Thursday, April 16, 2015

Week #20 Oh dad and his dam tee shirt.


Conference Selfie with Elder Evans. There was an english broadcast phew.

Hey momma! 
first of all thank you soooo much for the package. I am gratefull that I can be part of the best family in the world! thank you so much for all the love and time that you put in to the package mom it really means a lot. Im pretty sure that the shark tie is the coolest thing that I have ever seen in my entire life! hahahahha
I hope that Dad had a good trip and that everything went well. I saw that you guys sure had fun in the sand dunes that looks like so much fun! 
I dont understand Zach caught a lizzard or he didnt... either way its hilarious
I will pray and fast for Elder Taylor Davis! I hope that everything will be ok!

Elder Rodriguez is one of the funniest people that I have ever met! haha we get along so well! I just cant believe that we are already almost half way done with this change. I have learned that you can work hard and be obedient but you can also have fun. We sit and laugh and play pranks on each other, good times.SO all of a sudden everysingle kid has this thing called a "trompo". Its like a spinning top and a yo-yo mixed and Elder Rodriguez is teaching me how to "dance" or to do tricks with the trompo. He also has like 4 nerf guns and we play war. I also taught him how to flick playing cards like Abbies friend taught me so we play skeet shooting with nerf guns and playing cards. Its a blast!

This Saturday is the Baptism of Arnoldo Lopez. He is super cool. He is a carpenter and he has a business in the back of his house. He makes really beautiful pieces. He is 53 years old and is a grandpa. I actually found him with Elder Garcia and he loves going to the church. He even loved the conference. He has changed since we started talking to him and I have been able to se the gospel change a person. Also his wife is starting to want to listen to us because she has seen this change in her husband and she went to church yesterday. 
I'll probably leave technolopgico in 3 week which makes me sad but I feel like this area has changed a lot for the better. 

Elder Rodriguez is helping me to prepare to be a senor companion next change or a trainor of a new missionary. We´ll see how that goes. But if I can improve my lessons I got it! haha

Oh and the Familia Velez says hi hahaha love you and have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

Hey dad! first of all I have to say that you are one lucky dude that the iphone is ok. But im happier that your ok. Im doing really great and Im so happy!
I got the package and loved everything thank you so much for all of your time and effort to send stuff to me! haha
I have to say the highlight of the family picture is your dam t shirt. I cant believe you would wear that dam tee shirt again! haha
thanks for including humor in my package!
Also I have to tell you that Brian GIbby sent me a letter that said " hey maybe by the time you get back your dad will have the deck done" hahahahahhaa i seriously laughed for like 2 hours on that one. 

Elder Rodriguez is the best ! hahaha we get along so well and we are still obedient and working hard. 
He is from the estado de mexico like 40 minutes away from the CCM and he has a ton of funny stories. Most of them from the mission haha the things that missionaries do... 

I wish you could come and hang out with me in Monclova but its starting to get hot so you should probably stay inside your nice air conditioned house ( haha i miss AC) 

I also Love the book of Mormon and the Prophet Joseph Smith is definately on of my heroes. I love this church and Im actually really starting to miss the temple I havent gone for like  months now. Man its like im going inactive or something. But hey promise me that you and mom will go for me ok. I want to challenge you guys to go once a week I know you can do it. 
Love you so much and have a great week!
poof no eyebrows
-Elder Stockman

( the tee shirt Spencer is a shirt bought at the Dallies Dam in Oregon)

​This is the Big stadium that is close to our house.

Elder Rodrigues is mad because he put on sunscreen and then this happened. hahaha sucker.(rain)

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