Monday, June 22, 2015

Week #30 I've literally taken over Elder Townsend's life"

Elder Townsend and Elder Stockman. (Elder Townsend's family is only 15 minutes down the road, so life long friends made even easier. Can wait to meet him at his homecoming this week) 

​Elder Aguirre who was in the offices when I came to the mission, Me, Elder Smith who is my brother of my same generation, Elder Ceron, and Elder Romero.

Awesome zone leaders!

MOMMA!!!! that scripture totally helps me right now especially because I just got moved up to be a district leader. I have never even been a senior comp yet that scares me!! but I know that is what the lord has called me to do. I love getting all of these pictures you guys all look soooo great!!!!
by the way my suit is like a dark gray. I love you and I am sending a letter home with Elder Townsend. He is a really great missionary and a really great friend. It blows my mind that he is going home and he says he still feels like he has a ton of time left. But thats going to happen to me before I know it which kinda makes me sad. I have grown to love the mission sooo much and I will miss it a ton. But I cant think of that right now. I will focus and keep working hard.
I will be going to Lomas de Lourdes 1 with Elder Martinez. He is a really great friend so that is kinda cool to be able to work with him aswell.
I have had some fun getting flooded down here its super crazy. It will start raining randomly and all of the sudden you are standing in a river and then 5 minutes later it stops. But the stops have begun to stop its getting more consistant. Its kinda funny Elder Johnson will be in my district and 5 hermanas. 2 companionships. one companionship of 2 and the other of 3. The hermana training leaders are also in my district. They are the female leaders of the mission. }
Anyways Im having fun and I wish you a happy happy summer! love you mom and have a great week!
-Elder Stockman
(the scripture was Philippians 4:6-7)
Hey dad!
having fun in the sun down here... not i should replace that word with rain. Although I am having a ton of fun! this week the streets literally flooded and I filled my shoes. There was one point where the water was up to my mid calfs. Crazy fun but that doesnt happen in Utah!
So Im getting transferred out of La Cañada 2! nooooooooo!!!!
I love this area so much and we have like 7 people who are on the orilla de la pila. jajaja. So I will be changing areas within the zone, and actually the same district. We have all heard that Elder Townsend will be going home which still blows my mind but what blows my mind even more is that I will be replacing him in his old area, with his old companion, with his old bed, and wierdest of all with his old calling as district leader. Yeah thats what I thought too! WHAT!! hahaha i guess I am going to be a district leader. Definately surprised me a little bit. I still think that I would have liked a little bit more preperation but I guess el Señor knows better. Thats a pretty heave calling. 
I will be doing the baptismal interviews for my district (which includes my old area with my investigators that are going to get baptized), calling for a bunch of dats twice a week, and the scariest of all is give a capacitation every week for like an hour and a half! bahhh
Anyways im super animated and excited for this new major responsability well see how it goes! love you and have a great week!!!
-Elder Stockman

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