Monday, October 3, 2016

Week #95- "Do me a favor and don't try the chicharrones de res."

Elder Reber and I. 

​This picture of Elder Wiedmeier and I was one day before he went home. Elder Reber actually took this picture. 

Tell CALEB that he better be at my homecoming.
Wow that is a super big reality check. I took a picture with that guy a day before he got home and now you are sending me that!(a picture of you and Elder Wiedmeier) Wow that is super crazy.
So this week I have been working on getting to know all of the members, again... This is the 3rd area in a row with only one transfer there. It is hard to establish any kind of relationship with the members like that but its ok.
Im doing great with Elder Reber. he is really motivated to learn. I dont remember learning spanish being this hard, its definately hard to have to translate everything both ways in every lesson, but We are working hard to find someone to baptize these last 5 weeks. 
Im glad that I get to be with Elder Reber, It is sort of like the motivational push that I needed to finish my mission well. He is a really great guy and he is hilarious. He is the exact opposite from me though. He is always talking about his trucks, and his ranch, and FFA and all that stuff! haha its great.
I really got a lot out of conference. I think that my favorite overall talk was from LeGrand R Curtis Jr.. It was a powerful testimony about the Book of Mormon and about the spiritual power that we can get from it as we read it daily.
Anyways I hope that you guys have a great week!
-Elder Stockman 

You punk, how dare you eat tacos al pastor and pastrami burgers without me. What has this world come to? Where is the respect? haha
Dont worry, even though I might have eaten tacos de tripa, or menudo I dont think that I will be craving them anytime soon. Do me a favor and dont try the chicharrones de res. Those really are the worst.
I will tell you guys about all of the food adventures here in a little bit. But Im sure if you have heard that they eat it in Mexico, I have probably eaten it. haha
So i am really excited! I feel like its a great opporotunity to be with Elder Reber my last 6 weeks. He is a great guy and he is really progressing fast. Spanish is a hard language to learn for many. Im sure that you remember those days of not understanding absolutely anything at any time. The good part for him is that his trainer is an American. I remember a couple of times wanting to kill somebody because my companion couldnt speak english. haha but I am grateful for that because I think it prepared me to learn spanigh a lot quicker. 
I will work super hard in these last couple of weeks that I have. I love you. 
P.S. send me a picture of when you had 9 days left in the mission. I want to see if I can duplicate it. 
I remember having seen it but I dont remember much. haha
Elder Stockman

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