hope that I can finish training a new Elder. That would be really awesome. the dream come true. Haha. Afterall I do need someone to Pass on all of the Stockman Legacy. 

I really want to eat the Horchata flavored ice cream. That sounds rediculiously good. I drink Horchata everytime that the opporotunity presents its self. I love it. I would say that its probably like once a week or somewhere around there. 

I hope that you have a great trip!
-Elder Stockman

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