Sunday, September 18, 2016

Week 92 living here is a dang experience

Surprise photo I found on facefook that Elder Stockman was in. 

Hey Mom!
So I think its super crazy that you know, I only have like 8 weeks left. I think that It has gone by way fast but I feel like it wasnt really hitting me at all until I see that email with my flight plans in there... wierd...
Its cool to see pictures of all of my friends that have come home now. But wierd at the same time. Its just a lot of mixed emotiones right now as well. 
I got some suveniers as I was thinking that the best way to get them home is to just take them with me, the thing is that when I came to the mission they told me that I could arrive with 3 suit cases, now there are only 2 allowed. So pretty much all of my clothes are destroyed and I will honestly be getting rid of all of it here. I feel like most of the weight is in clothes and books. I also have to decide which books I would like to keep. I have quite the collection here haha!
I will be organizing all of the stuf that I will keep and stuff but I have to say that most of the stuff that I came with is completely ruined. Haha for example I dont think that I have a single pair of pants that I havn't had to sow. Haha I while ago there was a flood in my house and luckily all of my stuff was organized and cleaned. It only happened in the study room anyways, but I had kicked off my tennis shoes that morning and left them there. That was the same day as transfers so I had to put them in a plastic bag and put them in my suitcase. The problem is that when I got here I totally forgot about those shoes until we wanted to go play some basketball in the church like a week later and there was an enormous ammount of mold. (didnt damage anything else, It was self contained in the bag). But yeah there is no hope for those shoes. So I mean there are just a lot of things like that, where I honestly dont see a purpose in hauling that around. 
A while back there was an elder that I sold one of my suites to. But for example I have still been hauling around that other one And I honestly dont know what to do with it. There is honestly nobody in the mission that is the size that I used to be. And there arent any members or anything that are my height of build so Who knows? what do you think I should do about that one?
And Im so sorry about the money mom. Living here is DANG expensive, taxis are a lot of money and for example in Saltillo where they sell a box of cereal for 35 pesos, here its 60. Its like double the expense. And where its super hot weather here all of the money also goes into buying water to stay alive. I have never had to buy so much water! In fact the money runs away like water and I have even made a budget plan. Who knows!
These next 2 weeks will be the end of the transfer and We dont have any journeys planned, But If I stay here next transfer or they keep me in the same assignment then I will be traveling to Saltillo at least 2 more times. Nobody really knows what is going to happen to me my last transfer! haha So travel is something that I couldnt really tell you. But it was a lot this last transfer that is for sure. 
I love you and you are always in my prayers! Work hard until the end!
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad!
First of all I would love to have him there in the airport. I think he is a brother to me too. Tell him that he needs to be writing me and stuff!
So yeah its starting to get real but you know I am really trying to tune out like you say and focus on what I have to do here. I think that It got offocial when I got that phone call from the secretary on Wednesday asking to which airport I would arrive. But now that I see that my plane has been purchased and everything really does hit ya hard! haha 😞
But I think that its just kind of a natural thing that everyone has to pass through. 

I think that its offocially hard for me to not wake up at 6:30. I think that 8:00 is actually pretty late but you know I dont see any problems adjusting myself to getting up at 8 or 9 again. Im not going to say I love getting up at 6:30 in the morning but I do it because I know that its important.

thank you for that news that in-n-ot will be open I think that is the light at the end  of the tunnel. (just kiding)
Well you know I dont really have anything else to say but I love you !
-Elder Stockman

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