Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Week #21 The baptism of Arnoldo.

The Baptism of Arnoldo Lopez. 

Hey mom! 
well this week I had a pretty crazy experience That I told Abbie ask her to tell you. 

I'm doing really well an I'm so grateful for the package that I got with all of your letters!
SO proud of Zach and that he wants to be a drummer what a stud!
I can't believe how hot it is here I really hope that I can go to Saltillo in the summer hahahaha

My shoes are still holding up and I havn't had problems with allergies. 

This week was the Baptism of Arnoldo. This was a really special experience because I found him with Elder Garcia. He was baptized on Saturday by the Bishop and Confimed on Sunday by the Bishop as well. He was baptized because we had varoius family home evenings with members and he has friends that are members now. When we work with the members is when we have success. 

Tell Dad I love him and that I will write him first next week because this dumb chafa ciber keeps glitching. I lost like hlf my time. Love you and have a great week!

-Elder Stockman

Hey dad just a quick message I love you and I hope you have a great week. I'm keeping you in my prayers and I hope that Grandpa is ok. By the way don't freak out about the story I told abbie. I'm ok! hahaha

(To all that have ready this post thus far.. The big scary story Spencer wrote to Abbie is an experience he had administering a blessing to someone who is dying suffering from cancer of the face. It was a very hard site to see and to see him suffer so much. The spirit was so strong it physically drained him(Spencer). He expressed how much he listened to the spirit and said what the Lord wanted him to say, not what he would like to say. He had to share with the man that he would be passing and leaving the cancer and other fears behind. The description of the man was quite graphic and he asked us to not share all those details. He did express that he had a testimony of the power of a priesthood blessing before this experience, but this was an experience he will never forget. His testimony and witness grew beyond his comprehension. The power of the priesthood that he was able to share drained him physically and emotionally. What a beautiful gift he could give this man before he went to our Heavenly Father.) Our Missionary is growing so much. If you are writing to our Missionary please don't ask about this sacred experience. We have share all the details he wants to. Thanks. 😊

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