Sunday, June 5, 2016

Week #79- Tall, red and handsome.

Elder Hernández and Elder Stockman. 


So I have to say that I really do like being back in a normal companionship with just one companion. At times I miss the trio, but It was definately necisary to learn and grow from. I have been getting along really well with Elder Hernández. He is a really funny guy. He is from Loma Bonita, Oaxaca. Its really close to Veracruz and so that is why he has an accent of somebody from Veracruz. haha Their accent is really obvious. Actually we have been good friends for a while now. We were in the CCM together and actually a while back he was in my district in Monclova. He is a super nice guy and he is very service oriented. We get along super great. Its funny because it is his first transfer as a zone leader so I have to show him the ropes a little bit you could say. But ihe is really animated and he is a quick learner.

So we are actually going to be having two baptisms this weekend. I am super excited because they are two little girls that we have been working with for a while now. their grandma is an active member of the church. Its always gratifying to be able to find those families where not everyone is a member of the church and to help them all get on the same page. We are excited and we are suer that the ward members are going to be helping them a lot as well.

I cant believe that Abbie graduated Highschool! that blows my mind that she is already that old. HAHa now she is an adult. Zach is also doing so great in school im super proud of that report card. WOW! tell him to keep on doing great! so does that mean that Zach will be going on to middle school right?! wow...

ahhh im still laughing about that picture of the president and the assistants, thats a classic that made me laugh pretty hard haha!
anyways love you and know that you are always in my prayers!
-Elder Stockman

Hey dad!
Im really loving being back in a normal companionship with just one companion. It was definately a good experience to be in a trio but its the lords way that it is 2x2. haha. Needless to say I do miss my last companions. 
We will be having our leadership conference this week so I will get to see Elder Villeda. Im super excited to see all of the guys again. We have formed like a brotherhood there in the leadership meetings and its good to see all of my friends again.
So Im really getting along great with Elder Hernández. He is super nice, very service oriented, and he is a hard worker. Its great to get to know a new companion but its different as well. Its his first transfer as a Zone Leader and were just here showing the ropes I guess you could say. 

We are super excited because we are going to be baptizing 2 people this weekend. We have been working with these two little girls for a while now. They are Yuliana and Wendy. Their grandma is an active member and they basically live with her so they will have suppory from her. Its cool to be able to find those families where not everyone is a member and to help them get all on the same page. We are working with there parents aswell. ¡Ojala que se animen!

anyways I hope that you have a great week and that you could enjoy your vacations. You are in my prayers as always!
-Elder Stockman

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