Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Week #22 - We made the Guinness book of records for our mission


WOOO HOOO 5 months! hahaha I really can't believe how fast the time has gone it blows my mind.!
I really want to go to the temple I feel like a sinner hahaha because I havn't been in 5 months.
Yeah that is a pretty marvelous temple and a beautiful house of the Lord. Referring to our family trip to the Payson Temple open house)
Super excited to talk to you guys in 2 weeks! that is going to be unforgettable. HAHAHA
Elder Rodriguez and I broke the record for contacts in one week that was pretty cool. 
I pulled out the box of letters this week and I have to say that it really helped to lift my spirit a ton! thanks for all that you do for me and all of the thought and time that you put into that care package. 
I love the Family Velez so much!!!  but sometimes it still make me a little nervous because they were mission presidents and all. hahah and you know as a missionary its a little intimadating. I hope you have a really great week mom. 

PS we are starting to find some really great people in this area and we are finding tons of people to teach. It has been cool to see this dead area totally change!

-Elder Stockman

ps. What the heck man you killed the Mazda. hahaha Abbie ratted you out. That car will always have a special spot in my heart- 
(Lol we didn't kill the Mazda we sold it. It wasn't pulling its weight anymore. Plus Abbie is about as happy as me(mom) because we hated that car. Abbie also gets dads Honda Civic now.)

​Another pic of the monclova sign. I swear that I have been here for every season of the year... oh wait I have! hahhaa

 Picture of some pigs eating trash by the side of the river. hahaha
(Hello major baggy pants!! This kid is dropping the Lbs. Way to go Elder)

Guiness book of world records for the Mexico Saltillo mission. 

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