Monday, April 18, 2016

Week -#73 guess what... I bought 2 new suits.

Look what I found! Wooooo!

My new Companions (left to right) Elder Domiciano and Elder Villeda. 
Elder Villeda and I are Zone leaders. 

This Train????

Hey momma!
So its going pretty good here in Ramos Arizpe. Its been real fun to get to know Elder Villeda and Elder Domiciano. We find that our teaching together is actually pretty powerful. The Area is super cool! its a really great place and its a lot less hot than Acuña. Its one if coolest temperatures in the mission supposedly. 
There are a lot of people here that we are teaching and we are expecting to have a couple more baptisms here. The members here help us a lot. They are really supportive and its a drastic difference from Acuña haha

I honestly cant believe that Abbie is graduating from Highschool. 

I feel like the food here in Ramos Arizpe is a lot different. Its because in Acuña there was pure meat. I think that once in my three months there they gave me salad once. Here there is a lot more vegetables and it makes me feel better. 

Oh by the way. I bought 2 new suits because it was a serious need. My suit was super sun stained and it was shredded from ware and tare. Thanks for having that money there to help out. 
The people here are a lot different then my last area. but its cool and the majority of the people are pretty accepting. 

Anyways I hope that you have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad, 
So this week it was a long trip from Acuña to Saltillo. haha. The funny thing is that I had just went to Saltillo the week before. I was pretty wiped out at the beginning of the week. But I agree I dont want to see the inside of a bus for a while. 

Thats crazy though, it seems like you are traveling a lot more than you did before. i hope that everything goes well fro you in Puerto Rico. 
Hopefully that when you go to New York you can share the gospel with that person who you said. Its a great missionary opporotunity. Afterall us missionaries cant do much without the members. 

I would be happy to share foreign travel notes with you one day. It will give you a kick. but the busses here are actually pretty modern tour buses. they arent the super crazy bus that you are imagining with chickens and goats and stuff. Those are the busses within the city. The ones from one city to another have reclinable chairs, and movies. haha

Cant believe that Abbie is going to graduate highschool. That blows my mind to think aswell that I graduated 2 years ago. 

So far I am really loving the new area. Its a lot cooler than Acuña. its supposedly onw of the coolest places in the mission. I refer to cool as in temperature. 

The area and the ward are super on fire. we are working really well with the members right now. I hope to see a lot of success this transfer. Republica is a really cool zone. 

Anyways have a great week!
love you
-Elder Stockman

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