Sunday, October 23, 2016

Week - #97 " You might actually think that Im Mexican when I get home."

Hey momma!
So this week I have been focusing a lot on the area and leaving it prepared for whover else comes. Its a wierd thought to have! haha
Things are going great, I feel like not much has changed. I feel good and we are not going to give up on finding people to teach and to help them change their lives. Missionary work really is something quite special. I had the opporotunity to speak in church for the 300 millionth time in my mission. Its super wierd because the majority of the time they havnt ever told me before hand haha. They just tell us in the last moment when the other speakers dont show up. But this time they had called us in the beggining of the week so we had some pretty great time to prepare something. All four elders in the ward were given the opporotunity to speak and I thought that it was a really great time. We all spoke about missionary work and the importance of being one with the members. 

I had the opporotunity to find some souvenirs today and I think that I will get the rest next week. 

tomorrow we will be doing exchanges with our district leader.
Actually it is pretty interesting because the zone leaders are in a trio this transfer so President wants them to be on exchanges every day. We have had many great learning opporotunities this transfer to be able to work with other Elders ( or in my case to reunite with an old companion) haha

I feel great! We must endure to the end and focus. I know that the Lord lives and I have a testimony that this work is real. I have seen so many miracles in my life thanks to him. There just simply isn't any way that these things aren't true. 
¡Hasta la otra semana!
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad!
So this week, you know just the same old same old working here in the vinyard of the Lord. Its some pretty great times here!
I have been thinking about home less and less and trying to convince my self that it isnt real and that seems to be working. its not an easy thing to finish a mission and I'm sure that you know that. But we just got to power through and be the best that we can be up until the very last day. Im excited for what I have coming. There will be a lot of really great experiences in these last 3 weeks and Im glad that the Lord has given me 3 weeks more to work hard and to focus. 

You might actually think that Im Mexican when I get home. Eating habits such as the fact that its impossible for me to eat without tortillas, chile, and limes. Language; today during a little bit of free time I was reading a Liahona and the next thing I remember it falling out of my hands because I had dozed off. I remeber half asleep talking to Elder Reber in spanish and him just looking at me confused. It was great because I realized that I was speaking spanish to him when he told me. "dude I don't speak spanish" it was pretty funny!

I dont think in English anymore haha!

anyways I love you and Im excited to see you! have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

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