Monday, May 11, 2015

Best Mother's Day ever!!

Hola me familia. ❤️

This is a top that's like a Yo-Yo that is super popular down here. I have like 6 of them. Elder Rodriguez is teaching me how to do tricks a little dances that you do while playing with them. 

P.S. mom only cried a tiny bit. He was just so happy it was hard not to feel happy too. 
I could not be more proud of Elder Spencer Joshua Stockman. He has always been an amazing young man. Talking to him was such a joy. He has grown so much. He has experienced amazing miracles and seen things that are so scary that he was asked to to share them with him mom. He did tell us with true conviction and testimony that the missionaries are protected beyond ways he can even explain. He has felt the hand of the Lord many time as he has been spared from danger. He said I will be obedient. I want to be a "Consecrated Missionary". 

We had so much fun time catching up with him, he was dying to know what has changed at home and in the community. He loved hearing about his friends on their missions(Trent, Andrew, Cody, and Kimball) and his best friends that haven't left yet like Josh and Quinn. We shared jokes and inside jokes. He laughed and giggles just like the Spencer we know and love. He spoke to us like a native Mexican with a Spanish accent. It was hilarious and we give him a hard time about it. He is forgetting how to speak English. Lol we had to correct him tons. He,he. His dad just laughed. Been there done that he says. 

Right now the temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit and higher and 100% humidity. He is sweating up a storm and wearing long sleeves. We said "are you crazy"??? He said "I don't want to die of skin cancer". We couldn't help but give him a hard time... Every other second he was wiping his face from sweat with a hand towel. We have pictures. Lol

We asked if he is sick of wearing a tie everyday... He said "not at all. But my suit coat, I hate that thing! Probably because it so stinkin HOT!"
Chatting with some of his favorite guys. Josh is hugging Spencer good-by. See you in 3 years my friend. 
At the end of our conversation we were able to have Spencer bear his testimony in Spanish. 

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