Monday, June 15, 2015

Week #29- I am not normal for my shoulders.. Saw that coming.

Elder Merrill and I have the same tie. 
(Look how crazy big Spencer's Suit is on him)


Elder Townsend said that he would take one of the suits home for me. I thought that was really nice.

I get along with my companion really well. He is great and super obedient. He is a really great example to me and he is a character. He does the funniest little things. For example he bought not one but 2 coconuts and was eating one while we were planning. What a goof. He is always singing and dancing and laughing.

 The suit shopping was pretty good. Really quick. The lady told me that I was not normal for my shoulders. Saw that one coming...

I miss Dom and wish I could see him race. You will have to send me a picture of that. I miss all of my cousins!
That place will be completely different when I get back mom its going to blow my mind. 

I had a funny thought this last week. I remembered when I went to scout camp for a week and when I came home I hardly recognized you guys, or when you went to England or on your Cruise aswell. I was just thinking how crazy that will be when I come home after 2 years! its the hardest thing ever but definately vale la pena. totally forgot how to say that in Elglish. We have a couple of investigators that just randomly went to church this week and it surprised me. This area is super great and I really hope that I can have at least another change here. We have changes again next tuesday. I really hope that your week has been good and have a great week for the coming one. There is probably a better way to phrase that but my brain doesnt work.... Love you!
-Elder Stockman

(Translation for Spencers letter.. 
"Vale la Pena" it's worth the effort)

Elder Johnson eating a fresh coconut while we do our planning. 

Random bike race on the freeway. 

Whoa that's crazt that you got to do all of that on your first day at the temple. I practically don't remember any of that stuff I feel like I'm inactive or something. I havn't been to the temple in 7 months. Can you believe that I have been gone for 7 months? that's really cool that you have gotten this far on the deck! According to Brian Gibby you won't have it done by the time I'm back. But I know you will. I'm proud of you dad and I'm super happy that you guys are my family. I also want carrot cake thanks... I hope that you have a great week Dad and remember that I love you!
-Elder Stockman

(Spencers dad started working in the Timpanogos Temple Saturday mornings at 5:00am if you want to join him. He's there until 11:00am.)

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