Monday, June 1, 2015

Week #27- Little Debbie made him cry.

Hey momma!
 I could really use a sandwich right now haha that sounds super good!
I havn't had a sandwich for 6 months can you imagine life without sandwiches! wierd huh. I would buy the ingredients but its not the same here. have I told you they put hot dogs in everything here! haha in the beans sometimes, on all of the hamburgers, and even on the pizza... kinda wierd eh!
I went to HEB and I FOUND LITTLE DEBBIE OATMEAL COOKIES I literally cried and bought them. I actually almost baught 2 boxes but I have self control. If I found MTN Dew I would not have been able to control myself. The stuff here in Saltillo is so much more expensive, the last week of may I had 8 pesos to my name haha, then I took a bus So it disapperead. 
Elder Muñiz and Elder Monterroso are the assistants and Elder Muñiz went to Nueva Rosita to deal with some Elders or something and So Elder Monterroso asked specifically for me to come and work with him in his area. He was in Saltillo as a zone leader when I first got here and he took me to my first lesson in the field. something that they do with all of the new missionaries, you go to a real lesson and it was super scary! haha
but anyways I went with him. It was super intemidating but I had a lot of fun and learned a lot about the life of an assistant and it doesnt look like he sleeps. haha
He is from Los Angeles pretty cool guy. And Elder Johnson stayed with the Zone leaders  that also share our ward.
And i think that we should be going on divisions with our district leader Elder Townsend tomorrow. I will be going with His companion to his area. 
its been a pretty good week. Elder Ninataype (Zone leader) told me that he got a call from President specifically about me.. that meake me nervous hahaha, but he said that president really likes me so we will se what happens. haha love you and have a great week mommie!
-Elder Stockman

We(mom and dad) googled the area Spencer is in and this is his church building. 

Hahahah what a clown! that kid cracks me up! according to him he is going to wipe my clock when I get home. (Zach) and those poor suckers in Monclova. I remember when I was there the highest that it got was 44 degrees celcius and I literally could not stop sweating, But I went to the bathroom less that day, there was no water left in me ahahaha! I did see president a couple times lately, I went on divisions with an assistant, mom has that story, My interview, and also Elder Trevino of the 70 visited our mission and spoke with president Rdz about the importance of ward councils. And all of the ward councils from the three stakes in Saltillo were there, and all of the missionaries in Saltillo aswell. there are 70 of us in Saltillo. 3 zones. Time really does fly and I cant believe it. Before I know it I will be calling you guys for Christmas! thats wierd. But after that I can say that I´ll be home for the next Christmas. 
I hope you have fun in Denver. go to a diner drive in and dive, and then go to the temple for sure. Have a great week! love you!
-Elder Stockman

P.S he sees me right now... hahaha

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