Sunday, April 26, 2015

Amamos la família Vélez!

Happy Sunday to us!! Right as I walked out of Relief Society I got a message from our favorite Madre in Mexico. She said
"Hoy  comio  su  hijo  con  nosotros  y  esta  cumpliendo  hoy  5  meses !!!;)"
(Today your son ate with us and has completed 5 months!!!)

How blessed are we to have a mother and father in Mexico taking such wonderful care of our Missionary. Even more cool we were able to meet them during General Conference this year when they came to town. We have a life long friendship with this family now. Tender mercies from our Heavenly Father are everywhere. 
Elder Rodriguez and Elder Stockman having Sunday dinner at the Vèlez home. 
Elder Stockman is showing off he's shrinking waistline. (his cloths look really baggy in all these pictures too. He is down 20 pounds.)

Lunch at the Vèlez family earlier in the week. This photo was also sent to us in a sweet message. I was able to chat back a forth with Sister Vèlez when the Missionies boys(missionaries where at her house💕) 

Transferred are just 2 weeks away.  When it's time for Elder Stockman to leave for a new area he will greatly miss the Vèlez family. So will we. What a special friendship we have now formed. 

Elder Stockman's momma

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