Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 93 Its a lot of fun to experience something so horrible.(heat)

Hey Mom!
So this week it has been soooo hot! hahah
just when I thought that it would cool down a lot more it has gotten hotter. Its a lot of fun to experience something so horrible. It helps me to appreciate having been born in a calm climate. 
I think that there is a lot of exciting stuff going on back home. A lot of stuff has changed I think that I will go into a little bit of a shock haha!
I think thats great I get to talk in the other wards. Im grateful for that.  I think that I have learned to appreciate it a whole lot more now that I have been a missionary. I used to really hate giving talks and I sucked at it but now I dont mind. 
So the reason that I am writing so late today is because the Lugos came up from Saltilo. They are a senior couple assigned to be in the mission offices and they were sent to check the houses of the mission. they didnt really know how to get around so we sent the whole day with them, I learned a lot from them. And I think that best part of the day is that we got a lot of free food! haha
Tell everyone that I love them and I am doing great. I feel really good. I have had an amazing transfer with Elder Bermudez. I have learned a lot and had a really great time. We have a lot of funny stories together. 
This is my last week of the transfer and now I guess monday I will find out who my last companion is and where my last area will be. 
I love you and I thak you for everything that you do for me. I feel your prayers for me And I appreciate it more then I can express. Tell Andrew whats up from me. Tell him I want him to write me because it seems like he has forgotten that he has a brother in the misison. 
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad
Tell brother Echols that I am in the 5th ward (barrio cinco)
I think its cool how many people come to know who God is and what the truth is by simply praying in a sincere way. Not being to fancy or eloquent, but sincere, real.
I hope that You and Zach can enjoy your little get away. Where do you plan on going? What do you plan on diong?

So the reason that I am writing so late today is because I was with the Lugo's today. They are a senior couple that works in the mission offices and they were sent here today to check in on the houses and everything in the zone. We had to acompañy them because they really didnt ubicate themselves here. Afterall they have spent the majority of their time in Saltillo. The good thing is that We got a lot of free food. they actually let us come into their Hotel and eat at their breakfast buffett with them. that was AWESOME! after that we checked all of the houses, if they were clean, gave them supplies that they needed like ironing boards or cooking pans. Then they took us to eat some Carne Asada, which is one of the things that I will most miss from México. 

Its been a really great week. We are working really hard here and we still havnt given up on finding someone to baptize. I will endure until the end!
-Elder Stockman

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