Sunday, May 29, 2016

Week# 78- "I received my transfer to stay"

Zone meeting.

Hey momma!
So this week I recieved my transfer to stay! haha
I will be staying and both of my companions will be going to Piedras Negras. HOT!!
Actually Elder Villeda Will be going to be with Elder Wiedmeyer! haha
I will be staying but this time as a senior companion. Now all of the weight of the whole zone is on me!
i will be with a dear friend, He is Elder Hernandez. It is not the same one as before but he was in my district before. He actually arrived to the field with me and we have always gotten along super well. 
There isnt much more exciting stuff about me but thats crazy to hear about the graduations and all of that stuff that is happening right now. (by the way I dont blame Zach because dancing sucks)

We have a lot of people that will be ready to get wet here soon! im excited and the zone looks really good! there is a lot of potential. 

I invite you all to keep reading the scriptures daily, and to be faithful in your prayers.
Con CariƱo
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad!
So ive got some exciting news, I recieverd my transfer and I will be staying here! I will be with a good friend of mine Elder Hernandez. He isnt the same one as before and this time he doesnt speak English! haha
Actually they told me that my assignment has changes to Zone Leader 1. Which means that all of the weight of the zone is over my shoulders now. Im excited it will be fun!
We finally confirmed this weekend. The kid who got baptized a month ago his parents finally brought him. We thought that there wouldnt be any problem because thay are members and all that but you never now. That was a huge trial for us but it is over and I have learned from it. Ready fro what comes next.

I have come to love my companions and it is sad to see them go! They have both been shoipped out toi Piedras Negras and Elder Villeda is going to be with Elder Weidmeier. Super small world. 

Its crazy to think that the world keeps on moving back at home. Now that everyone and their dog is graduating from onew thing or another. Its cool but it makes me sad! haha

I dont want to grow up and I dont have to haha!
anyways I love you a lot, have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

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