Monday, April 6, 2015

Week #18- Can't wait for you to meet the family Valez.

Lessle was baptized and confirmed by her boyfriend Gabriel.
And that Clown Elder Garcia isnt looking, Chiflado.

Hey Dad hows it going!
That is a pretty great story with the girl scout cookies. Now I know where I get that Habbit from. Remindes me of my self. and When I would go to Wendy`s and stash the wrappers under the seats in the car. haha yeah I miss Wendy`s a lot. So I am super excited for you guys to meet the Familia Velez they are super duper cool. She makes the best Chile Rellenos that I have ever had. I think that Chile Relleno is my new favorite type of food! ugggggg it is so good. 
Dad, I know why im here in this mission. Just looking back at like the first day of the CCM and now I feel like a different person. I have grown so much! The thing is that I am not focusing on Baptisms and all the suden we are going to have a ton! I have never felt the Spirit so strong in my entire life then at that Baptism. It was definately a really great experience. I think of the Scripture in DYC 18:15-16 and I cant even explain this amount of Joy that I have. Its a whole different experience. Lessle told me that She would never forget my face. But I feel like that Is the wierdest thing that anybody has ever told me but I know its true. Its super wierd I dont know how to describe it. Anyways Im going to be staying here in Tecnologico otra vez. Obvio que Elder Garcia se va. Mi nuevo compañero se llama Elder Rodriguez Y es todo lo que se concerniente El. Pero probablemente no habla Ingles entonces tendré mas oportunidades para aprender Español.   
Te doy gracias padre por todo lo que aprendí gracias a ti, y mama también. Muchísimas gracias porque tu eres mi padre terrenal. Adiós y que tengas muy buena semana.   
-Elder Stockman
Hey Momma,
Thanks for the message. Yep it is super duper hot here! I have to start carrying a sweat rag with me I know that it is disgusting but its that or be blinded by the sweat. 

Well everything went well for the Baptism on Saturday. Lessle is a really sweet person and Its so cool that she was baptized and confirmed this week. It is prwetty cool because she has been doing family history work and now that she is baptized she can go and do the Temple work for her ancestors. She is a really strong person. It cool because she has been going to Church for 2 years and is basically a member. But up until know she didnt have her mothers pewrmission to be baptized. now that she is 18 she decided that it was something that she needed to do so she got baptized. 

I had a pretty great week this last week with Elder Garcia. We worked hard and had some more people in the church this past week. We have another Baptism scheduled for the 11th and then another for the 18th. My new companion is Elder Rodriguez and I know nothing about him. He will come to technologico tomorrow and I will stay here with him. Super excited for this area to change. Have a great week mom and I love you. 

Oh yeah the foot is good. Hurts a little bit but it doesnt bother me. I literally ran out of the first tube of hair gel today. I still have 2 full ones! crazy! and I just had to buy my first replacement shampoo from the one that I bought at home. Crazy haha. Im good on stuff like that for now. And this lady came and brought toothpaste for us so yeah we are set up. But thanks!

P.S dont give dad to hard of a time for all of his cookies. They are good-.
-Elder Stockman 

PPS. Have a very Happy Birthday Momma I Love You. 

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