Sunday, October 30, 2016

Week # 98 - They do have Halloween in Mexico it's just a lot different.

Funny pic 
​there is this really big radio tower here in the area. Its a cool pic I guess

Hey Momma!
So this week it has been fun to loose myself in the work. We were able to take a couple of investigators to church this week. That felt good because we were going on sort of a drought! haha
It was really cool because we have been focusing on 2 less active families here aswell and they both came to church. It was really rewarding for them to come to church after so much time from not being there and for them to be excited to come back the next week. I have come to realize that a lot of people really do want to come back to church, they just dont know how. Its a lot harder then it seems. We could just tell them that they know better and that they should come back, but I have learned that that doesn't really do any good. I have come to realize that as they come to realize the blessings of doing it and as we promise them those blessings they really do feel it. Also our testimony is key. 
So not just telling them to do it, but being there for them also. Its cool how it works. Its almost like youve got to motivate them a little. 

So I actually didnt see that one coming that we would be speaking the same day. don't cry haha. Im pretty sure that I will. Have they assigned me a theme aswell, or not yet?

This week I got a phone call from Elder Bermudez. He said that a Lady that Him and I had found and taught was going to be baptized along with her grandson. It was a really rewarding moment to be there and to whitness such a sacred moment. It definately motivated me to keep going. 2 weeks left!
¡Vamos a echar las ganas y seguir hasta el fin!
Nos vemos en dos semanas, Te amo
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad!
So this week its been real "Tranquilo". Not in the working sence, but it seems to me that I ran out of things to write about a long time ago haha!
So I dont know if I ever told you this, but the owner of that burger place that I really like going to down here is a less active member of the church. He hasnt been in years and the sad part is that he is an ex missionary. But This last Sunday we took him to Church. He said he felt good, even though he didnt really know how to come back. He didnt ever enter all the way in but that was a lot of progress. We convinced him to give us a discount. And he said no, for you guys its free! WOOO HOOOO! haha
Today I enjoyed a buffalo chicken sandwich with cheese fries and a coke, on the house...
I Really hope that you guys like the souvenirs that I got you, They are pretty cool. They are a couple of Mexican classics.

So this week we were able to bring some really good investigators to church, Leaving the area prepared really well for whoever comes here with Elder Reber. 
It felt good because we kind of had a drought there for a while. Also this week I got a call from Elder Bermudez and he invited me to the baptism of a Lady that him and I had found, and had been teaching, it was a super rewarding moment to see her and her grandson enter the waters of baptism. That really is the best.

Anyways see you in 2 weeks!
-Elder Stockman

(Letter to Grandma Connie)

Hey there!
So Its kind of wierd, right? Its almost all to wierd to believe. After all I have never finished a mission before. I guess that I really dont know how to feel about it all but overall I feel good!
So yes they do have Halloween here in Mexico but its a lot different. They dont really go around and knock on doors and ask for candy here. I think that bad things would happen here, But I have heard and seen that it is a lot more common here in Piedras Negras because its a border town. I remember that in Monclova it wasn't a big deal at all. Only a couple of people ever mentioned it. But I have seen that there are a few masks for sale and also I think I have seen like 2 houses that are decorated. haha
anways I guess I will see you in 2 weeks! love you
-Elder Stockman

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